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TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

7/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Acquitted baby killer Casey Anthony is about to be a free woman. So the big question -- if you ran into her in a public place ... would you ignore her, berate her, or ATTACK her?

And, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls in to talk about the greatest traffic-based threat Los Angeles has ever faced ... "carmageddon!" Is it REALLY gonna be as bad as everyone says ... or is it just hype?


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(0:00) Happy Carmageddon Day!!! Harvey compares shutting down the 405 to plugging an artery in your heart.
(7:05) If you saw Casey Anthony on the street, would you ignore, berate, or attack her?
(8:30) Kendall clears up a false Anthony-related story that's floating around.
(12:20) Seriously ... what would you get out of berating Anthony? And more importantly, wanna hear Harvey attempt to say "beyotch?"
(17:01) Jason has an interesting O.J. Simpson story.
(30:00) Why is it okay for black people to use the "N" word? Nina gives us her take on the subject.
(32:50) Charles and Nina disagree a little bit about who should be able to use the word.
(35:00) Why do people wanna use the word so much?
(36:30) Charles talks about a time when he was hurt by the word.
(45:00) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the phone! Time to talk "carmageddon!" 
(46:30) Will carmageddon end up reuniting the city? MAV says it all hype.


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I predict she'll get a beating or two at a club (alcohol related frenzies), a few spits in the face and and an infinite and vast array of slurs thrown at her... but I don't think she'll get killed.

She'd better do the "born again christian" thing and seek refuge in one of those churches willing to accept her, cos the world has gotten quite small for the likes of her.

1167 days ago


Hard to tell if Elin's new guy is a step up from Tiger until they've been together for a while. Everyone used to think Tiger could walk on water until his indiscretions caught up to him. We know a heck of a lot less about him than Tiger.

1167 days ago


People that say that they would attack or hurt casey anthony are all talk. There is only a handful of people that would do anything and they are probably in prison already.

1167 days ago


As a woman it isn't funny to me that a man's penis got cut off. BUT, on TMZ when a man ejaculated into women's water and they drank it all the guys laughed. What was funny about that? We are all messed up.

1167 days ago

Chris M    

Who would you rather soak?, Casey Anthony or Catherine Becker? lol

1167 days ago


was the chick with the delorean that got pulled over the same chick and delorean that was shot with Corey?

1167 days ago


Say you had to vote for The Rock or Michele Bachmann in 2012. Who do you put in the Oval Office?

1167 days ago


If I was Casey I would change my name get plastic surgery to change what I look like. AND move out of the country for a few years.

1167 days ago


screw the whole Casey thing, cant wait until the media stops talking about her.

as far as the N word goes, it should be fair game for all or not be said by anyone, even black people. Geeeeez!

1167 days ago


I think that people like Nancy Grace have whipped up the public into such a frenzy that some person with mental issues is going to shoot her. What is really tragic is that several other people may get hurt in the process.
Much like Harvey said he thinks the media were responsible for the LA riots, I think that people like Nancy Grace will be responsible for whatever might happen to Casey, and anyone around her who may get hurt or killed in the process.

1167 days ago


love the black shirt

1167 days ago


I would leave her alone and let her live her life. She was found not guilty.

These nutty vigilantes need to get a life and quit acting like a lynch mob. They're stupid fools letting themselves be manipulated by Nancy Grace.

1167 days ago


Come on, "alleged" child murderer. A little prejudicial Harv. Just saying

1167 days ago


If I saw Casey Anthony on the street I cannot say I would not scream out her name in fury.

1167 days ago


Why is licensing pictures and stories not considered "buying stories"?

1167 days ago
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