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TMZ Live: Mark Cuban & Dodgers -- A Vision in Blue?

6/21/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Cuban and Shawn Marion told Harvey and Charles how good it felt to stick it to the naysayers when Dallas won the NBA Championship. And Mark talked about what it would take for him to write a check to buy the L.A. Dodgers.

And guess what ... just about everyone watching TMZ Live today is turning on Roger Ebert.


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(0:00) Topics today: Bam vs. Roger, Lindsay's house arrest commercial shoot, and a 51-year-old actor marries a 16-year-old!
(5:00) Roger Ebert tweets about drinking and driving just hours after Ryan Dunn's death ... and Bam Margera is BEYOND pissed. Who's right?
(9:00) Interesting -- 60% of TMZ viewers thought Ebert's tweet was "too soon."
(17:30) Lindsay Lohan makes $25,000 shooting a commercial while under HOUSE ARREST ... is this celebrity justice gone awry?
(23:20) Yes, we're BITTER about Lindsay's super fun stint under house arrest.
(31:55) 51-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison just got married ... sounds awesome ... until you realize it's to a 16-year-old aspiring singer. Mazel tov?
(38:00) Mark Cuban and Shawn Marion are in the house!!!
(38:30) Where is Mark going to keep the Dallas Mavericks' championship trophy? In his kitchen, or course!
(42:00) Why the Mavs partied at the Fontainebleau in Miami ... hilarious.
(47:00) HUGE NEWS -- Mark is interested in buying the L.A. Dodgers ... IF the business side of things "looks good." Too bad it doesn't look good. 


No Avatar


So Ryan Dunn...regular or extra crispy? And does that come with a side of cole slaw?

1221 days ago


I feel for Brooke Mueller, I get what she's saying about Charlie... the thing is why does she need mom to act as a translator? Shouldn't she be able to decipher for herself the concern her assistant has over her welfare? It's just a reminder, Brooke, remember the good times but don't lose sight of the bad ones.

1221 days ago


How much did the lawyer get in the celebrity herpes case?

1221 days ago


Can we please stop talking about Lindsey maybe she"ll go away

1221 days ago

Bobby C    

do you think its fair that the herpes celeb was not outted and can continue to run around and give people herpes or should it have been stated who it was for public protection?

1221 days ago


No sound on your web cast

1221 days ago


Harvey would you ever let your 16 year old marry a 51 year?

1221 days ago


Doug Hutchinson isn't the first "Dude! Way-too-old!" relationship from LOST-- Jeff Goldblum dated Ben Linus' daughter (Tania Raymonde), who was ALSO 35 years younger than him. (Given, she was legal.)

1221 days ago


why does Roger Ebert not talk about drunk driving when all the other celebs get busted for DUI? I think what Roger Ebert did was in very bad taste

1221 days ago


Harvey its the way you go about saying the message dont drink or drive not when.

1221 days ago


The first joke after the shuttle blew up was just seven minutes later. It was: What does NASA stand for?

Answer: Need Another Seven Astronauts.

SO why do comedians get a pass but not Ebert? Who was right on the money.

1221 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Regardless of the cir****tances.

Bam Margera is still a GIANT DOUCHE!!!

1221 days ago


That could have been Ebert back in the 70's when he was an alcoholic. His words could have been a little more compassionate.

1221 days ago

Annie Everett    

I lost my son 2 months ago, and still do not have results as to why he passed. Rumors were flying immediately after. It was very disrepectful to say the least. At least find out the cause of death before commenting on what you "think" occurred. Once I receive the cause I will accept it, but until then people should keep their mouths shut.

1221 days ago


why did Roger Eberts facebook get deleted?

1221 days ago
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