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'Top Model' Star

Accused Of Auto


6/30/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonny Fairplay's grandma -- whose death he lied about on "Survivor" -- claims Jonny's estranged wife RAMMED her car during a HEATED vehicular stand-off earlier this month ... and then fled the scene.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Jonny's estranged wife -- former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Michelle Deighton -- came back to Jonny's house to pick up some of her stuff. Problem was, Jonny had changed the locks while she was gone -- and Michelle couldn't get in.


Jonny was out of town at the time -- and according to the report, when his Grandma rolled up to check on things, Michelle was already there. G-ma informed Michelle she was trespassing and then blocked her van in the driveway while she called police.

According to the report, Michelle allegedly rammed granny's car trying to get out -- and then took off across the front yard, empty-handed. Attempts to reach Michelle weren't successful.

Jonny's grandma went to the hospital this weekend to get checked out -- but she still ain't dead, despite what her license plate says ... "DEAD-GMA." No kidding. It's in the report.


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Aunt Ann    

I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me she was unlawfully detained my obstructing her egress. Had she been told the locks were changed she wouldn't have been trying to use her keys to obtain access to her personal property contained in the structure. Just sayin'

1220 days ago

Northern Lights    

Wifey should have CUT OFF Johnny's nutz and stuffed them in his mouth to choke on.

Best moment EVER: Donny Bonaduce LAUNCHING Fairplay onstage. I NEVER get tired of watching that t*******t get schooled by Danny!!!

Hopefully someday someone will BEAT THE LIVING HELLLLLLL out of Fairplay and put him in a permanant coma. He is trash. Along with his dead-gma. Fame whores.

1220 days ago


She also Starred on this season of WWE Tough Enough.

1220 days ago


Who are these people?

1220 days ago


You can't be charged with trespassing just by visiting someone's home. Not to mention that she's still married to the guy and shares the ownership of the property. The grandma should have been charged with unlawful restraint. All the wife had to do was keep her cool and let the police handle it. I suppose all 3 of them are nuts.

1220 days ago


Who cares? Next...

1220 days ago


Sounds like Johny's ready for a 3rd go on SURVIVOR.

But make no mistake -

He's no Russell Hantz.

1220 days ago





Wow...What Happened To Their Daughter's Face?!?!? Lawnmower accident? She's U G L Y!

Must take after her daddy...




1220 days ago


I agree with Aunt Ann. Unlawful detainment by blocking her in. Also why did she wait weeks to get "checked out". Something smells fishy to me?!

1220 days ago


Holy crap! Johnny Fairplay has a headless daughter. I wonder if they are any relation to the headless horseman?

1220 days ago


John is an idio, one bad apple, and he probably didn't fall far from his grandma's tree

if I were the wife I'd have high tailed it out too with some crazy old lady yelling at me and calling the cops when I'm in my own driveway

unless he got some kind of order to ban her from the premesis-can he do that since that was her residence and still must contain a lot of her possessions

if she was reconsidering ending the marriage, this incident and changed locks will encourage her to go to court with whatever proof she has that he's an idiot and she had to get out and get herself a police guard and go back to the home to retrieve things

not only is it her stuff still in the house I'm guessing -but the childs too probably -doubt if he would have had things neatly packed and sent to where she went

if he was any kind of man-he's leave the home so the child can continue to live in a familiar environment/go to the same school etc.

sadly he's not a man-he's an idiot and she must be cursing the day she said "I do"

1220 days ago


I gotta agree with others about blocking her in. She had no right to do that.

1220 days ago


What do you expect? She´s an anorexic model. Give her a cheeseburger and watch her calm down.

1220 days ago

I cook 2    

Such a classy bunch .They deserve each other.

1220 days ago


Who IS this pinhead? With that absolutely precious perm, he look like Mac Davis, circa 1976.

1220 days ago
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