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TMZ Live: Did Casey Walk Because She's a Celebrity?

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony beat the murder rap -- and CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell says one reason for the shocking verdict could be Casey's sudden fame, or is that infamy? Plus, why we think Vinny from "Jersey Shore" just kissed all his fame goodbye ... he'll be sorrrrrry!

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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0:00) First up -- the Casey Anthony trial. We have Jane Velez-Mitchell on the phone to break down the SHOCKING "not guilty" verdict.
(2:50) Jane explains why jurors often surprise the public with not guilty verdicts ... when the media was busy painting a guilty picture.
(7:00) Harvey breaks down everything that's wrong with the Anthony case.
(13:00) Even if Casey confesses ... she still can't be tried again.
(18:50) The Weston Cage saga -- how it went from good to bad in 9 hours flat.
(20:30) Weston leaves jail covered in blood -- and has a COMPLETELY different take on marriage than he did the night before.
(26:00) The Schwarzenegger divorce -- why Harvey says it WON'T be a dramatic event.
(27:00) No prenup for the Schwarzeneggers ... we're told they'll be slitting a TON of money ... you know, like $400 MILLION!
(36:00) Vinny BAILS on "Jersey Shore" -- he won't be missed by the cast and crew ... and Harvey knows why.
(39:00) Octomom is on the phone! She explains how she was able to make $28k in a month -- see if you can keep up with her.
(47:00) How much does it take to keep Octo & kids afloat for a year?


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Now that Casey Anthony's off the hook, Kate Gosselin must be thrilled she won't have to find a new babysitter for the weekend!

1172 days ago


F*ck octomom. How much longer before she pulls a Casey Anthony?

1172 days ago


Re MJ Phone Prank
It might interest the prankster to know that in California it is illegal to record a call if (1) you initiate the call and (2) you do not inform the party called that they are going to be recorded. (If you receive a call, the recording without notification to the other party is permitted.) Moreover, since California law does not permit profit of an illegal venture, then any profits from sales could be confiscated by the State of California.

1172 days ago


Any proof whatsoever that Princess Charlene, before she became Princess Charlene, tried to flee three times?

1172 days ago


Casey Anthony was found not guilty this afternoon of anything except providing false information to police. Will the police reopen the case to try and find the killer of Caylee Anthony since it's been found that Casey did not murder her or will it be ruled accidental death? Or is there just no evidence to rule anything?

1172 days ago


How do you think Casey Anthony will support herself when she's freed?

1172 days ago

Bodega Brad    

Maybe she can get into the sports memorabilia business with O.J.?? :)

1172 days ago


For Octomom - One day you claim to be broke, the next you claim to have plenty of money. If you are broke, WHY are you paying for PRIVATE school for 13 kids when your attorney Jeff Czech publicly stated you are on public assistance?

1172 days ago


Whether or not Casey Anthony did it or not is irrelevant the prosecutor failed to gather real evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Shame on them.

1172 days ago


How long before Dexter Morgan gets his hands on Casey Anthony?

1172 days ago


No doubt the CaseyAnthony & her jury is waiting for the right monetary offer before giving interview. Any guess who'll get those interviews?

1172 days ago


Harvey wake up. Time to start your show. It's past 130.

1172 days ago


Casey Anthony should have been found NOT GUILTY. The prosecution blew it when they didn't have the evidence to support First Degree Murder. Blame the State. Blame the DA. Blame the idiot prosecution attorneys.



1172 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

We don't convict people in this country by using lies and false evidence. . . the prosecution used BOTH. . .. this is a just verdict. .. .

1172 days ago

Big O    

I think the media had a lot to do with her not being guilty, by publicizing the the whole thing and turning her in to a "celebrity" before and up until the trial. We the people are also to blame because we wanted more, and now we're upset because she's not guilty...hum??? Well, now you can scare your misbehaved kids by tell them...See, I can really hurt you and I won't be punished for it...LOL!

1172 days ago
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