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'CSI' Star's Arrest -- The INSANE Path of Destruction

7/1/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan SMASHED his SUV into a parked 1969 Ford truck on the night he was arrested for drug possession in L.A. ... and now the owner of the truck says Gary refuses to pay for the damage.

Cops had responded to the crash scene on June 13 ... after someone reported that Gary hit TWO parked cars around 3:30 AM. During the investigation, cops say they found ecstasy on Gary and arrested him for possession.

The owner of the truck says her car was towed away from the scene ... but it remains in an impound lot because she can't afford to pay the bill ... and claims Gary is ducking her insurance company.

Currently, Gary is not facing any criminal charges for the crash -- but we're told he's not off the hook .. because the D.A. could drop the hammer on the actor when they get the case.

No comment from Gary's camp.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

This guys is one of the biggest DOUCHES in Hollywood! Or for that matter, about anywhere. What a loser!

1189 days ago


Can't wait until CSI makes an episode from this.

1189 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Another "don't you know who I am" celebrity s***bag who thinks they're apparently above the law...the countdown towards Liho's similar path to destruction is 2 days now even though she got butt ugly plastered day one (note to women out there, nothing says skank more than public drunkenness)...

1189 days ago

Good riddance!    

I'm sure Lindsay's already got Dina trying to line up a date with him. The man of her dreams. A clueless druggy that cannot ever learn from past mistakes, just like her.

1189 days ago


Oh what a surprise! A celebrity that doesn't take care of their responsibilities.

1189 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

The truck wasn't a classic in mint condition. It was an old clunker. How much is it worth, $75? And why does Gary need to contact her insurance company? Her insurance company can contact his insurance company? I'm sure they will hand over the $75 with no problem.

1188 days ago


Well, . . . apparently, Gary hasn't been filmed in a work related sense any time recently, at least for anything noteworthy, as we still refer to him as a "CSI star", though he hasn't been on the show for either side of 5 years now. That 1969 Ford pickup obviously hadn't been restored (or even repainted), so why didn't he spend $3500 of his "chemical" allowance to pay this person and make it "go away". Another very poor, less than though out move by Mr. Dourdan.

Good luck to all involved . . .

Pay up, Gary ! ! ! ! ! !

1188 days ago


I missed a "t" at the end of "thought" . . .

Uh, oh . . . This may be a trouble sign for my day ahead!!!

Wish me luck . . .

1188 days ago


OMG..destruction,,,becuz of drugs, the truck may be a clunker, but it was worth alot to the owner, do you know how much new truckes are??..he should be ashamed...I used to think he was "hot",,1st class looser...

1188 days ago


So let me get this straight. LA is still crushing Lindsay Lohan under their heel over a 4+ year old DUI with no bodily injury or property damage, but the DA isn't even perusing a simple drug possession charge against him? after a single vehicle wreck like this???He plowed into two parked cars at 3:30 in the morning. Was he even investigated for DUI and drug tested after the accident???


1188 days ago


Celeb Gossip Addict about an hour ago
The truck wasn't a classic in mint condition. It was an old clunker. How much is it worth, $75? And why does Gary need to contact her insurance company? Her insurance company can contact his insurance company? I'm sure they will hand over the $75 with no problem.


Just shut up you idiot. It's an old work truck. In FL any old truck that runs is a quick easy $1000 quick sale. Who the fvck gives away an old running work truck for $75?

I can't imagine it's worth any less in CA, in fact more because being a 69 it's exempt from California smog emissions testing. That's HUGE to anyone who hates putting up with that crap and expense of trying to keep their old truck running well enough to pass emissions testing.

1188 days ago


Here's how it's done. Her insurance company gets in touch with His insurance company. She doesn't go directly to him. That's ridiculous.

And if she doesn't have an insurance company? Then she's equally as stupid as the guy that hit her. Then she hires an attorney to go after his insurance company.

1188 days ago


Wow you people are horrible. Poor guy has a addiction. Its truly sad to see someone lose everything.
Addiction is almost the worst disease there is. It takes everything from you and the people that love you.
I hope he finds help. I hope the law sends him to rehab instead of jail.

1188 days ago


@pappratty: I think you need to put the bong down now. That made no sense whatsoever. Learn to spell and grab a dictionary while you're at it. What Gary did is something he will have to pay for and live with. It's pretty sad to have a great career and ruin it by drugs, drinking and driving. I doubt these people will ever learn. Thank goodness he didn't kill someone. It could have been worse. He will probably get away with it like most of them do.

1188 days ago


WoW, what chitty police work. No wonder he wont pay up, he was never charged with the actual crash! Way to go ya dumb coppers!

1188 days ago
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