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TMZ Live: Did Casey Walk Because She's a Celebrity?

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony beat the murder rap -- and CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell says one reason for the shocking verdict could be Casey's sudden fame, or is that infamy? Plus, why we think Vinny from "Jersey Shore" just kissed all his fame goodbye ... he'll be sorrrrrry!

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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0:00) First up -- the Casey Anthony trial. We have Jane Velez-Mitchell on the phone to break down the SHOCKING "not guilty" verdict.
(2:50) Jane explains why jurors often surprise the public with not guilty verdicts ... when the media was busy painting a guilty picture.
(7:00) Harvey breaks down everything that's wrong with the Anthony case.
(13:00) Even if Casey confesses ... she still can't be tried again.
(18:50) The Weston Cage saga -- how it went from good to bad in 9 hours flat.
(20:30) Weston leaves jail covered in blood -- and has a COMPLETELY different take on marriage than he did the night before.
(26:00) The Schwarzenegger divorce -- why Harvey says it WON'T be a dramatic event.
(27:00) No prenup for the Schwarzeneggers ... we're told they'll be slitting a TON of money ... you know, like $400 MILLION!
(36:00) Vinny BAILS on "Jersey Shore" -- he won't be missed by the cast and crew ... and Harvey knows why.
(39:00) Octomom is on the phone! She explains how she was able to make $28k in a month -- see if you can keep up with her.
(47:00) How much does it take to keep Octo & kids afloat for a year?


No Avatar

some guy    

I still think she's hiding something

1171 days ago


Charles looks bored out of his skull. Octoslut has that effect on people.

1171 days ago


It always strikes me whenever I hear Nadia speak that she seems very anxious. Such rapid's like her thoughts are coming faster than she can get them out. Would explain working out so much too.

D' I write this she just admitted to having panic attacks and working out as a way to manage her panic attacks. I think people need to cut her some slack. I truly think she just struggles with anxiety.

1171 days ago

missy k    

May Caylee Anthony find peace in heaven!! She may have never had the peace an innocent child deserves having Casey as her mother!!I am a mother of 3 and I am ill over the verdict of Casey Anthony!! Too bad for little "Caylee Anthony" there is no justice for her!! I can only pray that God has the foresight to ensure that Casey may never give birth again to ensure no future victims!! Casey's own parents walked out today and experience has taught me when families turn their backs, on people, there is a good reason!! If Casey really is not the killer of that angel Calee, then any money she makes should go to finding the "real killer"! Sadly we all know the truth!! She will pay in her lifetime, karma is out there and it will find her!! Enough about Casey.. Caylee Anthony, your time here was so short, but you clearly brought joy to the lives you touched and may you find peace in your eternal life!! Caylee deserves to be the name remembered, loved and honored from here forward!!!

1171 days ago


get that banner off her twins. why do you think i watch

1171 days ago


You're all s***. Like the Jerry Springer show, I can't tell who's worse- the guests onstage or the idiot audience members who make comments even stupider than the guests they belittle. TMZ makes money from the misery of others. Harvesters of sorrow. You have no soul. And neither do your viewers.
Leave Nadya alone.

1171 days ago


Well i cant imagine what reason anyone would come up with why she is innocent, "but" now that she will be free let's see how quickly she tries to find justice for Cailey and the "real" killer which we all know any "innocent" mom would do....hmmmm something tells me her doing that does not fit into "the good life" and "the good life" will not allow her time to find the "real" killer

1171 days ago


Did the jury have the ability to convict her of murder but not give her the Death penalty? I am wondering if the Death penalty was the reason she did not get charged because there was no obvious just cir****tantial evidence.

1171 days ago


The public has convicted her. If she goes out to any club, there will be people yelling "baby killer" at her. I don't think her life is going to be that great. How is she going to support herself? I guess she could write a book "IF I did it, Part 2" (OJ wrote the first one), but other than that, no one will hire her. Although she accused her father and brother of molesting her, you never know. They might take this liar back into the family.

1171 days ago

karen dapello    

CELEBRITY???? Are we really going there?? C'mon......if she IS a celerity it's thanks to the media and their making this whole trial a JOKE. Sad day for humanity when a women who's up for murder is a celebrity.

1171 days ago


Holy! Someone needs to teach Octomom to slow down when she speaks! She's not getting her message accross because her words are coming accross like rapid fire and all garbled! If she wants to make her point she needs to speak clearly and concisely! That interview was lost on me because I couldn't follow what she was trying to say!

1171 days ago


Shes only famous for being ARRESTED in relations to her daughters death---NOT for anyhting that gets you some public goodwill. Lame story TMZ--not the same as being an actor, singer, who many people LIKE, and THEN getting arrested for something.

1171 days ago


C anthony got away with murder, she still guilty, she will continue to lie and steal and one day the long arm of the law will catch up with....Look at OJ

She better watch her back, lots of angry people out there.

1171 days ago


She won her freedom because she's a young, white girl.
We all know if she wasn't, she would've been found guilty. People have been convicted for murder on MUCH less evidence.

1171 days ago

Miss Red    

I have the whole next season of Dexter figuired out. Just take it from this fiasco. Only I hope Casey is on the table at the end dressed in plastic.

1171 days ago
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