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TMZ Live: Can Casey Anthony Profit Off the Trial?

7/7/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live, Harvey and Charles spoke to former publisher Judith Regan -- who claims she got O.J. Simpson to confess to murder during an interview. According to Judith, Anthony can kiss a book deal goodbye ... unless she's willing to confess as well ... but Harvey begs to differ.

And Willie Nelson may be facing up to a year in jail for weed possession ... but is he getting a raw deal?



(1:30) First thing's first ... Harvey explains why he can say O.J. Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole ... it's because O.J. MURDERED THEM.
(4:05) Casey Anthony will be a free woman come next week -- and she's poised to make MILLIONS off her story. You pissed?
(5:45) Judith Regan -- a publisher with her own Sirius show -- calls in to talk about Casey's chances of landing a book deal.
(8:00) Judith doesn't think publishers will touch Casey with a ten foot poll.
(14:40) We all have the right to tell our story ... some just shouldn't.
(22:00) What do TMZ Live viewers think about Casey's possible payday?
(34:30) Willie Nelson could get a YEAR behind bars for a pot charge in Texas ... why the hell did the judge reject his plea deal?
(39:30) Someone tried to sell Charles weed the other day (damn those dreadlocks) ... Gary finds it a little too funny.
(45:30) Kathy Hilton told that Paris and Nicky ARE NOT spoiled ... you buying what she's selling?
(47:30) You may be surprised ... but Harvey AGREES with Kathy! He says Paris makes too much money to be considered spoiled.


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Do you feel there should be a law proposed stating that jurors are not allowed to prophet in any way after serving on a trial?

1205 days ago



1205 days ago


More on Strauss Kahn - his accuser in NYC had tens of $1000's of dollars deposited in her bank account, and claims she doesn't know why.

Now there's a new accuser coming forward with accusations of something that may have happened many years ago - remind you of Julian Assange?

Conspiracy theory? So why would someone pay the maid to accuse Strauss-Kahn? He is the most powerful advocate for ending the use of the US dollar as the base of International Exchange, which experts say would cause a major devaluation of the $.

1205 days ago


I would be ok if she wrote a book or did an interview as long as conditions such as all her money would go to missing kids charities.

1205 days ago

some guy    

... So how's Lindsay doing?

1205 days ago


Harvey, your real scoop would be finding out who Caylee's father was.

1205 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Harvey for the FIRST time I'm calling YOU a DUMB-AZZ. You dont KNOW **** about this case. You picked up on it @ the VERDICT, How can U try to break down N.Grace who followed it from day one that it was reported (ie: day 31 for the baby MISSING?!) Just because the mother delayed the recovery of her babys body by NOT telling Law Enforcement - DOES NOT mean she should be REWARDED. IF any company gives her $1.00 I swear by ALL I will BOYCOTT them for LIFE.
The same "Karma-Cloud" that plagued OJ defense WILL do the same to the "BABY KILLER" team as well! If you know NOTHING about this case, YOU should STFU! I've gone back and read every depo, every piece of info that was available I read/listened to. YOU only saw an hour or two of the whole Damn thing. THOSE jurors only had enough time to get in the back-room, & yip-yap for a few minutes. They asked for ZERO evidence, NO testimony, NOTHING! I heard you say 2 days ago YOU'd cover "Baby-Killer Casey" if she was out & about, then YOU would be added to the BOYCOTT list as WELL. Think i'm kidding? Google Boycott+Casey Anthony 10,000 pages popped up Over-Nite after this UN-Just "Magically Thinking" & "Delusional LAZY jury" NOW they are trying to get 5 figure deals to talk... They will be 'Marked 4 LIFE" if they show they're faces. SO far only 2 hav revealed their idenity, the JURORS, the DEFENSE team, & the BABY KILLER better all HIDE. Alot of crazies live in 'Flori-DUH' and I wouldnt trade 20 mill 2 trade places w that Baby KILLER. I'm ASHAMED i've followed you over the last several years.. NOW your as bad as Bozo Baez. & her days are definately numbered! She wont sell ONE thing - America HATES her.
IF you knew ANYTHING about the trial, you'd know BozoBaez threw the ABC (Anybody But Casey) defense. PLZ do some research before you TRY to take on a subject. The evidence was THERE, the jury turned a blind eye due to the Abuse-Excuse, then the Judge shut them down on using it anymore becasue NO ONE would validate the FALSE claims.
You say N. Grace will cause ppl not to goto Jury Duty is about the same as Baez making sure NO one will want to help find MISSING kids & ppl. The man who FINALLY found the babies bones was untimately BLAMED for taking the bones home for over 4 months. The searchers were also being ACCUSED of being involved as well.
If you dont know about a case, STFU! Shame on YOU & Star Jones for seeing it was 'Public Interest' and YOU jumped on the band wagon @ the VERY end. Your all stomping on the fact a Baby was MURDERED by her partying, s!utty, Wh.ore, who KILLED her! ie: Baby Killer Casey SCAM-PHONY. I will not be returning to THIS site THANKS to your legal High-Horse you jumped on. Casey IS a KILLER of a BABY. And i'm convinced she will NOT profit from this.
Zenaida Fernandez Gonzolez will get ANY money in her Civil defamation Case. + Flori-DUH is going to make her pay for costs incured (since her attorney said baby was NvR missing) AND she owes 70k + interest for back taxes. (You do know ABC news paid 200k for pix and vids before this trial EVER started!)
I'll repeat if YOU dont know **** about the details of a case, STFU about it!
Caylee was ONLY 2 yrs old, she couldnt defend herself. Even Nicole & Ron Goldman were able to put up a fight..!
I predict "Casey-Karma" will get her like OJ's did, or a GOOD Floridian will. Jus Sayin.
You love "DEXTER" right..? HE'S who we NEED right NOW! This is 'text-book Dexter script!' Get your facts lil man!

1205 days ago


The difference between a book and an interview is that I migh*****ch for 20 minutes, but I won't put my money down for a book or spend hours reading it.

1205 days ago


They convicted Scott Peterson on cir****tantial evidence and he's on death row!

1205 days ago


Casey Anthony is already part of a civil suit. The person with the same name as the nanny she claimed had the child is suing for loss of income because she wasn't able to be hired.

1205 days ago


I would watch and watch and watch. I'm watching TMZ live because I can't get enough. is it wrong....yup

1205 days ago


Did you see Anthony in court today? Now that she won, she made sure take her hair down and put some make up on. It was like her saying "I had to sit here looking all unattractive (Because my laywer told me to) and now that I won, im going to start looking like I should. You all fell for it" She was putting on a show with the tears.. dont you get it?

1205 days ago


The reason she can make so much money from a book deal is because all these people who are calling it "morally repulsive" BUY THE BOOK. If no one bought it, no one would offer her the deal. All the people who think it's so wrong are the reason it happens!

1205 days ago

Kerri Ann Norberg    

She should go out make a book and do all these television interviews I encourage it! BUT she should have to give every dollar back to the state of FL for all of the time and energy spent on her cruel ass.

1205 days ago

miles Atughonu    

No matter what we all say we can't say with whole certainty that she killed her daughter, we weren't there.

1205 days ago
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