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'Dog' Chapman -- 'Come On White Boy!!!!!'

7/13/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A racial confrontation erupted between Dog the Bounty Hunter and a bar owner in Colorado last week ... with Dog screaming, "Come on white boy, come on motherf**ker" ... after the other guy allegedly called Dog a "half-breed" ... and TMZ has the footage.


It all went down on Thursday at La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- when Dog's team stormed into the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges. Dog was on the hunt for the guy as part of his reality show.

In the video, Dog's team can be seen marching through the kitchen after entering through the back door. When confronted by a camera-wielding patron, one of the Dog's team members says, "I'm not a superstar ... I can f*ck you up and not get charged."

At that moment, another member of Dog's team throws a closed-fist punch at the patron's face ... sending his camera crashing to the ground. We're told a brawl broke out and another patron was punched in the eye. Check out the injuries below. 

The restaurant owner then goes outside to confront Dog face to face ... screaming at the reality star to get off the property ... and that's when things get CRAZY.

Dog loses his cool and lashes out -- screaming, "Come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on mother f**ker!!!"

The owner then throws a plant at Dog -- which pissed off Dog's right hand man ... who lunged at the owner ... tearing off the guy's shirt in the process.

That's when Dog whipped out his stun gun -- and made sure everyone knew he meant business.  Dog eventually left without having to shock anyone.

Sources close to Dog tell TMZ ... Dog considered his target a "very dangerous guy" ... and notes that tensions were high that day. 

We're also told Dog -- who claims he's part Native American -- claims the owner made the FIRST racial taunt, referring to the reality star as a "half-breed."

We're told Dog also felt his team was "rushed" when they entered the restaurant ... to create a diversion so the suspect could flee out of another exit.  We're told Dog is claiming one of his men was sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid ... and that's what ignited the altercation.

The suspect is still on the run.


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Looks like a classy place...someone's walker had a confederate flag on it!

1114 days ago


What do people do after they watch that show? Go sit in one of their cars in the front yard and talk about it?

1114 days ago



1114 days ago


LMAO I've never seen a person with beadier eyes than the guy with fake bruise. Notice there is absolutely NO swelling? Won't stop him from filing a lawsuit though.
The only time I've ever seen where someone got hit in the eye and it made their eye smaller. hahaha

1114 days ago


I think it's time for DOG and his sidekicks to hang it up and go live on a farm somewhere where no one will ever have to see/hear from them again. He really thinks he's all that! I wish he'd meet up with someone who would knock the SH%$ out of him once and for all. They are nothing but a BUNCH OF THUGS on the loose! He has more roid rages than the WWF wrestlers!

1114 days ago

obsessed with hate    

that was that guy "sunny" who popped him one and from what i heard he needed it. Maybe he shoulda stayed out of it instead of yelling and shoveing a camera in there face acting tough then the next min talking about sueing lolz

1114 days ago


Wow, so much maturity in one place!

1114 days ago


This is pretty disturbing. I want to like this guy, to see him as an unpretencious man of the people. However, he comes off as a bully racist and blatantly ignores the rights of those not involved in his tasks. I wouldn't be sad if he and his family disappeared from the spotlight.

1114 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

You ****k with the bull you get the horns...I'm not a Dog humper but he's doing more to keep this filthy freaking cesspool clean than most Americans

so with that he's a patriot and I like to see these lowlives get their azzzes smacked down from time to time, instead of coddled like they do with these s***bags most of the time on the show. I'd like to see more get the rapist Andrew Luster treatment.

1114 days ago


I wish Dog & his clan would have punch all those morons. What a black eye for Colorado, they are looking for a fugitive you morons. But no, this idiots in Breck need to try and be famous and taunt Dog & his team.

Get a life!

1114 days ago


So Dog has served time in prison for murder. We all know that. It is something that he talks about openly.He has turned something negative into something positive by working on the right side of the law. And who says they entered the establishment without legal authorization? Anyone who has every watched the show knows that Dog and his team always make sure they have the proper legal paperwork needed to enter and apprehend (sp) a fugitive. That is the law in most states.As for Dog's skin color-he is half caucasian and half Native American (just as I am),so while he may look white is actually of mixed ethnic background.

Oh and for those of you going on about the stun gun or pepper spray gun that Dog carries-he has used it before on camera. There have been several fugitives who got pepper sprayed because they were too violent when being arrested.

1114 days ago

Delaware D    


1114 days ago


they should have whiiippppeeeddddd dogs asssss and the rest of the fake-cop team too,****in rednecks think they can do anything enter anywhere assault anybody.

1114 days ago


The following tells the tale of Duane "Dog" Chapmans's legal woes:
In 1976, Chapman and another gang member were buying marijuana in Texas, and Chapman was waiting in the car while the other gang member shot and killed the drug dealer. Chapman was charged with murder and sentenced to five years in prison. He served less than two of those years, at Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, TX. While there, he did field work and served as the warden's barber.[6] Because of this felony conviction, Chapman is not allowed to carry a firearm.

On June 18, 2003, Chapman made international news capturing Andrew Luster who fled the United States in the middle of his trial for drugging and raping a number of women, and was convicted in absentia on 86 counts including multiple rape charges connected to assaults in 1996, 1997 and 2000.[7] Chapman was assisted by his "hunt team", consisting of his son Leland and family friend Tim Chapman (no relation). The three bounty hunters captured Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he had been living under an assumed name. On their way to California, while still in Mexico, they were pulled over by Mexican police, and all four of them were jailed. Once the authorities confirmed Luster's identity, he was sent to California to face his 124 year sentence.

Chapman and his team, still in the Mexican jail, were initially denied bail, but after Beth alerted the media and aroused public opinion in the United States, they were granted bail. Once out of jail on bail, they decided to flee the jurisdiction, thereby becoming international bail-jumpers. On September 14, 2006, days before the expiration of the statute of limitations, Chapman, along with his son Leland Chapman and associate Tim Chapman, were arrested by United States Marshals and jailed in Honolulu on behalf of the Mexican government.[8] Mexican authorities had charged all three with deprivation of liberty, involving the 2003 apprehension of Andrew Luster, because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Because they did not obtain permission to leave the country while out on bail in 2003, the Mexican Government declared Duane, Leland and Tim Chapman fugitives from justice and tried to get them extradited to Mexico for sentencing. After spending one night in the federal detention center in Honolulu, Chapman told reporters: "The federal marshals treated us with great respect. But let me tell you, you never want to go to a federal prison, because it's terrible."[9]

The next day, September 15, 2006, Chapman appeared in a packed Honolulu courtroom with his ankles shackled.[8] Although the judge agreed that the men were not a significant flight risk, he ordered that each wear an electronic monitoring device around the ankle.[9] The three men were released on bail ($300,000 for Duane Chapman, $100,000 each for Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman). They were also ordered to wear an electronic ankle bracelet for house arrest.[10] Beth Chapman was detained and had a hearing after she was caught wearing an A&E body microphone when entering the courthouse for their bond hearing; electronic recording devices are prohibited by law from being carried into federal courthouses.[11] She was released after explaining that she "didn't know they had the mic and transmitter"; the judge was satisfied that no recording was done.[12][13] Chapman's lead attorney, Brook Hart, reportedly planned to argue that although the charge Chapman faced is a misdemeanor in Mexico[citation needed], when translated into Engli***** became a felony (kidnapping) under American law.[10] Mexican authorities dismissed Hart's claim as the desperate efforts of an American lawyer trying to free his client. They insisted that Chapman had, in fact, been charged with a felony. An extradition hearing was set for November 16, 2006, where both sides were to present evidence and witnesses.[10]

Chapman has speculated that his arrest was due in part to a possible prisoner exchange agreement between the Mexican and American authorities. According to Chapman, the federal agents 'sold him out', by trading him in for a convicted Mexican drug lord.[14] Duane, Leland, and Tim had their ankle bracelets removed so they could work.[15] On October 11, 2006, reports surfaced of an open letter dated September 26, 2006, sent on Chapman's behalf by 29 Republican Congressmen to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The letter stated the authors' opposition to Chapman's extradition and requested that Rice deny Mexico's request for same.[16] Subsequently on October 20, 2006, lawyers for Chapman said that the Mexican federal court had granted them an order that halted the criminal case against the bounty hunter until further evidence and witness testimony were gathered.[17] A court hearing was held on December 23, 2006. The original hearing was postponed because a report from a lower court was not yet received. The court heard both sides of the story, and then decided to recess. Then court proceedings started on January 16, 2007 and the court had up to Tuesday, February 6, 2007 but the deadline was extended.

On February 16, 2007, a Mexican Federal court cleared the way for Duane Chapman to be extradited, ruling there was no reason not to try him with the charge of deprivation of liberty in Mexico.[18] In response, on February 23, Hawaii State Representatives Gene Ward, Karen Awana, Rida Cabanilla, Lynn Finnegan, Barbara Marumoto, Colleen Meyer, Kymberly Pine, Joe Bertram, Ken Ito, Marylin Lee, and John Mizuno introduced 'House Concurrent Resolution 50', "Requesting the President of Mexico and the Second District Court of Guadalajara to drop extradition charges against TV Bounty Hunter, Duane 'Dog' Chapman".[19] The resolution was passed by the International Affairs committee on March 7.[20]

During this time, Chapman, along with his new attorney, William C. Bollard, appeared on numerous media shows. Some of these include: Larry King Live, Greta Van Susteren, Mark and Mercedez Morning Show on Mix 94.1 KMXB in Las Vegas, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet on WFLD, Fox 6 News San Diego, The Glenn Beck Program, and THE 9 on Yahoo!. Honolulu news outlet KHNL reported on August 1, 2007 that the arrest warrant issued for Chapman and his associates might be invalidated, as a Mexican court had found that the statute of limitations regarding the arrest had expired. The 15-page legal order was released in Spanish and was translated and verified for legal acuity. Living under the possibility that the case might still be open to legal recourse by Mexican prosecutors.[21] On September 29, 2006, Chapman received permission to have the electronic monitoring device removed temporarily so that he could travel to the East Coast for previously planned appearances.[22] On August 2, 2007, the First Criminal Court in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, dismissed all criminal charges pending against Duane, Leland and Tim Chapman on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired. The order effectively cancelled all pending charges. The prosecution appealed the ruling; this is standard practice in Mexico, according to A&E.[23] The prosecution's argument was twofold: first, the Court was rewarding the Chapmans for having evaded capture and fighting extradition, and second, that in the United States the issuance of an arrest warrant tolls the statute of limitations.[citation needed] Had the Mexican rule been applied to Luster, he too would have been let go.[citation needed] On November 5, 2007, U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Kurren dismissed the extradition attempt, saying that even though the cases were appealed, the trio are no longer charged with any offenses.

1114 days ago


ROFLMFAO! I LOVE THE DOG!!! Kicks ass and takes no prisoners! I'm afraid he'll die of a heart attack, however, due to the stress of these type situations.

And so the hell what if he yelled "white boy"!! Hahaha Blacks call each other n*gg*rs all the time. What's the friggin difference?! HAHAHA

1114 days ago
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