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WWE Star

Hurls Homophobic Slur

At Fan

7/5/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE bad guy CM Punk was caught on camera screaming "You homo!" at a fan during a verbal altercation in Australia today ... this as the WWE has said repeatedly they are trying to curb homophobic slurs.

The wrestling organization works directly with GLAAD and even produced a series of anti-bullying commercials following incidents involving announcer Michael Cole and wrestler John Cena.

Calls to GLAAD were not returned.

UPDATE: A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, "WWE does not condone this type of language or bias and we reinforce that with our talent who are independent contractors."

UPDATE 2: CM apologized via Twitter, saying, "...I'm embarrassed. I own up to being a total douche in this situation and I offer a sincere apology to anybody I hurt with careless words."

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Mike L    

Elli, You should sue TMZ. If you can prove the Video is your property, you should charge them for using it. Paparazzi make good money when they sell their pictures. Harvey "I'm a (gay) Lawyer" Levin should know all about the laws and how stealing somebody elses property is a crime.

1175 days ago


Haha well my sister uploaded it to her youtube account and her tumblr and that's where they stole it from...i just dunno if i can be bothered since this is such terrible journalism they don't deserve my effort!

1175 days ago


why does every1 think that coz GLAAD are complaining that means we all are like that i was there when this happened i was literally 1 seat behind the girl filming this & i thought it was hilarious the guy he was yelling at was a complete wanker

1175 days ago


Honestly, Punk makes me want to play the Heel role, not because it's easy heat, but just plain fun, everyone knows that Heels are doing their jobs by insulting fans/hecklers, so no harm done.

****t, i could play a heel and rip on someone being fat by saying "eat another shortcake, fatty" do you think they'd get offended by a HEEL/BAD GUY telling them that? no.

GLAAD need to get their ***** out of their asses (see what i did thar?) and learn that there's a difference between doing your job (Like Punk was doing) and actually being homophobic

1175 days ago


CM Punk was awesome here. As for the 'homo' thing, Miz has a faux-hawk so if anyone should be mad it is him.

Punk clearly meant Sapien, since going straight-edge, Punk has evolved beyond humanity and looks down upon us homos.

1175 days ago


I think we are actually SEEING Punk release all his anger & frustration, now I really don't like punk, but look...he's been holding a lot of **** inside, most ppl think "oh, he has it easy, he gets money & is on tv". It's not that simple, Punk ACTUALLY got kicked around a hell of a lot in WWE, I remember some of his first interviews when he got drafted into WWE were he said he felt lucky to be a part of WWE, he gets a fair bit less money then most of the rooster, & he's only really big pushs were the feud with Jeff Hardy, taking over Nexus & what's happening now at the end of his contract.....ya, I forsee a hell of a lot more of this until July 17th when his contract ends. He's already posted on Twitter "it's gonna be big"

1175 days ago

Deez Nutz    

Homos all over the world are offended. Who cares black people been called ******s for 200 year.

1175 days ago


I was more concerned where later on in this clip (I found on YouTube) he uses the word, "walkabout." Its a pretty derogatory term when used in that way. An extremely negative stereotype. I presume he doesn't fully understand the meaning and history of the term. But, as an Australian hearing it used in that way, was a very unpleasant experience. Had he said it to an Indigenous Australian I would have called it outright racism, but even to a white person, its still derogatory.

1175 days ago

Da HoodGeek    

The man calls a fan a "homo" and suddenly we got to be up in arms for it. I'm all for equal rights but I don't feel that simply calling someone a homo is being anti-gay. TMZ I think you are trying to make something outr of nothing on this issue.

1175 days ago


Wait wait wait! A guy who makes a living by wearing nothing more than a pair of underwear and rolls around the ring tangled with other men, while acting as dramatic as if he were in a soap opera is calling someone else a homo? Really??? Wow!

1175 days ago


Down below I don't remember slicked back hair being homo but okay. Second, Cm Punk is married you idiot so shut the hell up and stop getting mad.

1174 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

The PCPD and Gay Gestapo Attack again.. Zig Homo I mean Heil...

1174 days ago

Im Offended    

I was deeply offended and troubled by this article. No no. Not about the part where the character known as CM Punk called an unruly fan a "homo." I'm talking about the part where TMZ tries to infringe on the first amendment from which we are all guaranteed FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I am from the ever-so-tolerant state of California, but I cannot tolerate the pussification of this culture any longer, where everyone needs to be treated like a sheltered child, and nothing deemed negative or offensive should ever be spoken aloud. I'm sorry this is not how the real world works, ladies and gents. Cut the over-sensitive crap already. Its getting old.

1174 days ago


Hopefully he will use his free time to sit down with GLAAD and find a way to heal these deep wounds and divisiveness his words have created between the wrestling fans and the LGBT community.

1174 days ago


LOLLLZZ!!!! ***z r starting **** recording stuff @ a WRESTLING MATCH......OHHHH NOOO NOW IT'Z NEWZ CUZ THAT JUST ISN'T STRANGE FOR ODDNESS OF THAT!!! hahaha was a good laugh! XD

1174 days ago
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