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Nic Cage's Son -- 'I Was Four Drinks Short of Death'

7/4/2011 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage says he is now "incredibly clean" after that crazy drunken street fight with his dad's assistant -- who he says "always had it out" for him and started the whole thing by punching him in his no-no place. 

Cage spoke with our photog outside Katsuya in Hollywood last night where he said his blood alcohol level that day was 0.335%. He says that if he had a few more drinks, his "loyal and beautiful wife and my outstanding father wouldn't have been visiting me in the psych ward, they would have been visiting me for the last time in an open casket funeral."

Cage said that his dad's assistant, Kevin Villegas, threw the first punch in their street brawl, saying, "Before that fight, I wish you guys had the intro to it, because he actually punched me in the nuts, like a little girl."

0612_weston_fight_video_smallCage said he wants to settle things once and for all in a real fight ... but seeing as Weston is about five inches taller, outweighs him by at least 50 pounds, and is a black belt who studies all sorts of fighting styles -- we don't see Villegas agreeing to that.


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You guys realize that 0.335% and a BAC of 0.335 is different right? If his BAC was 0.335% that would be nothing, I think he meant it was 0.335.

1206 days ago


Why is he wearing sunglasses and bicycling gloves at night?

1206 days ago

Facebook Sucks    

Quitter! Bartender, get this loser 4 more shots.

1206 days ago


Shouldn't he put his energy into trying to develop a talent?

1206 days ago


I which someone would have poured him 4 more drinks. What a waste of life. A spoiled brat. Your " music" is horrible. Go away and don't come back.

1206 days ago


Man I wish someone would have gotten him those 3 more drinks. Go away don't come back. You are a spoiled rich brat and your "music" is horrible

1206 days ago


He needs more tatts and peircings - hes alllllmooossst perfect.

1206 days ago


I'd say Weston needs to learn a few things and grow up. Just because he is a spoiled brat he thinks every one should jump to his music. Did this guy come looking for him ----- why Daddy sent him, to take care of the little douche drunk on his ass. GROW UP

1206 days ago


max... you realize you are wrong right? straight from wikipedia:

"Blood alcohol content is usually expressed as a percentage of alcohol in the blood. For instance, a BAC of 0.10 means that 0.10% (one tenth of one percent) of your blood is alcohol."

1206 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

This seems to be life imitating art in a way, as it reminds me of Nic's fabulous turn in Weatherman. Glad his son didn't get taken down by those drinks--hopefully, for him, closing time will be the start of a new day.

1206 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

If you were strapped for cash, I would have bought you the last four . . .

1206 days ago


So in other words, I really did nothing wrong and it was all his fault. Nothing like taking responsibility for your action eh Weston you a$****. This is not the last time we'll hear about this guys stupidity I can assure you that.

1206 days ago

Craig Swinson    

Look this kid is a jerk, always has been and always will be. I like Nick a lot, he was excellent in Lord Of War...a good guy but he indulges his son and has been very absentee about him. Weston, sober up, get a real job, we have already seen that you are to MMA as is to Al-Saadi al-Gaddafi is to soccer.
You have a wife and kids and your dad shouldn't have to clean up your mess at this point...he has his own problems.

1206 days ago


Hows that black belt working for ya? loser...

1206 days ago


What. a. dork. Grow up and stop embarassing your father with such behaviour. Fighting on the street, drunk out of your mind, dressed like a hobo? Sad.

1206 days ago
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