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Arnold Gets the House, the Rest Is Up for Grabs

7/8/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger will get the family home in Brentwood, CA as part of his divorce settlement with Maria Shriver ... but virtually nothing else has been worked out.


We're told there will be no issue ... All of the assets in the marriage are community property, which means Arnold and Maria have a 50/50 interest.  But we're told Arnold, Maria and their reps are "in the very beginning stages" of deciding who gets what.

As we first reported, there is no prenup.   We're told when Arnold and Maria married, they had "very little in the way of assets compared to what they have now."  The combined wealth of the former couple is estimated at around $400 million.

And, as we reported, Maria is in escrow to buy a home valued at around $10 million.  The house is also in Brentwood, approximately 3 miles from the family home.  Maria wanted to be close so the kids could easily go back and forth.

As for the exact percentage of the spoils Arnold and Maria will ultimately walk away with -- it hasn't even been discussed.  "It's very early in the process" says one source with direct knowledge.



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Sonya in Tx    

No matter. They will never be hard up for money so......

1203 days ago


Well, Arnold also gets the bad press and cheap hair dye.

1203 days ago

Studley Buck    

At least Ahhnuld won't have to look at Maria Shriver's scary mug every morning. That has to be worth something.

1203 days ago


seems like win-win for the Arnold. he can always make more money and get a new maid.

1203 days ago


Are we to assume that the housekeeper is considered to be a part of the real property (since it appears she was "nailed" down there) and goes with the family house?

1203 days ago


I'm thinking that Maria just doesn't want anything to do with that house anymore. With everything that went on in it behind her back I sure don't blame her. Who knows how many other women he brought into that house when she wasn't around. Jerk.

1203 days ago


WHO IN THE HELL CARE. This is not news, it's tra*****his is what maggots do.

1203 days ago


Not surprised that he gets the family home. What woman would fight to keep a home where her husband cheated on her. Hopefully everything else goes as smoothly as that. It's so hard on the kids when it drags on.

1203 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

In my entire life no divorce besides my own parents have intrested me. I wonder if other people are the same.

1203 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny if the next report was they decided to go pro se?

1203 days ago


TMZ you are so lame, trying to make a money story out of nothing. They both get 200 million, so there's no story here.

1203 days ago


400 million? Sounds like there's more than enough to go around.

1203 days ago


Pretty good pay for a Kennedy call-girl. Better than most women would receive for living with a man giving her all her upkeep as Arnold did.

I am glad that Maria stayed with Arnold until she was no longer "first lady". No doubt her personal "status" as "first lady" had a lot to do with the timing of the divorce action. She milked it for all it was do most of the Kennedy clan.

If you believe she did not know of the other child before the end of her "first lady" status, someone will sell you the Brooklyn bridge at a bargain price.

1203 days ago


I could be wrong, but I've never took either of them to be worshipers of money. They seemed to put more desire into success, quality of life, success success success. The wealth just came along with it.

Ecclesiastes 11:9

1203 days ago


Poor Arnold, this regular everyday kinda guy with lots of love in his heart married this phony snob Kennedy who only thinks of piles of cash, it is good they are divorcing. This woman's face hagged out over the years she looks sickening. As time goes by Arnold will finally feel the freedom of getting rid of that money bag of bones.

1203 days ago
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