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TMZ Live -- Could You Commit to Clooney?

6/22/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney tosses another smoking hot girlfriend to the curb -- will he ever marry again? Possibly, because we may hold the key to locking him down for life. Plus, Chris Brown tosses out ANOTHER homophobic slur ... is it even possible to forgive this guy again?


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(0:00) On the docket: BIG stars exposed for illegal gambling, Ryan Dunn DRUNK when he crashed, and George Clooney ... single yet again.
(4:30) Chris Brown spits out another homophobic slur -- Nina has all the details.
(8:00) Why the HELL hasn't CB learned from his mistakes? Because let's be honest ... he's made PLENTY of big mistakes.
(9:10) CB still has a loyal following ... how is this even possible?
(16:30) Tobey Maguire is in the middle of a nasty legal battle because he was involved in illegal HIGH STAKES poker ... you gotta hear this!
(18:20) You won't believe the A-List stars who gambled with BIG BUCKS.
(27:20) Is the gambling case the same thing as losing money on hookers?
(35:30) Ryan Dunn was DRUNK when he crashed -- does this make you change your opinion on Roger Ebert's tweet?
(40:00) Dunn's death is tragic, but at least it's opening some people's eyes to the dangers of drinking and driving.
(47:00) Would anyone looking for commitment EVER date George Clooney? Kelly sure as hell wouldn't.
(48:00) Finally, the SECRET to marrying Clooney ... and it ain't pretty.


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re: Toby -- if the host isn't taking a rake, and there isn't cheating going on, it's ridiculous that the game is illegal. A casino (and the players in the casino) wouldn't be required to turn over winnings they got from some criminal. Celebrities may get special treatment at times, but this is one case where they are getting screwed. If the guys he played with weren't famous, they'd probably escape notice.

1156 days ago


hey does Paris Jackson have a twitter ?

1156 days ago


Why is TMZ so gay focused?

1156 days ago


I occasionally listened to Chris Brown's music before the whole Rihanna incident, but after that I protested his music. All of this new news about his homophobic slurs just proves to me that I made the right decision. He is a homophobe and needs to keep his comments to himself.

1156 days ago


For Ryan Dunn, everybody is ignoring the fact that he was super drunk when he got in the car. Your judgement is impaired, so how could he have made the choice to not drive? It's not his fault, it's the alcohol & whoever let him get in the car's fault.

1156 days ago


Tobey had better be paying taxes on his winnings, illegal or not. Neither the IRS nor the Calf. Franchise Tax Board care how you got the money, just as long as they get their cut. Just ask Al Capone.

1156 days ago


why does Mike have to show his face everyday just as the show is about to start?

1156 days ago

Daniel Barajas    

i have a Q if you havent answered it already, im very sad about ryan dunns death, but i keep hearing over and over agian that is just a hoax and even the interview recently posted, iv heard bams tears wur as fake as can be, seeing as how he is my biggest idol i would just like to know if you know where rumors of it all being a setup are comming from. thanx you

1156 days ago


The music playing when we're waiting for them makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

1156 days ago


does Charles carry a "man" purse? bahahah

1156 days ago


Why is the Ryan Seacrest so vain Harvey? I mean he has deleted, bleeped out his name from Pitbull and Neyo's song! What a douche bag! Almost all songs, hip hop, rock, name off people names. Why is Ryan so narcissistic that he feels he should have the control to edit music?! Either Seacrest is a curse word in some country, or Ryan Seacrest is a control freak, anxious about what is said about him in the media. The irony of it all!!!!

1156 days ago



1156 days ago


TMZ is making fun of paranoid people. Maybe Chris Brown has schizophrenia.

1156 days ago

cherie cortes    

i dont thin ebert should get any apology he was wrong in saying anything i mean really go comment on swan lake not Jackass you know

1156 days ago


The arrogant jackass Brown was over after the Rihanna beating. Why do you keep covering his lame ass?

1156 days ago
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