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TMZ Live: 'Caylee's Law' ... Political Chestpuffing?

7/8/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians are taking advantage of Casey Anthony's trial to push a new law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours -- but Harvey and Jason agreed for the first time ever ... it's all just grandstanding BS.

And Xzibit is up in arms over "planking," claiming it's racist. Does he have a point, or is he grasping at straws?



(1:50) Jane Velez-Mitchell is on the horn to talk about Caylee's Law -- a proposed law that would force parents to call police within 24 hours if their child is missing.
(4:00) Harvey and Jane agree -- this proposed law is probably just a power move by sleazy politicians to make a name for themselves.
(6:02) Vegetarian talk with Jane -- with an appearance by Ribeye.
(9:20) Jason makes three ... he thinks the 24 hour law is ridiculous as well.
(15:45) Casey's lawyers caught heat for sippin' champagne right after the trial ... and one was busted flipping the bird ... Gary explains.
(16:45) The bird-flipper's explanation of the incident.
(24:00) We shift gears back to Casey's law.
(40:00) Xzibit rips planking as racist -- does he have a case?
(41:45) A few shots of celebs planking ... including The Biebs.
(43:00) Swastika talk! How'd we get here?
(46:45) The real problem with planking ... is that it's "stupid" ... so says Max. And to prove it ... we show a picture of Ribeye doing it.
(47:00) A caller puts everything in perspective -- that on slave ships it was called "packing" ... not "planking" ... and that it's not racist.


No Avatar

some guy    

I doubt the average planker burns crosses during their free time.

1202 days ago


The people/celebrities that are being shown PLANKING are planking FACE DOWN...

The illustration you show of the slave ship the slaves are laying on their BACKS...

Whose planking WRONG???? Current day celebrities/people of *GASP* the SLAVES that lived 200+ years ago????

1202 days ago


Does Xzibit use the N-word?

1202 days ago


Harvey, I totally disagree with you over the Casey Antony verdict. The jurors have come forward in their explanation of acquittal have said it was because the Prosecution could not prove her motive. A motive is not an element to a crime, they are not required to prove or providing one, although establishing one helps to prove the right person has been charged in connection with the crime. They also said the Prosecution couldn't prove how Caylee was murdered. The coroner had already ruled the death to be a homocide- they don' need to prove that it was a murder. The instrument of the murder is therefore moot. People have been convicted of murder without a body. This isn't the first time a homocide has been established where there wasn't enough tissue to show the cause of death, look at the Stacey Peterson case as an example.

1202 days ago


If the proposed law had been in affect, would it have changed the verdict? no. juror #3 didn't understand what crime had been committed?!!! i can think of at least ten no matter which story you believe. if a car registered in your name causes an accident on accident, u r still held responsible for the damage...even though you were not driving or anywhere near the accident. same with a child. it doesn't matter the crime/accident...u r still responsible for their well being and or their actions. and she wasn't held accountable for anything except lying. so how do u believe anything out of her mouth?!!!! they gave a liar the benefit of the doubt!!! unbelievable. too busy being do gooders instead of responsible citizenship.

1202 days ago


This is so not racist. C'mon. I am balck and white and I think it is ridiculous to call it racist. Yes it's roots deal with the slave trade but the actions are not racist. AND planking is also an ab exercise!

1202 days ago


Planking, racist? Preposterous. The old picture illustrates many people lying pressed together on their backs. Is sleeping on your back or being on the bottom during missionary sex now racist?! Christ, already. Is sitting up facing each other racist too? People can correlate anything they want in their own heads. Nice imagination and nice try Xzibit.

1202 days ago

Brit pap rat    

U usa Pap rats is ugleer than a rat trap brito pap rat smasher why do TMZ bee so tee shirt bluttface backside uglees

1202 days ago


You did a great job talking about the proposed Caylee's law. I agree with your logic and immediately felt bothered by it so you helped confirmed some of my thoughts on this. Good job. I'm going to share this.

1202 days ago


Caylee's law was actually a petition started by a woman named Michelle Crowder..not some sleazy politition as your claiming so get your facts straight!!! The petition has almost 800,000 signatures and was started 3 days ago!!!! check it out for yourselves!!

1201 days ago


There was once a little baby girl, who walked this God forsaken world. Her eyes so bright they'll pierce your soul, she belonged to a mother who was ice cold. All she wanted was a mother to hold her close, but instead her mother wanted a ghost to haunt her every night she sleeps, with visions of a child who often weeps. Sooner or later God's wrath will show don't cry, your mother can't hurt you anymore. Little Caylee please sleep at peace you now have the world to love you at least. Written by Candace DeCoteau. No Justice for Caylee

1201 days ago


Harvey, Harvey, Harvey,
You could not have possibly watched any of the trial or you would not be taking the position that you are. I feel sorry for you because I like you, but in this case you are showing your ignorance. Agreed, Nancy Grace is more sensational journalist (like some might refer to you as...) than lawyer, but the facts were presented in the case. The prosecution presented tons of evidence but the defense team put on a circus and confused those jurors already afflicted by their limited intelligence and vacation fever. WEEKS ago I sent you a comment and asked why you weren't covering this case at all and was ignored, but now that the name Anthony is big business, surprise, surprise, here you are covering it. I wish I had never asked you to, since now this murderer will go free. Please reject this woman and do not continue to cover her on TMZ so that she will not be able to profit off of her sick crimes that she was a good enough liar to get away with. END THE CONVERSATION, STOP DISCUSSING THIS SICK PERSON, OR YOU WILL LOOSE LONG TIME TMZ VIEWERS...

1201 days ago


The problem I see with such a law is that it discourages people from ever reporting missing children if they delayed at first. But if a child dies, they are not missing. The people who do not report it have bigger mental health problems than worrying about what the punishment will be for not reporting. So, yeah, just grandstanding. Reactionary legislation is never good.

1201 days ago

alfredo viveros    

Casey Anthony {not guilty)get over it

1201 days ago


lol...i though planking was just showing off how strong ones core abs were and what types of planking one could do...

1201 days ago
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