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Coheed and Cambria Bassist

Arrested Before Gig

7/10/2011 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Todd, the bassist for the band Coheed and Cambria, was arrested for armed robbery after he allegedly held up a Walgreens by claiming he had a bomb ... and this all went down right before they played a show!

According to police in Attleboro, MA ... Todd showed a pharmacist a cell phone note that said he had a bomb and demanded Oxycontin. He made off with six bottles of pain pills and fled via taxi. 

But police say he was spotted in the cab and police were able to track it via the dispatcher ... to the Comcast Center where Coheed and Cambria were set to open up for Soundgarden.

Police said Todd was arrested without incident after he was identified by the cab driver, the pharmacist and by store surveillance video.

Todd was charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics. He is being held on $10,000 bail and will be arraigned on Monday morning.


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Jackazz flatts    

Coheed and Rehabria

1170 days ago


Armed Robbery
Claim to have a bomb
Six Bottles of a C-II substance

ONLY $10,000 bail? Amazing!

1170 days ago


It makes me sick that people are abusing oxycontin! Stick to illegal drugs and not prescription meds so people that need them for legitimate reasons don't get screwed over because the gov. decides to ban it!
This guy has a serious drug problem if he will rob a Walgreens for this drug! It's a bit late for him to "fix" his problem, but I hope he gets some help with his addiction. Maybe the solution is rehab centres in the jails, so they can get help while serving their sentence?

1170 days ago


:( I can't believe this. So disappointed!! Thanks for giving the band a bad name!

I met him for the second time in April and he didn't seem effed up at all. I wonder if this is a recent addiction? So sad.

Praying you overcome this and get well soon and learn from your mistakes!

1170 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hope he likes singing in prisons, cause that's where this douchebag will be spending the next few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1170 days ago


hopefully he can get help. he is lucky he got caught. one of those bottles might have killed him. say NO to Pharmaceutical Drugs.

1170 days ago


Drug addiction sucks our society dry. From insurance premiums for businesses, to cost of courts, law enforcement, jails and probation officers, blah, blah, blah. I wish this country took rehab seriously and make quality rehabilitation available to everyone that needed it. We'd all be better off if they did.

1170 days ago


Addiction is a bitch. Glad no one was hurt and hope he gets help.

1170 days ago


He should get ten years for the music he subjected people to

1170 days ago

dube blu    

florida has the monopoly on this hillbilly heroin.pilss out of florida sell for as much as 1 dollor per milligram, and junkies can shoot three or four in one slam. 80 mg pill & a three pill slam = a $240 dollor high. people will pick the pills over food and even thier childs needs. this junkie is robbing walgreens pharmacy, but that type of robbery has been going on for years.if you ever watch a docomentery on a OC or herion addict and they complete 3 months+ of getting clean they look so much more full of life and you can see them actully thinking clearer, it really just goes to show you how much that junk messes you up.its best just not to even try it, cause when you do and you want that high again it only takes a handful of times before you cant stop even if you want to.that type of high has been around for thousand of years, it just makes every litle issue go away before its an issue all in itself.people will do drugs till the end of times, rich people will spend thousands, poor people will spend pay checks,crooked people will rob and steal & women will sell themself all for a high that will rob you of time and your life.some people will kick it after years, some people will take it to the advice is never to even try it once, do yourself the biggest favor you could ever do for yourself and pass on all drugs and alcohol,if you must alter the mind ,stick to that sticky icky eww grows right out of the ground, ready to go, it was meant to be smoked as is.even God smoked pot.

1170 days ago


sad when you see someone hooked on drugs.
I had a friend that died from drugs, and all the time he was doing drugs, he claimed he had things under control... then he overdosed. remember this everyone:
don't even try them once... no good will ever come out of it. just legal troubles, family problems, diseases, death, etc. it is something you will not win !

1170 days ago


Dude, check yourself into a Rehabilitation facility. Celebrity do it all the time in California, the Star Struck Celebrity judges love it because it gives them out.

or... you can throw yourself on the mercy of the court and do a Celebrity court compromise proposal and inform the court that you were under the influence of drugs and will seek professional "therapy"

or.. you can give them the old white boy Emo dejected, disgrundled look, they fall that one every time-I use that one... lots of "yes sir/your honor" feed the judges ego... it's all a game

1170 days ago


Whatever happened to Aleve

1170 days ago

Muhammad Islam    

Damn, didn't know coheed was big enough to warrant being mentioned on TMZ

1170 days ago


Suboxen brother, its a godsend. I feel for him and it sucks so bad to be him withdrawling in jail.

1170 days ago
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