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TMZ Live: Anti-Casey Anthony Mob ... Un-American?

7/18/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter -- but tell that to the angry mob waiting for her to be released from jail this weekend. Anti-American vigilantism? 

And, USC running back Marc Tyler is suspended for cracking a joke about his college paying players ... did he get a raw deal?


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(2:15) USC running back Marc Tyler was just SUSPENDED for cracking jokes to TMZ -- particularly one about players getting paid.
(5:40) Harvey talked to Marc's dad -- Wendell "The Truth" Tyler -- suddenly realizes W.T. used to be an NFL player ... then obsesses over it.
(14:00) A MOB of angry protesters were waiting for Casey Anthony when she was released from jail ... is this bordering on anarchy?
(15:50) If Casey didn't have police protection ... would she have been killed by the angry mob? Max and Harvey agree on the hypothetical outcome.
(34:00) CRAZY story -- Rachel Uchitel had to return most of Tiger's hush money! Rachel claims her attorney Gloria Allred has dirty hands.
(39:30) Can Rachel spill the beans on Tiger now?
(46:30) Jason doesn't understand why Rachel had to return the loot ... or why Gloria folded so easily to Tiger's lawyers.
(49:00) Did Jennifer Lopez hook up with a guy from her music video ... causing an end to her marriage? The dude says HELL NO.
(50:10) Harvey says "I told you so" about Carmageddon.


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1190 days ago

No comment    

Wendal Tyler played for the 49ers, his theme song was "I'll fumble for you", set to Culture Clubs I'll tumble for ya

1190 days ago


Harvey, why is your voice getting so high-pitched?

1190 days ago


Harvey, it's disgusting that you are trying to paint Casey as a sympathetic character. How funny that you want to protect an accused baby killers rights but accuse people of partaking in their right to peacefully assembly as having criminal intent.

1190 days ago

Flying Blind    

that was nancy grace's audience outside

1190 days ago


UGH ! Where in the world is Casey Anthony ? A new game show !!!! What will I win ???

1190 days ago


There has to be a game show in this somewhere......Where in the world is Casey Anthony ? If you find her, you win a >>>>>>>>>>>>> ???? New version of the treasure hunts that go on all the time.

1190 days ago



Freedom of speech and expressive association are anti-American?

Now it's Nancy Grace's fault people are angry?

1190 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Anti-American? Yeah right. You mean 'AMERICAN'. That is the way the American society is when they do not get what they want. Where has Harvey been in his 70-80 years of life.

1190 days ago


If someone kills Casey Anthony it will be Nancy Grace's fault, 100%, for whipping her crazy followers into a frenzy!

1190 days ago


Let us return to the day of the Salem witch trials...

1190 days ago


Regarding Casey Anthony, I have two points.

Harvey, I am with you 100% on this lynch-mob mentality. Like you, I agree that Nancy Grace is responsible for whipping up a lot of this anger. But something else really bothers me. Long before the trial started, Casey's recorded jailhouse visits with her parents were released, and aired ad nauseum. I think that had a huge impact on poisoning the general public, and as a result, they had to find a jury in another county.

1190 days ago


No one hurt Casey when she got out of jail early that morning, did they.

1190 days ago


USC needs worry about there students doing outrageous behavior on school campus. Students in high profile sports should know how to act adn represent there school. However, government issues are one opinion. Lets remember we live in a country with Freedom of Speech!

1190 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Oh shut up Max. I am sure if a company stopped making his favourite beer, he would be threatening anarchy.

1190 days ago
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