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Brooke Mueller

Shady Moves In Hawaii

6/17/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stressed out and seemingly desperate Brooke Mueller was seen walking around Maui this week ... engaged in conversations with random people in cars ... while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Brooke was in Hawaii with her two little kids -- no word on where the children were during Brooke's outing. 

Brooke had recently struck a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen -- who seemed unhappy with the arrangement after Brooke entered rehab back in April for substance abuse issues.

Worth noting -- days before she entered rehab, Brooke had a similarly bizarre episode at an L.A. pawn shop, in which she tried to sell off a watch and stereo for cash.


TMZ contacted Brooke's people who refused to comment on the situation.


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she's a drug addict, charlie's a drug addict, two idiots that should never had kids.

1227 days ago


This is really sad. Whoever said that Judge should be locked up is absolutly right. How could anyone in their right mind think it is better for the kids to be around her? And before anyone says it's her parents who have them, who do you think raised her? And who is continuing to let her be around the kids? And who has been unable to help her get her life back on track? No matter how old she is they are still her parents. Sheen would be way better. He seems to have settled down and got over his wierdness, which I think was a result of him getting off the drugs. At least we're not seeing him walking up to cars for drugs.

1227 days ago


Did she not have a bra. Disgusting.

1227 days ago


Stereo speakers? really? I hope your joking Benz, because if not maybe your on something yourself.

1227 days ago


Stereo speakers? really? I hope you were joking Benz because bif not, maybe you are on something.

1227 days ago

Evan Benz    

She's no drug addict. If you ever been around real drug addicts . . . . for one , they never have any money. For two . . . they always trying to pay for the drugs by check or by some credit card that is obviously stolen. And for three, there is something really disgusting about them . . . like the'll have poop on their cloths, or their nose is bleeding, or some part of their body is all busted up and pitch black and blue. You look at them . . . and the only thoughts that pops into your head is . . . " Are you okay ? You need to go to the hospital ? No ??? What ??? You need drugs ?" Then get the f' away from me then !!!!! You got poop on your face."

1227 days ago


This my friend, is a woman in relapse. I would bet my life on it. My question is... does she not see the cameras, or just doesnt care?

1227 days ago


So sad she can't kick the drug habit, feel more for the kids because of the abuse they have to endure. The emotional loss that drugs steal from you is the worst.

1227 days ago


I guess one could argue the pictures don't prove anything and maybe she was just talking with people and happened to have some money in her hand. But somehow I have a feeling that is probably not the case.

1227 days ago


PRO US 44 minutes ago

Begin rant.

And she's not arrested for doing or buying drugs even when walking around to strangers' cars with 20 dollar bills in her hand when everyone knows she's a drug addict. One law for the poor that's enforced and the same law for the rich and celebrities that is almost never enforced. Gotta love the system. She tried rehab a few times. It didn't work. She should be in jail. If she was poor, she would be in jail. The rich have a free ride from the police and the DAs and judges in America.

You'll never see a candidate for President talking about that because then all the rich people who choose our President, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Judges etc wouldn't give the millions of dollars in under-the-table "campaign contributions" they need to spend enough money to fool the electorate into voting their butts into office.

And then we're supposed to mourn all the idiot celebrities who died from overdoses on 'prescription' drugs?

Where's the 'moral majority' on this issue? Nowhere.

End rant.


1227 days ago


It is so sad. Those little boys have the worst parents.

1227 days ago


She is so busted. Again.

1227 days ago


Charlie and her were a perfect match. Both consider having a good time their top priority in life.

Neither really cares about children. The kids should go to her mother to raise while they still are very young. Then she and Charlie can lock themselves in a crack house and have the life they want instead of pretending to be parents.

1227 days ago

Evan Benz    

She got both of her shoes also.
When was the last time you saw a drug addict with both of their shoes.

Brooke Mueller is crap actress . . . and this is a crap portrayal of drug addict.

Oh ! I won't wear a bra, carry a wallet, or comb my hair . . . OMG !!! I'm so authentic, I'm a total addict !!! : )

1227 days ago


Can't wait to hear the spin her 'people' put on this one.

What's sad is she's still probably a better parent than Charlie.

Why don't the courts just do what's in the kids' best interest and give custody to her mother? I don't get it.

1227 days ago
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