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TMZ Live -- No Mercy for Ryan Dunn

6/20/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ users, callers and others lashed out at Ryan Dunn -- in spite of his violent death -- for allegedly drinking and driving. Plus, the consensus on TMZ is Anthony Weiner got screwed...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big day ... it's TMZ Live's SiriusXM debut! You can hear us every day on Starz 107 from 6-7 PM ET and 9-10 PM ET!
(3:55) "Jackass" Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car crash -- Evan has the details.
(7:55) Our first caller -- Marina -- wants to know if Dunn's death is a big hoax.
(9:00) TMZ viewers are NOT sympathetic to Dunn's accident because of the alcohol factor.
(10:00) Is it reckless to sell domestic cars that go 190 MPH?
(13:40) The Clintons and interns just don't mix -- we found out one of Hillary's former helpers is now ... a hardcore porn star!
(18:10) Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's wife, and now the porn star ... do all "porn roads" lead to Hillary Clinton? 
(24:20) The "herpes lawsuit" settles for upwards of $5 mil ... now we'll never know who got sued.
(39:00) Amy Winehouse BOMBS on stage -- anyone surprised?
(42:01) Mel Gibson's new fling -- a goth model! What a pair...
(44:10) We asked ... you answered ... and Weiner got screwed!
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O:K people, yes he may have been driving drunk, and yes he did kill his passenger as well as bad as drunk driving is to say that he doesn't deserve any sympathy, or recognition because he's a "D-list star" is so ignorant, I don't care if it's Ryan Dunn or Brad Pitt...Death is sad and deserves to be at least noted. Is his death that shocking? no but it is a loss PERIOD...respect needs to be shown. How would you feel it he was related to you? or your best friend? Try and think about his family, not yourself and your narrow minded views.....oh yah this post is in response to MAVERICK.Try and think before you comment if you even can

1184 days ago

A Carter    

You people have no hearts what so ever. A man just passed away. And I can guarantee that most of you have gotten behind the wheel in sometime in your life after drinking. Just think it could have been you that day that you did it and you know you had friends in the car too. He isn't a joke is HUMAN and half of you on here have no hearts what so ever. You people make me sick. How about lets pray for his family and friends that they can get through this tragic time of their lives. RIP- Ryan Dunn. Screw what the websites and papers and news are saying about you! People mess up and it sadly took you from your family and friends!

1184 days ago


Regardless of hoe Ryan lived he touched all of our lives whether it was through humor or shock by the things he did, just remember he was a son , a brother , and a friend. He was a soul and a loss of life impacts everyone in some way. Have some respect for the ones left to mourn. My prayers go out to the friends and family he left behind. R.I.P. Ryan

1184 days ago


you a all full of **** dont tell the story if you dont know it

1184 days ago


If Dunn was drinking or sober? It doesn't matter... He was traveling at a Very High rate of speed. That in itself was an act of Ignorance. Risking the lives of all the people he came in close proximity of. And ultimately paying the highest cost for his actions.
What about his Family and the Family of the Passenger he KILLED?? These are the people who's lives are destroyed now.
Having lost family members and friends to this same kind of FOOLISHNESS, I have no tears for "the Killer" Dunn...

1184 days ago


Ive met ryan dunn in new york city onetime , i met the whole cast of jackass , they all seem like good guys , ryan's death is sad to hear , but the people that say he is better off dead , will how about you just fall of the face of the earth , i had the pleaser to go to a bar & drink with them ,the guys are all going through a hard time right now bam-bam is taken it the worst , how about we leave the family alone & not worry about what happend or what didnt happen , ryan was facing some hard times right now so the drinking & driven was not the best intrest , but it happend , so lets just remember the family in our thoughs & prays & RYAN DUNN RIP YOUR THE MAN NOT ME BUDDY

1184 days ago

Random Hero R.I.P    

I had the privilagea of metting Ryan Dunn at a Club a few years back , he truely was an awsome person !!! R.I.P. Ryan "Random Hero " Dunn !!

1184 days ago


Ryan Dunn was ALWAYS drunk, so I don't blame alcohol in this. I blame reckless driving. That dude was an absolute maniac behind the wheel. Jus*****ch any Gumball Rally he was in. There's even video of co-gumballers complaining about how bad his driving was.

1184 days ago

who dat    

live blows now. hope you got paid alot cause you ruined it.

1184 days ago


anyone whos gonna disrespect someone whos died and done nothing to them can burn in hell. your all ignorant. rip dunn

1184 days ago


"It's a fast car.. he had some custom racing rims on there"

LMAO I hear those and decals add an easy 50 horsepower....

1184 days ago


TMZ. You guys are jack offs. Show some ******* sympathy.

1184 days ago


I think it is sad that Ryan was in a car accident- and even sadder for his family. Is it tragic? No. It is just stupid. One does not have to be over the legal drinking limit to be too impaired to drive a car. If Ryan chose to drink and drive and got killed, that is sad enough. But what is inexcusable is that he also took the life of the other person in the car with him.

Ryan was funny in Jackass, but I don't choose to admire anyone who makes such reckless decisions with the lives of other people.

1184 days ago


Yeah ok Ryan Dunn MAY have been drunk when he drove and died. BUT how many other celebrities AND "regular" people die from drinking & dont get this bad of press or comments / thoughts. ALSO how many celebs & "regular" people dont even get a mention?

Yeah tons of times this happen. Why is everyone making more angry and rude comments to Ryan Dunn? Its because of his Jackass background. Oh how some of you fans & non fans alike turn so quickly.

1184 days ago

Rachel, srry i put Alexis last time    

Lets just remember the fact that someone died today. Just because hes not Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp does not mean he has to blasted for making a mistake. He's dead now. Rude comments are seriously unnecessary. RIP Ryan.

1184 days ago
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