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Brooke Mueller

Shady Moves In Hawaii

6/17/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stressed out and seemingly desperate Brooke Mueller was seen walking around Maui this week ... engaged in conversations with random people in cars ... while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Brooke was in Hawaii with her two little kids -- no word on where the children were during Brooke's outing. 

Brooke had recently struck a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen -- who seemed unhappy with the arrangement after Brooke entered rehab back in April for substance abuse issues.

Worth noting -- days before she entered rehab, Brooke had a similarly bizarre episode at an L.A. pawn shop, in which she tried to sell off a watch and stereo for cash.


TMZ contacted Brooke's people who refused to comment on the situation.


No Avatar


Looks like she is trying to score some drugs.....point, blank period!

1194 days ago


Someone Call Pig !! for the Kids sake

1194 days ago


She needs to release a statement saying she was looking for cheap sex not drugs.

1194 days ago


100% buying DRUGS, No Doubt. She needs to hang out in front of Dog the Bounty Hunter Bail Bonds to score the best drugs just ask Dogs customers and at the same time she can meet dog for Bail in the near future. LOL

1194 days ago


Looks like Charlie "unhappy with the arrangement" sicced private investigators on her in order to change that arrangement. Those poor kids deserve better than either of those parents. I just hope that a ) the kids are with Brooke's mom and b ) Brooke's mom does better with them than she did with Brooke.

1194 days ago


Yep, she definitely is trying to buy a 20 rock of crack cocaine. if the camera guy can get these shots. Doesn't she think they can be watching her?

1194 days ago

eve from eden    

Everyone knows you get your crack under the Banyan tree.

1194 days ago


Poor Thing!
Someone should tell her she's in Hawaii-
Looks like she's dressed for the Artic!

1194 days ago


Snow boots in Maui, sweats, and hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed in God knows how long? This woman is obviously an addict and you just caught her on a desperate drug run. Sad that those kids have such f*cked up parents.

1194 days ago


The problem in this case is the outlined on the front page of

It is reasonable for any judge, given the behavior of both parents to order evaluations for both parents. Judge Goldberg refuses to act however, in the Best. Interests. Of. The. Children.

In this case the Judge is as big a problem as the litigants.

1194 days ago


I feel sorry for the kids. Lindsay Lohan turned into the mess we see today because both of her parents are nuts. I see Brooke and Charlie's kids turning out the same way unless at least one of them gets their act together soon.

1194 days ago

Alan Carver    

When you are talking to random people, at random cars, and holding a wad of cash in your hands, you're trying to SCORE drugs! And I say this because I know, from having done it myself. Not fun. I hope that the Judges and or Sheen sees this and gets pro-active in getting these kids out of the control of Brooke Mueller. The only reason why she has these kids is that she is trying to make sure her 'cash-cow' doesn't go away and that is having custody of the kids for child support. You damn ass well that that money does not go to the kids and least the BULK of it. It was be surprising if a JUDGE had a review of her books to see what went to them for clothes, food, etc and what didn't. That would be a very telling sign! She gets spousal support and if she fails a drug test does this mean she violates (?) and are there repercussions for that? I wonder. Oh well. I hope that she gets her act together for her sake and the kids sake. Addiction is tough, but it is a CHOICE and you choose what you do in those moments you feel vulnerable - you get the support you need to keep from going back time and time and time again!

1194 days ago


Now that the world knows she's connected to Paris from her reality show... What an embarrassment she is for Paris! ( yes, sarcasm)

1194 days ago


I'll make the point once again that rehab does not work for most; it only enriches rehab places. They don't keep them long enough to do any good. What a scam rehab is. Does anyone else see that? When will people get that? These people need way more than 2-3 week stints in rehab. WAY MORE. Like lock them up for a year where they can't get to any drugs and put the kids in foster homes until she/they get it. Everyone now checks "into rehab." What a joke. Who can point me to someone who it has actually benefited?

1194 days ago


I'm sure she knows the cameras are there, she just doesn't care. That's how addiction works.

I hope the judge sees this and strips her of custody. Those beautiful kids deserve to be in a stable environment so they have a chance at a "normal" life. Sadly, BOTH parents are unfit.

1194 days ago
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