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TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

7/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Acquitted baby killer Casey Anthony is about to be a free woman. So the big question -- if you ran into her in a public place ... would you ignore her, berate her, or ATTACK her?

And, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls in to talk about the greatest traffic-based threat Los Angeles has ever faced ... "carmageddon!" Is it REALLY gonna be as bad as everyone says ... or is it just hype?


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(0:00) Happy Carmageddon Day!!! Harvey compares shutting down the 405 to plugging an artery in your heart.
(7:05) If you saw Casey Anthony on the street, would you ignore, berate, or attack her?
(8:30) Kendall clears up a false Anthony-related story that's floating around.
(12:20) Seriously ... what would you get out of berating Anthony? And more importantly, wanna hear Harvey attempt to say "beyotch?"
(17:01) Jason has an interesting O.J. Simpson story.
(30:00) Why is it okay for black people to use the "N" word? Nina gives us her take on the subject.
(32:50) Charles and Nina disagree a little bit about who should be able to use the word.
(35:00) Why do people wanna use the word so much?
(36:30) Charles talks about a time when he was hurt by the word.
(45:00) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the phone! Time to talk "carmageddon!" 
(46:30) Will carmageddon end up reuniting the city? MAV says it all hype.


No Avatar

some guy    

Know what's ignorant? Laughing when a guy's manhood is viciously taken away from him.

1174 days ago


Nina stfu you are just making an excuse, if you think its such an oppressing word then no one should use it.

1174 days ago


If a white person said "*****" infront of black people they would probably get beat up.. But if a black person says "White Boy" why dont white people beat up the black people saying it?

1174 days ago


Hey Nina: If you can turn the word around and make n***a as positive when used in your parlances, then why can't white people do the same with the same connotations? "YOu just can't". Exactly, you have absolutely no response and no thought behind the idiocy you are speaking. Either the word is acceptable or unacceptable. You can't have it both ways.

1174 days ago

some guy    

I think the use of racist words should be put into context. If friends use it around each other, I don't think it's a big deal.

If people use it as an insult, then I think it does become an issue.

I still feel people who use it are unoriginal and dumb.

1174 days ago

some guy    

BS. You think white people can't relate to blacks? Do you ever read? There's been movies made about what black people went through. Stop thinking your race is the only one that went through hard times.

1174 days ago


She's upset by the n word but laughed the other day about that woman cutting her husband's penis off. Nice priorities.

1174 days ago


Again no one should use it, I was raised and taught that the n word is a terrible word and that no one should use it.

1174 days ago


I agree with Nina 100%!!!!

1174 days ago


@jacquie you and nina are ignorant.

1174 days ago


I AGREE with Nina 100%!!!!

1174 days ago

some guy    

I think if different races actually got along with each other and mingled, there wouldn't be as many racial remarks.

This all stems from ignorance of other cultures.

1174 days ago


Harvey said that the people who say they won*****ch Casey Anthony on a news program are lying. I dont agree with him on that. I can honestly say I would no*****ch, because I know that if there was anything worth hearing I would find out on

1174 days ago

some guy    


Can you see me mooning?

1174 days ago


Uhm. Hello. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Investigate what that means!!!

1174 days ago
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