TMZ Live -- Could You Commit to Clooney?

6/22/2011 12:40 PM PDT
George Clooney tosses another smoking hot girlfriend to the curb -- will he ever marry again? Possibly, because we may hold the key to locking him down for life. Plus, Chris Brown tosses out ANOTHER homophobic slur ... is it even possible to forgive this guy again?

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(0:00) On the docket: BIG stars exposed for illegal gambling, Ryan Dunn DRUNK when he crashed, and George Clooney ... single yet again.
(4:30) Chris Brown spits out another homophobic slur -- Nina has all the details.
(8:00) Why the HELL hasn't CB learned from his mistakes? Because let's be honest ... he's made PLENTY of big mistakes.
(9:10) CB still has a loyal following ... how is this even possible?
(16:30) Tobey Maguire is in the middle of a nasty legal battle because he was involved in illegal HIGH STAKES poker ... you gotta hear this!
(18:20) You won't believe the A-List stars who gambled with BIG BUCKS.
(27:20) Is the gambling case the same thing as losing money on hookers?
(35:30) Ryan Dunn was DRUNK when he crashed -- does this make you change your opinion on Roger Ebert's tweet?
(40:00) Dunn's death is tragic, but at least it's opening some people's eyes to the dangers of drinking and driving.
(47:00) Would anyone looking for commitment EVER date George Clooney? Kelly sure as hell wouldn't.
(48:00) Finally, the SECRET to marrying Clooney ... and it ain't pretty.