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Brooke Mueller

Shady Moves In Hawaii

6/17/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stressed out and seemingly desperate Brooke Mueller was seen walking around Maui this week ... engaged in conversations with random people in cars ... while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Brooke was in Hawaii with her two little kids -- no word on where the children were during Brooke's outing. 

Brooke had recently struck a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen -- who seemed unhappy with the arrangement after Brooke entered rehab back in April for substance abuse issues.

Worth noting -- days before she entered rehab, Brooke had a similarly bizarre episode at an L.A. pawn shop, in which she tried to sell off a watch and stereo for cash.


TMZ contacted Brooke's people who refused to comment on the situation.


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Looks like she's buying drugs, just sayin'

1226 days ago


Look at those kicks, hmmm, something seems odd here....

1226 days ago


I don't blame her for wanting drugs after that train wreck of a "best friend" exploits you on TV and makes her look horrible.

She is a hard core drug addict and I don't think there is any real cure for her. I hate to say it but she should be stripped of any parental rights. Not that Charlie is any better.

1226 days ago


As I understand it crystal meth is the drug of choice in Hawaii since they cracked down heavily on cannabis growing. Household chemicals easier to acquire. If this generates an inadvertently amusing chase with Dog The Bounty Hunter maybe they can work in some kind of cross promotion with Pari******on's ghastly reality show, which, as I recall from TMZ, Mueller also appears in. As an end of year reality show revue maybe they could cover this song:

Joking aside it's all rather sad.

1226 days ago


Look at the saggy fun-bags and pot belly on the dried-up old bag.

1226 days ago


Trying to buy girl scout cookies?

1226 days ago


She's a drug addict she always will b it's a shame she's a mother well i wouldn't call someon who gave birth to kidsa "MOTHER" u would think she would want to straighten up her life SMH GET IT TOGETHER WOMAN !!!

1226 days ago


She is most def in a relapse. You can tell by the deadened look in her eyes. Also, she is very unkempt, her clothes have stains.

I feel really bad for her. Addiction is torture.

1226 days ago


Will someone throw the judge that keeps giving her kids back to her in jail.

1226 days ago

PRO US    

Begin rant.

And she's not arrested for doing or buying drugs even when walking around to strangers' cars with 20 dollar bills in her hand when everyone knows she's a drug addict. One law for the poor that's enforced and the same law for the rich and celebrities that is almost never enforced. Gotta love the system. She tried rehab a few times. It didn't work. She should be in jail. If she was poor, she would be in jail. The rich have a free ride from the police and the DAs and judges in America.

You'll never see a candidate for President talking about that because then all the rich people who choose our President, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Judges etc wouldn't give the millions of dollars in under-the-table "campaign contributions" they need to spend enough money to fool the electorate into voting their butts into office.

And then we're supposed to mourn all the idiot celebrities who died from overdoses on 'prescription' drugs?

Where's the 'moral majority' on this issue? Nowhere.

End rant.

1226 days ago


Yeah, this doesn't look good. Is she buying something?

1226 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Call it speculation if you want, however I'll bet the house she was trying to score. She certainly wasn't asking anyone for change.

1226 days ago


I would agree. She is looking for drugs.

1226 days ago


That was a great rant Pro US. You nailed it.

1226 days ago


Maybe your camera guy should call the cops.

1226 days ago
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