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TMZ Live: Anti-Casey Anthony Mob ... Un-American?

7/18/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter -- but tell that to the angry mob waiting for her to be released from jail this weekend. Anti-American vigilantism? 

And, USC running back Marc Tyler is suspended for cracking a joke about his college paying players ... did he get a raw deal?


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(2:15) USC running back Marc Tyler was just SUSPENDED for cracking jokes to TMZ -- particularly one about players getting paid.
(5:40) Harvey talked to Marc's dad -- Wendell "The Truth" Tyler -- suddenly realizes W.T. used to be an NFL player ... then obsesses over it.
(14:00) A MOB of angry protesters were waiting for Casey Anthony when she was released from jail ... is this bordering on anarchy?
(15:50) If Casey didn't have police protection ... would she have been killed by the angry mob? Max and Harvey agree on the hypothetical outcome.
(34:00) CRAZY story -- Rachel Uchitel had to return most of Tiger's hush money! Rachel claims her attorney Gloria Allred has dirty hands.
(39:30) Can Rachel spill the beans on Tiger now?
(46:30) Jason doesn't understand why Rachel had to return the loot ... or why Gloria folded so easily to Tiger's lawyers.
(49:00) Did Jennifer Lopez hook up with a guy from her music video ... causing an end to her marriage? The dude says HELL NO.
(50:10) Harvey says "I told you so" about Carmageddon.


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Of course TMZ polls are purposely vague so they can slant them to fir their argument.

Just look at the 'Lynch Mob' poll.."she deserves it" or "waste of time". Since it won't change the verdict, someone can say it's a 'waste of time'. It doesn't mean they agree with the verdict, think she is innocent or aren't worried who Casey's next victim will be.

1190 days ago

nee nee    

Rachel Uketil wants to be a CELEBRITY. Money is never the girl who bought the Spelling mansion ...she already has millions, but now people know her !

1190 days ago


RE: Casey Anthony - If a DNA test were to confirm the Massachusetts woman's deceased son is Caylee Anthony's father, could she, as a Grandmother, file a Civil suit against Casey Anthony?

1190 days ago


any dark angel fan here

1190 days ago


If you believe in the justice system them people have the right to say whatever they want to, Freedom of speech. No one did anything wrong on Sunday.

I can't understand why you can't find her? You stalk everyone else. Maybe you don't want to or to challanging for u.

1190 days ago


When you asked if Casey A. deserves protection- it was unclear whether it meant EXTRA special protection from police vs. protection from an attack, 911 call etc.
I didn't vote, because I wasn't sure what it was asking

1190 days ago


Harvey & Charles ,

I think what really is wrong here is that the Jury found her not quilty of anything but lieing to police but what about why they felt they could not find her quilty of something , she was the childs mother and should be held responcable for that child , it should have been something like child neglect.

1190 days ago


Bird to you guys no more casey

1190 days ago


TMZ you sicken me Im never coming to this site again!

1190 days ago


Just the opposite, as a matter of fact. If America means justice, then those people are attempting to uphold what America once stood for. Justice was not served in this case and everyone knows it, including her own family.

1190 days ago


Speaking out to protest a judicial sentence you disagree with is one thing... gathering as a mob to intimidate and terrify someone acquitted of a crime is another. People who feel they need to confront and shout things at Casey Anthony disgust me. Yeah, I think she killed her little baby girl. But I also respect that she now has the right to do what any one of us might do -- shop, go on dates, find employment. That's how the law works in this country... and it's a good system for the most part. I wouldn't want the lady as my new friend, but I'm certainly not so Neanderthal that I would hurl ugly, threatening words at her.

1190 days ago


Casey looked like she was going to cry right as she got into the car. i think she was overwhelmed with all the hate direct at her. maybe it was guilt. who knows. one think i know, she heard evrything the crowd yelled at her. she will not be able to lie herself into a new life. she will never live in peace. she is olny 25 and maybe this is her life sentance. i would have loved to see her in jail for life. that is better than death. she will have to live this everyday. if she does score a big payday, she'll be broke before you know it. she'll never work, who would hire her? now, the jury. you absolutely got it wrong. Peolpe are saying you should not be vilafied? maybe you should have done your job that we trusted you to do. maybe you should have deliberated all the evidence? maybe you should have taken notes when the prosecution spoke? you were bored as hell and wanted to go home. you made excuses. you didn't realize that you were allowed to connect the dots and put the OBVIOUS together. you were too lazy. 10 hours of deliberations. maybe you should have read the jury instructions which would have took hours alone. if you didn't want to spend the time to evaluate everything you should have left it to someone else and declared a hung jury. but you took the easy way out. you failed Caylee and i hope she haunts you all. why is it so many were able to see that her mother was responsible but you could not see it? don't give me that excuse of the evidence wasn't there. it was there but you failed to see it.

1190 days ago


Folks (ESPECIALLY the Casey Anthony defense team) keep on saying that everyone should "respect the jury's verdict". From Jose Baez to Geraldo Rivera:

It is deeply unsettling how so many are lumping the lawyer with the bad news. "The jury made the right call, period. Anyone who took the time to review the evidence would have made the same decision,"

Jose Baez told me Wednesday night.

JOSE BAEZ DOESN'T RESPECT THE JURY'S VERDICT, EITHER!!! He's appealing the portion HE doesn't like. How is it that he's appealing a verdict he "respects"?? And if they "made the right call", why would he appeal it?? He's a hypocrite, pure and simple.

1190 days ago


right on Angela!

1190 days ago


and now for the laywers. jose and chaney will have to answer to GOD when they go up to heaven. then GOD will escort them to the elevator and push down! I don't know how you will ever be able to look at yourself in the mirror. you probably say its just a job but you are wrong. you are just as guilty and should be held as accessories to obstruction of justice and disbarred. not to mention your court room antics. I hope Judge Perry keeps his word and brings a case befor the Florida bar. remember the OJ lawyers? most of them dead of unnatural causes. HMMM. Maybe that will be their destiny. one can only hope.

1190 days ago
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