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Ryan Dunn

Crashed at 130 MPH

6/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger -- this according to West Goshen police.


Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames.

According to Carroll, the crash was catastrophic -- claiming he's "never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was ... even before it caught on fire."

Carroll called the accident the "worst" he's ever seen ... by far.


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Duh, the guy is dead why they are still bitching about it? blah blah blah....let his soul rest!

1222 days ago


I wonder if the rumored 2nd set of skid marks was a police car chasing him which decided after the crash to hightail it out of there and pretend it never happened.

1222 days ago


Gee Really. Can't wait til the toxicology reports come in and the family of the other guy sues this idiot's estate. Fast car + Douche= destined for disaster!

1222 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I'd expect nothing less from those Jackass dudes. Well he died like he lived. At least it was fun while it lasted.

1222 days ago


Who was the thrid guy with Zach and Ryan in the twitter picture? He may have info relating to drinking if they were. It could have just been speeding that caused the accident...

1222 days ago


I say stop covering this story. I feel no sympathy for anybody careless enough to get drunk and get behind the wheel and kill himself. I feel bad for the passenger and for their families and friends... but not for him. A man his age should know better. Idiot could have killed some family driving down the road... instead he just killed his friend.

1222 days ago



1222 days ago


@ stiletto...doubtful...probably a street race and the second car stopped then kept going after realizing what happened or racing and they bumped each other somehow causing ryan to veer off into the guardrail before making it to the exit... All purely speculation but well see when the facts come out

1222 days ago


Total ditto to what Marty McFly said.

1222 days ago


screw that- if i want to talk the truth about him i will. he killed not only himself but a passenger.
i wonder what the toxicology reports will say?

1222 days ago


stupid FKING MORON, died for a reason. Bam needs to shut the F up in regards to people's opinions! This douche bag killed his passenger, drank and drove and worst of all, did some major speeding. I do not feel bad at all for this fool, one less moron in this world! Its just sad how his friend was STUPID enough to get in this jerkoff's car. When your friends are drunk, do not let them drive, let alone get in their car. If you are drunk as well, have some common sense and brain cells to take a cab.

This ahole is proof of how drunk driving is the issue in this world, not marijuana. I cannot stand how people are ignorant and always make marijuana out to be horrible yet drunk drivers are the ones who kill people every other day. ONE LESS loser on this earth. My prayers go for the families of these two idiots. It hurts to loose people you love and they should not have to go through that regardless of how stupid these 2 individuals were.

1222 days ago


he knew what could happen.

1222 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

You Bam humpers are sad. This idiot had he survived would be a murderer today, would you be hugging his nuts then? He KILLED SOMEONE with his recklessness. He's s***. Good riddance and rest in peace in hell buddy.

1222 days ago


All of you who are dissing him.. You're saying you have never sped in your automobile?? I call BS I guarantee all of you have driven at least 10 over the speed limit if not more. 80mph into the guardrail will kill you just as much as 130 mph would. STFU. Haters...

1222 days ago


"That was a f*kin HOT car!"

Technically, it was a blazing inferno, or a porta-incinerator.

1222 days ago
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