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TMZ Live: 'Caylee's Law' ... Political Chestpuffing?

7/8/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians are taking advantage of Casey Anthony's trial to push a new law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours -- but Harvey and Jason agreed for the first time ever ... it's all just grandstanding BS.

And Xzibit is up in arms over "planking," claiming it's racist. Does he have a point, or is he grasping at straws?



(1:50) Jane Velez-Mitchell is on the horn to talk about Caylee's Law -- a proposed law that would force parents to call police within 24 hours if their child is missing.
(4:00) Harvey and Jane agree -- this proposed law is probably just a power move by sleazy politicians to make a name for themselves.
(6:02) Vegetarian talk with Jane -- with an appearance by Ribeye.
(9:20) Jason makes three ... he thinks the 24 hour law is ridiculous as well.
(15:45) Casey's lawyers caught heat for sippin' champagne right after the trial ... and one was busted flipping the bird ... Gary explains.
(16:45) The bird-flipper's explanation of the incident.
(24:00) We shift gears back to Casey's law.
(40:00) Xzibit rips planking as racist -- does he have a case?
(41:45) A few shots of celebs planking ... including The Biebs.
(43:00) Swastika talk! How'd we get here?
(46:45) The real problem with planking ... is that it's "stupid" ... so says Max. And to prove it ... we show a picture of Ribeye doing it.
(47:00) A caller puts everything in perspective -- that on slave ships it was called "packing" ... not "planking" ... and that it's not racist.


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Yo Harvey!
Two questions for you:
1) Amicable divorces often turn nasty. If Maria closes escrow before her and Ahnold agree in writing to the split of property...isn't the new house up for grabs as well?

2) In the Anthony trial, I understand about double jeopardy, but if new evidence comes to light implicating either her brother or parents in the crime, can't Anthony's acquittal be used as evidence that there WAS no murder to charge anyone ELSE with? Or any of the lesser charges?

1200 days ago


it would seem if a child younger than 10 is missing for a few hours something should be done. I hope they would sit down and make it age appropriate. a 2 or 3 year old missing for more than 15 minutes can be fatal. But its a good start.

1200 days ago

Joni Blanchard    

I love TMZ!! Watch it here up in Saskatchewan....Keep up the good work...

1200 days ago


Harvey: I would love to see multiple pictures of you and the staff planking in obscure places.... can this happen ???

Also, I read that Mark Zuckerberg takes some of his higher-up applicants on a walk in the trail overlooking Silicon.... do you do that with your potentials ??? Again, another video I would love to see !!!!

Enjoy the weekend all.... Diane from CT

1200 days ago

nee nee    

Harvey, do u think Casey Anthony is the most hated woman in American history? If not, who then? I think she is way more hated than Susan Smith.

1200 days ago

Tom McGee    

Harvey what do you think....finally the end of Jersey show for the current cast at least?

1200 days ago


Xzibit never said planking was racist nor that people doing it were. Very irresponsible journalism TMZ. He did point out the history and said that planking was stupid. While not necessarily racist, I do find it insensitive.

1200 days ago


Did lightening actually strike the area of the Caylee Anthony memorial the same day the verdict was read?

1200 days ago


Harvey is such a self-absorbed tool.

1200 days ago


Harvey! If planking is supposedly racist towards black people because of how they were transported in the slave ships then why haven't any Jewish people said they're offended because of how the Nazis stacked them both in the barracks in the camps and after they murdered them. They haven't because it is a silly fad that British kids started. Anybody can find something racist in something if they want to.

1200 days ago


Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and Harvey has to preach.

1200 days ago


HARVEY would point out the irony here:
He said he was told that Ribeye would tear apart any fish that he put in the tank with him. So Harvey is not eating meat to protect a fish that would tear apart another being if given a chance.
This is coming from someone who was a strict vegetarian for over 10 years.

1200 days ago


Will William and Kates visite affect the TMZ Bus Tour in any way? I've been watching the news and is being repoted that there will be some sections closed to the public in LA. I would HATE it if I missed some parts of the tour. My friend and I took the tour last month and ENJOYED it VERY much. Did not see a Star on tour but saw Tom Hanks behind El Capitan on the 27 of June.

1200 days ago


Jesus Christ, Harvey.

Do you have some disease that's the antithesis of vitiligo?

You look like a homosexual black man. I cringe to think about the flash mob you might involve yourself in...

1200 days ago


Jerry Springer (saw on is offering Casey Anthony $1 million to appear on his show but she has to go with her family. Do you think she will accept this offer?

1200 days ago
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