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TMZ Live: Anti-Casey Anthony Mob ... Un-American?

7/18/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter -- but tell that to the angry mob waiting for her to be released from jail this weekend. Anti-American vigilantism? 

And, USC running back Marc Tyler is suspended for cracking a joke about his college paying players ... did he get a raw deal?


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(2:15) USC running back Marc Tyler was just SUSPENDED for cracking jokes to TMZ -- particularly one about players getting paid.
(5:40) Harvey talked to Marc's dad -- Wendell "The Truth" Tyler -- suddenly realizes W.T. used to be an NFL player ... then obsesses over it.
(14:00) A MOB of angry protesters were waiting for Casey Anthony when she was released from jail ... is this bordering on anarchy?
(15:50) If Casey didn't have police protection ... would she have been killed by the angry mob? Max and Harvey agree on the hypothetical outcome.
(34:00) CRAZY story -- Rachel Uchitel had to return most of Tiger's hush money! Rachel claims her attorney Gloria Allred has dirty hands.
(39:30) Can Rachel spill the beans on Tiger now?
(46:30) Jason doesn't understand why Rachel had to return the loot ... or why Gloria folded so easily to Tiger's lawyers.
(49:00) Did Jennifer Lopez hook up with a guy from her music video ... causing an end to her marriage? The dude says HELL NO.
(50:10) Harvey says "I told you so" about Carmageddon.


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Should something happen to Casey Anthony, NG will be just at fault as Sarah Palin is when the guy shot the congresswoman

1159 days ago

Booger McGee    

Harvey, the first question about whether she deserved protection is poorly worded.

It implies pre-determined presence of guards.

A police response to a call of someone in imminent danger is different.

I suspect your poll results of what YOU were thinking might be different than what people read into the open-ended question.

1159 days ago


This is a gossip/entertainment site which is frivolous and you feel that being upset about a verdict while their is a high unemployment rate wrong?

1159 days ago


YES I agree with Booger McGee!! It was totally unclear! I thought it meant special treatment

1159 days ago


William Levy happens to be a huge leading star in Mexico and Latin America aside from having been a model before. His relationship (which by the way they were not married)had been on the rocks for about 2 years. The split there had nothing to do with JLo. I dont believe he had anything to do with Marc and JLo splitting up except maybe reminding JLo the kind of hot man that are out there instead of the throll she had at home, sorry but that relationship never made sense to me.

1159 days ago


I voted to not offer protection but read your question differently than from what you just said was intended. I read it as meaning should she get ongoing police protection above and beyond the average citizen. If she is in danger, then of course she should have police protection just the same as any other human being.

1159 days ago


I dont think she should be taking tax payer money to have 24 hour protection, but if there is someone breaking into her home, then yes the police should come, THATS their job.

1159 days ago

Kevin Newman    

I took the "does Casey deserve protection" as cops standing guard outside her house not responding to a 911 call.

1159 days ago


Really are talking about why we get into things that are absolutely irrelavant....ummm..."TMZ"...why do we get into the lives of celebrities? Do you or Max or Charles have children?
The outrage is that this away with murder. THe anger is so deep because there is no worse crime then a crime commited against a child. The JURY WAS WRONG (period) I don't thing anyone would do anything to her but make her life miserable. Come on try to relate guys !!!

1159 days ago


hey harvey you got it wrong, that was not the question you asked
(and story you posted)

the question you posted is should she get round the clock protection right now - your story pointed out that police would respond and protect her like any other normal citizen

and she does deserve that but not 24 hour protection right now

1159 days ago


Harvey - you are WRONG!! Your poll asked if she deserved protection.. It didn't ask "if she was the VICTIM OF A CRIME, should the police respond".. Be more clear when you put a poll on here!

1159 days ago


FIRST OF ALL.. What did Rachel DO.. to cause her wanting to give the money Back... NO ONE WRITES ABOUT THAT.

Mike D

1159 days ago



The percentage of people who support the verdict (although even then many say they personally believe she did it) is the same percentage of people who believe in Elvis.

Even if some accepts the 'drowning' theory, you can still be criminally responsible for an accident'. Which is why the not guilty verdict for manslaughter is ridiculous. If they also accept the allegations of her being sexually abused, Casey left her daughter in the company of an child molester. That is child abuse.

The Jury got it wrong.

1159 days ago


I think JLo and Marc Antony divorced because of the money he continues to owe the IRS. At the least it's a part of the problem.

1159 days ago


She's just wants publicity, thats the only reason why she was on the rehab show. Fame whore

1159 days ago
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