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Rick Ross Accused in Gruesome Doggy Death

6/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of an adorable 3-year-old Yorkie named Banks is on Rick Ross' hands ... according to a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

Banks' owner is suing Ross -- claiming 3 pit bulls escaped from Rick's mansion in Atlanta back in April ... entered her property and ferociously attacked her tiny pet Yorkshire Terrier.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the yorkie suffered "3 large bite wounds on his back " along with a "very large bite wound" around his neck.


Cops were called to the scene -- and officials managed to free Banks ... but his wounds were so extreme, that the owner had no choice but to euthanize her beloved companion.

Investigators eventually cited Ross for the incident -- but the owner wasn't satisfied so she filed suit, demanding Ross fork over $15,000 in damages and court costs.

We're told the owner is especially upset because Ross has NOT apologized for the incident.

Calls and emails to Rick's camp have not been returned.


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People shouldn't own pitbulls as pets, they're ruthless creatures. If we can't own lions as pets then we shouldn't own pitbulls, either.

1175 days ago


Great, more pitbulls that need to be put down. It's time to put Pitbulls in a zoo because somebody is going to pass a law to kill them all.

1175 days ago


This guy is gonna get his! Trust me karma is a .....! What a LOSER!!

1175 days ago


This is the time that Ross needs to play the sensitive cop that he is and apologize to that woman. Playing this hard role that he's not is just going to make him more broke than 50 cent said he was.

1175 days ago


Poor Banks, RIP and this messages is for rick, too bad your dogs did'nt kill one of your family members, kids, mother, wife, then it would'nt have been such a big loss, that poor yorkie was worth alot more than your stupid family thats for sure!!!!! ******!!!!

1175 days ago


What a slimy piece of dung. I hope people treat him the way he treated a defenseless animal.

1175 days ago


Big man isn't bad enough to say he sorry. Poser.

1175 days ago


There we go again, givin this WANNABE more pub.

Maybe if you just ignored him, he'd go away

1175 days ago

Team eM Zed    

you have to be "trailer" to want to type "ghetto" every time you see a story about a black person.

"that's what ghetto people do"
"it's cause he is ghetto"
"he's from the ghetto what do you expect"

smarten up, and stop being so prejudiced and discriminatory!

1175 days ago


I love dogs, but enough already! Pittbull dogs are too agressive by nature, and this is a fact... Only so much of this can be blamed on how the owner raises them; this breed is always at the top of list for vicious attacks. There should be a law that only allows for an owner to own one pittbull per household, and that the dog and owner must attend a special class on obiediance, and its needs to be nation wide. Really getting sick of seeing these types of attacks on animals and people, and I am starting to hate the breed, and I am an animal lover.

1175 days ago


Go Banks' owner and make this former C.O and fakest rapper ever compensate you for your loss.

1175 days ago

THE X    

Poor little Banks, RIP Buddy.
I think this woman is owed a little more than an apology. She lost a family member all because so fat ass couldnt take the time and train his dogs. Just like some people shouldnt be parents; some people shouldnt be pet owners.

1175 days ago


Pitt bull owners always claim their dog is so trusted ---then they rip a child to death and kill NORMAL sweet pets---THEN we hear, " oh, but they never did that before". No remorse ever for their killer dog.

1175 days ago

Team eM Zed    

how much does an apology cost? 15grand and a really really bad bad image.

but lawyers (and insurers) are always telling us , "don't admit liability, don't!".

I think Ross should have paid for a burial, baked some cookies like a good neighbour and made with the smiles over at her home. and off-course a little cash to keep things warm ;-).
total cost 2.1grand and 30cents.

1175 days ago


I'd be willing to pay a large sum of cash to watch those 3 pits feast on Rick Ross' fat azz! Not sure that the dogs will eat feces though 'cause Rick Ross certainly is a big POS!

1175 days ago
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