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TMZ Live -- No Mercy for Ryan Dunn

6/20/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ users, callers and others lashed out at Ryan Dunn -- in spite of his violent death -- for allegedly drinking and driving. Plus, the consensus on TMZ is Anthony Weiner got screwed...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big day ... it's TMZ Live's SiriusXM debut! You can hear us every day on Starz 107 from 6-7 PM ET and 9-10 PM ET!
(3:55) "Jackass" Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car crash -- Evan has the details.
(7:55) Our first caller -- Marina -- wants to know if Dunn's death is a big hoax.
(9:00) TMZ viewers are NOT sympathetic to Dunn's accident because of the alcohol factor.
(10:00) Is it reckless to sell domestic cars that go 190 MPH?
(13:40) The Clintons and interns just don't mix -- we found out one of Hillary's former helpers is now ... a hardcore porn star!
(18:10) Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's wife, and now the porn star ... do all "porn roads" lead to Hillary Clinton? 
(24:20) The "herpes lawsuit" settles for upwards of $5 mil ... now we'll never know who got sued.
(39:00) Amy Winehouse BOMBS on stage -- anyone surprised?
(42:01) Mel Gibson's new fling -- a goth model! What a pair...
(44:10) We asked ... you answered ... and Weiner got screwed!
***Please, only call the TMZ Live number between 1:30 and 2:30 PM PT.

No Avatar


Really Maverick? He just died. Have some respect. But as for you talkin trash sayin all he was was a loser... he did pretty damn well for himself.

1223 days ago


do u guys at TMZ know the identity of the herpes guy?

1223 days ago


Re the celebrity settlement: Does it specify that he is an actor? If not, could it be Tiger Woods? He spent a lot of time in Vegas.

1223 days ago


***HARVEY and CHARLES****... You KNOW that the identity of the CELEBRITY WITH HERPES WILL BE REVEALED... maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow... but it WILL COME OUT EVENTUALLY...

REMEMBER... a SECRET is a SECRET until it's told!!!!

1223 days ago


Did you guys know that certain models of Porche 911s are being recalled? Something to do with the central locking hubs and wheels that could result into crashes at high speed.

1223 days ago


Regarding herpes lawsuit; some similar events in the UK with Soccer players trying to keep their affairs secret. Eventually it all comes out.

1223 days ago


How does the plantiff know that the other guy knew he already had herpes before they'd had sex? Could the defendant contracted it recently and not known?

1223 days ago


Tony Bennett?

1223 days ago


You think it may have been Dax involved in the lawsuit? Remember... He did say he would go as low as $5 mil to get herpes! Dun dun dun...

1223 days ago


They are actually recalling Porche 911s for wheel troubles at high speed. Do you think that could have been a factor in Dunn's crash?

1223 days ago


Maybe the Herpies lawsuit is crystal suing Heff and now that she has 5 million, she left!

1223 days ago


criss angel cant make his herpes dissappear

1223 days ago


people need to have some respect for the family of ryan dunn. regardless of how someone died or what the factors might have been that cause his death,it is very distastful to speak ill of the dead. people act like they are all holy and that they have never done anything wrong/dangerous. how quick people are to sit in judgement of others. i have to wonder what is wrong with people these days

1223 days ago

E Sims    

Herpes is forever, causes devastation in child born with it after getting it from their mothers. This individual is a threat to all and especially if it is passed on to a child or another adult.
As a nurse, I have seen the results, it is unfortunately a gift that keeps on giving. These people should be in almost the same boat as the HIV carriers. Just like HIV produces no problem in it's dormant state, all hell breaks lose, when it becomes active and, of course, can be spread in either state.

1223 days ago


Herpes lawsuit: How soon before it's leaked? Am okay with attorney browbeating guy into settlement as long as the settlement requires he notify partners. Also, what if it's a married star on the down low?

Sure...he's got bucks. Make him accountable. He's a walking health hazard.

1223 days ago
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