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J.Lo's Music Video Hunk

DENIES Affair w/ Singer

7/18/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hot piece of man meat who starred as Jennifer Lopez's shirtless romantic interest in her steamy "I'm Into You" music video claims he's NOT romantically involved with the singer ... despite reports to the contrary.

The guy at the center of the affair rumors is telenovela star William Levy -- aka the Cuban Brad Pitt -- who recently separated from his wife AFTER shooting the music video (see below) with Lopez. 

But Levy's rep tells TMZ William and J.Lo are NOT an item ... saying, "The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

J.Lo and her husband Marc Anthony released a statement on Friday saying they are ending their marriage.


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JLO is a BRONXHO! That's why she can't keep a man.

1194 days ago

PRO US    

They didn't date each other.

How anyone dare state such a thing?!

She fracked him!

1194 days ago


i hope Anthony will be happy w/ Williams willy. I heard Jenny has a small 1.

1194 days ago


Anybody who has seen that video saw hot vibes and real physical chemistry. I don't think JL is that good of an actress...just sayin'

1194 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I bet he slid it in a few times. She's been divorced 3 times now? This kind of news isn't really news.

1194 days ago


I know this isn't the place to discuss it, but I have to say this: Why hasn't anybody zeroed in on Katie Holmes' BELLY BUTTON! It's horrific, ugly, and like a little penis! And she KEEPS ON wearing bikinis? Somebody tell that woman to get some cash out of the safe and RUN to the plastic surgeon! I mean: EWWWW! Thank you.

1194 days ago

PRO US    

Is it possible anyone in the world is more attractive to J big ass Lo than Mark Anthony? Perhaps Julius or Augustus Caesar? Enough with the fake names. LOL

1194 days ago

Big D    

there is an amount of truth to every rumor.

1194 days ago

as I was sayin    

There are so many rumors, some rumors have it that Marc cheated and some have it that they both have not been getting along for over 2 years and that they both went outside of the relationship. Some have it he is possessive and does not want her to do anything without him or his permission, who knows the real truth. This guy, the aka Cuban Brad Pitt, he is a handsome one.

1194 days ago


This is her style... its just her M.O., I dont think she can even help it. She will be married many times though out her life. I just hope she doesnt start having babies with multible men. That would be kind of "white trash".

1194 days ago


I keep telling you all that her culture them women, that's all they do is cheat and have babies. Can't turn a Ho into a housewife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1194 days ago


Cuban brad!

1194 days ago


Why would this beautiful, fit, young, the world-in-his-future boy spend one minute (unless paid well) with the likes of this old, FAT, used-up, chato-face, woman who can't put ONE sentence together without her perennial and low-life "you know?" "you know?" "you know," "you know." What education has she had?! Uh...obviously NONE. Look at the boy. He is beautiful.

1194 days ago


Dang, mddiva35! You stole my idea! I was going to be the first to say that!

Well, "seconding that emotion" isn't bad I guess....

J-Ho never could keep her drawers on. She goes through men more often than she goes through panties. Crack---I mean Mark---Anthony can't keep his winkie in his pants.

That's why I thought they would be perfect for each other...Each knowing the other is a pig... they could've just done their dirt in tandem.

I think another big part of it is Mark Antony is a Latin man. They're macho (trust me I'm Mexican-Cuban and my first husband was Puerto Rican). They stray but can't handle it when their women stray. (Though I didn't) Part 2 of macho = "being the man of the house" aka the bread winner.

J-Ho is worth $150 million where as Crack Anthony is worth $40. She's damned near worth 4 times what he is worth...

I also think is winkie is small.

1194 days ago


Anthony has been keeping her out of Lenscrafters since they met. She just realized she married Skeletor.

1194 days ago
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