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TMZ Live: Can Casey Anthony Profit Off the Trial?

7/7/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live, Harvey and Charles spoke to former publisher Judith Regan -- who claims she got O.J. Simpson to confess to murder during an interview. According to Judith, Anthony can kiss a book deal goodbye ... unless she's willing to confess as well ... but Harvey begs to differ.

And Willie Nelson may be facing up to a year in jail for weed possession ... but is he getting a raw deal?



(1:30) First thing's first ... Harvey explains why he can say O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole ... it's because O.J. MURDERED THEM.
(4:05) Casey Anthony will be a free woman come next week -- and she's poised to make MILLIONS off her story. You pissed?
(5:45) Judith Regan -- a publisher with her own Sirius show -- calls in to talk about Casey's chances of landing a book deal.
(8:00) Judith doesn't think publishers will touch Casey with a ten foot poll.
(14:40) We all have the right to tell our story ... some just shouldn't.
(22:00) What do TMZ Live viewers think about Casey's possible payday?
(34:30) Willie Nelson could get a YEAR behind bars for a pot charge in Texas ... why the hell did the judge reject his plea deal?
(39:30) Someone tried to sell Charles weed the other day (damn those dreadlocks) ... Gary finds it a little too funny.
(45:30) Kathy Hilton told that Paris and Nicky ARE NOT spoiled ... you buying what she's selling?
(47:30) You may be surprised ... but Harvey AGREES with Kathy! He says Paris makes too much money to be considered spoiled.


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So OJ was found guilty in civil court and can now be called the killer of Nicole Brown. Is there a chance that Casey can be brought to Civil Court and found guilty of her daughter's murder? Who would have the right to be the plaintiff and charge her Caylee's death, since Casey is the direct family and her father is unknown. Do the grandparents have the right to charge Casey in a civil court, can the state charge her for the time and money wasted looking for her child which she had already murdered? And would that then block her from making money from Casey's death?

1173 days ago


And cursed be ANYBODY that tries to make money off that unjust "not guilty" verdict! ...except the people suing Casey and her lawyers.

1173 days ago

some guy    

Casey's story would make a good movie. Switch some names around, maybe a different country... or planet.

1173 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Oh Harvey - you bad lol Hitler!!! Wonder if that comparison will hit the news.

Have you invited Nancy Grace??

1173 days ago


Why would George not call 911? Maybe he was molesting Caylee as he did Casey. An autopsy would find him out. He needed to prevent the body from being discovered until it decomposed. All the other facts fit. He convinced Casey to hide the body in order to help her, but in reality, he was saving himself. She probably accidently killed the baby. She was blackmailing George and Cindy all these years. Lee found out about the molestation of Casey and changed his thoughts . Thats their connection now. more.......... George has a sexual problem testosterone, affairs, molestation.

1173 days ago


Honestly, how she cashes in is irrelevant, she just got away with doing, or having involvement with one of the most unforgiveable things a person can get away with, at this point, NOTHING is worse than that. How much money she makes has less to do with how she succeeded and more to do with how the system failed. She got away with murder, this isn't the point to start evaluating her moral compass.

1173 days ago


Was there a cause of death found by the coroner? I remember reading that the COD was inconclusive.

Why then do people keep saying Caylee was murdered?

1173 days ago

Danie J Smith    

Honestly after looking at the evidence thats been showed, and the fact that her story changed so many times about what happened that night, it has more to do with how the prosecutor presented the case. The jury just used what they were given, and it has alot to do with how they are presented the facts.

<3 DaNiE

1173 days ago


if Jurys were supposed to base their judgments off of emotion, Casey would be swinging by the rope until her feet stopped kicking. But they are NOT. They are supposed to be based off of facts presented. The Prosecution thought this was a slam dunk and did not feel the need to work for a conviction. Because of that, the jury did what them must do, and base their decisions on facts provided.

1173 days ago


Can the grandparent not file a wrongful death suit the way the Goldman's did? Thus potentially preventing her from profiting from the crime.

1173 days ago



1173 days ago


I'd buy the book and I'd watch the interview. I enjoy studying human behavior. I think a lot of people lie when they say they wouldn't buy it or watch.
If she does an interview I hope it's not with Babwa Walters or Matt Lauer and she chooses a quality journalist.

1173 days ago


at least OJ said he was going to find the REAL KILLER....Casey is just going to own up to this and pound a jager bomb after

1173 days ago


Couldn't get thru.. Love you guys.. Live in NC. She is likely to move to LA.. keep her. I am choosing to ignore and not respond to anymore articles re this witch. A jury of her peers acquitted her. Says it all.. Trial over.. I think she had something to do with it.. I WOULD NO*****CH, LISTEN, READ, OR IN ANY WAY RECOGNIZE THAT SHE IS ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.


1173 days ago

Larry Stoodley    

Harvey you arn't seeing the big picture she( Casey ) could very well have another victum in 1 year So if you are proved to be a bad parent the law should demand you never have another child ie sugery!

1173 days ago
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