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TMZ Live: Can Casey Anthony Profit Off the Trial?

7/7/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live, Harvey and Charles spoke to former publisher Judith Regan -- who claims she got O.J. Simpson to confess to murder during an interview. According to Judith, Anthony can kiss a book deal goodbye ... unless she's willing to confess as well ... but Harvey begs to differ.

And Willie Nelson may be facing up to a year in jail for weed possession ... but is he getting a raw deal?



(1:30) First thing's first ... Harvey explains why he can say O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole ... it's because O.J. MURDERED THEM.
(4:05) Casey Anthony will be a free woman come next week -- and she's poised to make MILLIONS off her story. You pissed?
(5:45) Judith Regan -- a publisher with her own Sirius show -- calls in to talk about Casey's chances of landing a book deal.
(8:00) Judith doesn't think publishers will touch Casey with a ten foot poll.
(14:40) We all have the right to tell our story ... some just shouldn't.
(22:00) What do TMZ Live viewers think about Casey's possible payday?
(34:30) Willie Nelson could get a YEAR behind bars for a pot charge in Texas ... why the hell did the judge reject his plea deal?
(39:30) Someone tried to sell Charles weed the other day (damn those dreadlocks) ... Gary finds it a little too funny.
(45:30) Kathy Hilton told that Paris and Nicky ARE NOT spoiled ... you buying what she's selling?
(47:30) You may be surprised ... but Harvey AGREES with Kathy! He says Paris makes too much money to be considered spoiled.


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Hey Harvey, I notice that you guys say "when OJ killed Nicole and Ron", even though he hasn't been convicted. Do you think you/tmz will write "when Casey killed Caylee" in the future?
If so, how is that not slander/libel?

1182 days ago



OJ was found guilty in a wrongful death suit in the deaths of Nicole and Ron. You know, the trial after the big one? So it is within their rights to say he killed them/had a hand in it based on the findings of that trial.

1182 days ago


RE: Casey Anthony...Who will buy her crap that she would make millions of dollars? Not that Kate Goselin would harm her kids, she wouldn't. But it's the same damn thing... Kate profits because of her children. Here, let's profit not just off the backs of our children but the child "I did not murder".

Again, I hate this story...

1182 days ago


This is sad but true!!! Karma is a wonderful thing and I suggest it will get her sooner than later!!

1182 days ago


I guess I can't blame her for cashing in she is after all a selfish murdering lying B---- but for those who pay her for her story should really be ashamed of themselves.

1182 days ago


Why is it ok for Nancy Grace to rake in millions over 3 years by sensationalizing this case yet Casey Anthony will be raked over the coals trying to make a cent?

1182 days ago


Why hasn't TMZ covered the Kit Williams concert disaster in New Mexico? Came to the stage hours late, acted very strange, either crazy or on something. People demanding their money back.

1182 days ago


Why don't you start on time? I just gave my doctor hell for keeping me waiting for twenty minutes, so now you're getting it, too!

1182 days ago


Aaahhhh I forgot about that. Thanks JJ!!

1182 days ago


Hard-working, tax-paying Americans should not be jailed for exercising their right to freedom of enjoyment. If governments are going to allow the more harmful cigarettes and alcohol, then there is no justification to make weed illegal. Nobody asked the governments to classify marijuana as a drug; it is a herb. Pot smokers of America need to stand up in unity against this prohibition. The only reason the government keeps marijuana illegal, is so that they can impose fines on working people (who have cash available on payday), and that keeps the government workers like police and the courts in pay checks. They only want to jail Willie Nelson as a high-profile intimidation tactic. There are judges, police and doctors who use marijuana recreationally. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, was a regular user of marijuana as a young adult. Prohibition of recreational libations is not a democracy; it is a Dictatorship!

Marijuana-users unite ~ and be loud about it !!!!
Don't support politicians who don't support legalization !!!!

1182 days ago

some guy    

Willie Nelson's judge reminds of that Vegas lawyer who busts celebs for coke, and he got caught with coke.

I'm guessing this judge has a thing for prescription painkillers or some controlled substance. Might wanna follow this guy around for a little bit.

1182 days ago


I agree with Harvey on the whole Nancy Grace and Joan River's segment from yesterday. They are both including emotion into a system which is supposed to be based on the law, not public opinion.

1182 days ago


Has anybody ever looked into the deaths of the 4 men Casey claimed could be Caylee's dad? All 4 died in separate car crashes in 2007...maybe Caylee wasn't the first murder victim of Casey. or Maybe I'm reading wrong info, who knows.

1182 days ago

some guy    

I'm thinking if Casey does make millions, she should only keep enough to stay afloat.

The rest should go to the state of Florida and the publishers, although I don't think Florida deserves it.

1182 days ago


Regardless of how people feel, I don't think we should begrudge Casey from earning money. Let's face it, I doubt employers are going to be anxious to hire her, and she will need money to live. I also think everyone is being a bit presumptuous about what she will do. She was found not guilty, and has to move forward with her life, which I imagine won't be easy.

1182 days ago
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