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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's Deal

No Drug Testing

7/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's custody settlement provides that neither is required to undergo drug testing ... something that is becoming increasingly troublesome.


As TMZ first reported ... Brooke was photographed last week holding what appeared to be a crack pipe. And there are other problematic images as well -- like the one recently in Hawaii, when Brooke walked up to a parked car in a seedy area with cash in hand.

The two rehab veterans each have selfish reasons to avoid drug testing, but Brooke is especially worrisome because she is the primary caregiver of the twins. Although Brooke's parents step in when she goes to rehab -- and she goes a lot -- Brooke ultimately calls the shots.

So the question -- who is looking out for the kids. The judge hasn't called a hearing to determine if the parents are unfit, and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has not visited either Charlie or Brooke for more than 6 months.



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1199 days ago


how is it possible that addicts can work something like no drug testing into a deal.. especially when it involves custody of children?

1199 days ago


LMFAO!! Charlie wins 73 to 27. HAHAHA!!!
The judges in LA are sickos.

1199 days ago


This is ridiculous. Why would any judge accept a non drug testing clause in the divorce settlement between two people who are active drug addicts is beyond me.

It's just a matter of time before Brook is back on drugs, if she not already and Charlie has already smoked again he just hides it better.

Either give the kids to her mother to raise permanently, find out if Charlie's family can raise the kids, of if Denise can take them in.

As a last resortr put the kids up for adoption and let people who truly love them will take them and raise as their own,

1199 days ago


who is the better parent, you should have given another option and said NEITHER. if there two werent white, rich and famous social service would have taken these kids off them long time

1199 days ago


Even though Charlie spent all his money on the most expensive drugs and whores, he let his dog starve to death.

1199 days ago


Stupid parents.Can't wait to see when the kids grow up and ditch these idiots.

1199 days ago


The fact that Brooke has the kids and not Charlie is ridiculous.Granted we do not know what goes on behind close doors. But if Charlie has fallen off the wagon he is doing a great job at hiding it. For Brooke i think the whole Pawn Shop deal is strike one but a crack pipe should be strike 2 & 3

Give Charlie a fair shot at raising his kids

1199 days ago



If you have solid proof that Brooke Mueller is doing drugs forward that information to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, judge or law enforcement.

1199 days ago


any normal couple would have had their kids removed 6times already

1199 days ago


Brook having her picture taken while a bunch of chicken flippers assume she is holding drug related items proves absolutely nothing. Second guessing the recent trial with only the information derived from Grace (Hitlers wet dream), selected TV, etc. means nothing. Kind of like Harvey jumping to conclusions and accusing Clark of not having a search warrant in the original OJ Simpson trial, only to have to publicly apologize to the world. You would think he learned..but apparently he hasn't. What do you expect from someone who has been on inactive status for decades?
Attending rehab is like the only has to admit guilt and one will be forgiven. What a crock. A junkie will always be a junkie. An alcoholic will remain an alcoholic. Sure they are repentant ... until they need their next "fix". Brook and Charlie are addicted. They will remain matter how many TV shrinks would tell you otherwise. Their kids quit being their kids when they became addicts. They should be taken away and fostered out. Throw Brook and Charlie in the City Dump where they can whine to the rats.

1199 days ago

Northern Lights    

What you people FAIL TO REALIZE is there are SYNTHETIC DRUGS on the market that CANNOT and DO NOT show up on drug tests..... both of them have the $$$ to get those synthetic drugs on the market...

.... so they can be high as a kite all day and night and STILL TEST CLEAN for drugs!!!

How do you think Charlie passed all those drug tests on the road???


Get a clue, America. Do the research.


1199 days ago


TMZ, you are over reaching. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's kids are not suffering. Both parents are rich they can afford good child care. Brooke Mueller is not taking here kids to the crack house with her. TMZ stop stalking these people. Social service doesn't see a problem with this whole situation. Back off TMZ, live and let live.

1199 days ago


No wonder she wants his salary attached. Just another
$55,000.00 a month for drugs. Some families don't have
that much money a year to live. That is called "enabling"
and she still has to pawn things.. Those poor boys - they
need help.

1199 days ago


I think it is pathetic L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has not visited for 6 months.
Sadly, I foresee something very tragic happening to those innocent little boys while in their parent's "care."
Regarding that survey, I think "neither" should be an option.

1199 days ago
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