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Coheed and Cambria Bassist

Arrested Before Gig

7/10/2011 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Todd, the bassist for the band Coheed and Cambria, was arrested for armed robbery after he allegedly held up a Walgreens by claiming he had a bomb ... and this all went down right before they played a show!

According to police in Attleboro, MA ... Todd showed a pharmacist a cell phone note that said he had a bomb and demanded Oxycontin. He made off with six bottles of pain pills and fled via taxi. 

But police say he was spotted in the cab and police were able to track it via the dispatcher ... to the Comcast Center where Coheed and Cambria were set to open up for Soundgarden.

Police said Todd was arrested without incident after he was identified by the cab driver, the pharmacist and by store surveillance video.

Todd was charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics. He is being held on $10,000 bail and will be arraigned on Monday morning.


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I gave the tip to TMZ !!! glad you guys got it.....I live in the area that this happened sad ,I know he has had trouble with addiction in the past , and addiction can make you do desperate things ,like rob a pharmacy..I hope he gets the help he needs....It seems a shame to have all those opportunities he has been given , and to be in a succesful band like that , and just throw it away because he is sick .. :(

1167 days ago


In his defense, they were opening for Soundgarden. He was just trying to fit in.

1167 days ago


Boston Herald: Nobody knew at first..."But around 10 pm the news began to seep out as concert goers got texts and check TMZ on their phones. The band seems to be soldiering on with upcoming dates but it looks like Todd won’t be joining them — one Herald reader identified the bass sub as Massachusetts native Rob Gil."

1167 days ago


Until a year ago, I worked at a pharmacy. I quit after I was robbed at gunpoint twice in one month by the same guy wanting Oxycontin. Caught him the second time. He got 30 years (15 for each robbery).

But here's the thing. The courts cannot give back or even make him pay for the most important thing he stole - my sense of security. I can be in the most innocent of places and if someone gets a little too close or walks up behind me, it freaks me out...and that pisses me off.

So make all the jokes you want about this idiot, but please keep in mind that because of his stupid actions there is now someone who has to fight, every single day, to not be afraid. That is really the greater crime that has been committed.

1167 days ago


Got tickets to see 'em open for Metallica THIS THURSDAY in Halifax. Great timing. Not a big fan.. but they can play.

1167 days ago


I'm still puzzled why he couldn't have just bought some. he's in ******* massachusetts, that ****s everywhere.

1167 days ago


I can't believe some of you people are judging this guy by the music he plays. He isn't more likely to be a criminal just because you don't like his music, you ignorant ********.

1167 days ago


Jeezus Chriist, don't name your kid mike todd. that's 2 mike todd's that are extreme drug addled musicians. 1 is dead and the other is well on his way.

1167 days ago


Why is the bail only $10,000 for armed robbery? Even though he wasn't really armed...

1167 days ago


Desperate people will do desperate things - obv. he was sick, or I'm sure he wouldn't have done it. Probably couldn't get anything before his show and had a terrible idea that he could pull this off. I know what this stuff does to people first hand - hopefully he can get the help he needs. It's a rough, rough road, but anyone can make it through this - if they want to.

1167 days ago


why are some people commenting when they have never even heard of coheed or the bassist, mic's addiction doesn't reflect the band or their music in anyway, claudio, the front man of coheed and cambria is happily married and so is lead guitarist travis, the drummer chris is not an addict by any means. so it's ****en ignorant for people to compare mic and his addiction he's had for years with coheed and cambria and his band mates.

1167 days ago


Wes Styles is the replacement for the rest of the tour.

1167 days ago


People, stop being such *****. He's a former cocaine addict who obviously never got over drugs. I'm not saying what he did wasn't stupid or wrong, but obviously he has something wrong with him that he needs to fight and fix. He came back after leaving the band before due to his drug addiction, and I think if he can go through some much needed drug rehab, I think he can come back again.

1166 days ago


"Why is the bail only $10,000 for armed robbery? Even though he wasn't really armed..."
Because he wasn't armed you dumbass.

1166 days ago


I knew there had to be a reason why Coheed and Cambria suck

1166 days ago
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