TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

6/16/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

Anthony Weiner could get slammed just as much for wimping out and resigning -- as he was for the sexting and crotch shots. Will other scandal plagued polticos choose the other door -- weather the storm and rebound? Plus, a peek at how much cheese "Idol" alums are raking in ...

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(0:00) A lot on the docket: Weiner gets heckled, the Vancouver hockey riots, a MAJOR discussion on gay marriage, and much more!
(2:15) Weiner's resignation was like NO OTHER ... dude was heckled like CRAZY. How could he let this happen?
(7:50) Why don't women have big scandals like Weiner? Linda has a GREAT answer!
(17:50) MAJOR riot in Vancouver after their hockey team loses -- why the HELL do people do this?
(19:00) Brian compares sports riots -- L.A. vs Vancouver. And, would Brian ever riot?
(24:20) Gnarly video -- a rioter gets hit in THE CROTCH with a flash grenade ... then has it blow up in his face. Don't worry, we play it 15 times.
(28:30) Super Bowl champ David Tyree RIPS gay marriage ... and some of the things he say are just ... well ... you'll see.
(31:40) Johnny's passionate stance against Tyree's rant.
(36:20) Nina's turn -- she can't believe an African American could speak out against minority rights.
(24:00) Former Idol's ... and how much they make on the road. It'll shock you!