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TMZ Live: Anti-Casey Anthony Mob ... Un-American?

7/18/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter -- but tell that to the angry mob waiting for her to be released from jail this weekend. Anti-American vigilantism? 

And, USC running back Marc Tyler is suspended for cracking a joke about his college paying players ... did he get a raw deal?


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(2:15) USC running back Marc Tyler was just SUSPENDED for cracking jokes to TMZ -- particularly one about players getting paid.
(5:40) Harvey talked to Marc's dad -- Wendell "The Truth" Tyler -- suddenly realizes W.T. used to be an NFL player ... then obsesses over it.
(14:00) A MOB of angry protesters were waiting for Casey Anthony when she was released from jail ... is this bordering on anarchy?
(15:50) If Casey didn't have police protection ... would she have been killed by the angry mob? Max and Harvey agree on the hypothetical outcome.
(34:00) CRAZY story -- Rachel Uchitel had to return most of Tiger's hush money! Rachel claims her attorney Gloria Allred has dirty hands.
(39:30) Can Rachel spill the beans on Tiger now?
(46:30) Jason doesn't understand why Rachel had to return the loot ... or why Gloria folded so easily to Tiger's lawyers.
(49:00) Did Jennifer Lopez hook up with a guy from her music video ... causing an end to her marriage? The dude says HELL NO.
(50:10) Harvey says "I told you so" about Carmageddon.


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Anyone wondering where Casey's at? After pretty much ruining Jose Baez's career.She's probably in the trunk of his car.

1190 days ago


1. No Casey Anthony should only get protection if number 1 she pays for it. Or 2. like everyone else the crime is in process and you have to call police. Personally if you think about it if everyone stops talking about her then she has no money to gain. Forget about her and let life takes its toll. She is after all the most hated women in american which I don't think she anticipated that happening. I think she thought that she would walk out and everyone would love and adore her and give her all kinds of poor casey attention and that alone back fired on her. And now she has to hide. That shouldn't be my taxpaying problem shes not my kid why should we have to pay to take care of her. She wants protection tell her lawyer to give it to her or her parents.As for being treated special they rolled out the red carpet for her which I thought was discusting So those protesters had every right as americans to give there opionions has to how they felt. And no one has the right to call them anti american in any way shape or form.As for you Harvey you discust me by keeping her story alive I'm sure your hoping she'll come out of the wood work to give her story first to you. Maybe you should take care of her :) Maybe america will give you a million dollars to tell your story:)Truth is I'M pretty sure right about now everyone is tired of her and shes old news. Only reason i'm even posting this is because I want you to know we're tired of hearing her name and can careless where she is or who she is with. Move on Tmz your boring us.

1190 days ago


According to HLN news:

People from all over are sending in checks to Cheney's office to be forwarded onto Casey (wherever she is) and the checks are in the thousands of dollars

1190 days ago


Harvey, It is not un American. It is common sense to see Casey Anthony as a murderer. Good Job, I will no longer be watching TMZ as a result of your article. Jerk off your lawyer is showing, zip it. Freedom of speech is alive and well. Screw your liberal "BaezT" views.

1190 days ago


Prosecution never came close to proving the case let alone beyond reasonable doubt. The best evidence they had was tattoo on her back.
Casey won fair and square after being virtually on death row for 3 years. Thank God Nancy DisGrace was not sitting on the jury panel.

1190 days ago


Heck no it is not unamerican. This woman is a sociopath and murderer.
The jellyfish idiot jurors exemplify what's wrong with america.

1190 days ago


dee 4 hours ago
un-american, ar u f nuts get it right its un-american to throw ur child in a swamp and walk free, harvey u need to go back to law school and really ur becomeing a sleeze lately, grow up ur pathetic, geez


great comment

1190 days ago


I love TMZ but Harvey sometimes you make me a little mad when it comes to killer biotch Anthony!! Lets stand up for Caylee and remember her! I am so happy we have Nancy Grace out there speaking on Caylees behalf! Killer did kill her daughter and didn't cry cause shes a killer she doesn't care about that baby and her remains and what happen to her so she does deserve the negativity that is happening to her!!

1190 days ago


What is "Un-American" and just plain NUTS,is sending thousands of dollars,to a young woman who danced on her childs 'DUMP GRAVESITE",who NEVER ONCE gave her baby a second thought,Casey is laughing all the way to the bank,A young girl who has leaned to lie and get away with it,and still there are fools that will pay for her lies.I believe the jury wanted to agreed to anything so as to spend the rest of the summer selling there story.They did not want to miss summer,so whatever got them out they did.A pre-school child would have more sense then the 12 who where on the jury,Maybe someone should tell THEM stop watching TV and grow up,crimes are not solved in 60 minutes,and the answers to crimes have to be worked at.What is truly discusting,is to listen to Attorney's,Casey for example try to push aside a mother of six,who loved ALL 6 of her children,as a 'O TO BAD,GET OVER IT"Who thought she would lose her babies because of Casey,she does not matter as much as a "slut" her own lawyers words. my opinion

1190 days ago


"Freedom of speech" is protection for political speech. It does not mean you have the right to harass private citizens on the street, which is what quite a few TMZ posters have said they would do if they saw Casey Anthony. Imagine if this behavior were acceptable against anybody acquitted by a jury - good luck if you are ever falsely accused yourself. It happened to a neighbor - the whole family ended up having to leave town, a nice house, and a good job even though he was completely acquitted of the crime. Half the people sitting in county jails waiting for trial are ultimately acquitted. Are they all "really guilty" and thus worthy of your scorn? Don't let yourselves be revved up by the Nancy Graces of the world, they just want you to keep watching their shows so they can get more money from advertisers.

You don't have to become BFFs with Casey Anthony, but just leave her alone. Really. Think before you act, and always ask if this would be right if directed against you. Also think about the possibility that you're wrong about what exactly she did. There's a reason our system incorporates the idea of "reasonable doubt" and requires convincing a jury otherwise, rather than just lynching people based on TMZ polls. If we want to be a nation based on law rather than mobs, we need to grow up and stop the childish "I wanna" behavior. And that's just what thi*****e frenzy against Anthony is - you didn't get what you want. It's just a public "I wanna" tantrum.

There are so many children with far worse lives than little Caylee had - redirect all that energy toward helping identify and protect children who are right now being abused and neglected, even if they aren't always dying in a high-profile way that captures the attention of Nancy Grace.

1189 days ago


Casey Anthony is a baby killer she needs to understand she is a social piranha and should live a miserable existence and Nancy Grace tells the truth how can you be mad at that.

1189 days ago


What IS unamerican is getting off, then making millions of it. I bet if TMZ was around in 1995, TMZ would do their usual copy & paste from other unpopular sites crap about OJ & how the people have spoken, how they are disgusted with the verdict. How dare you! The evidence is overwhelming. NG did not poison the media into convincing America she murdered her child because I for one never watched NG. I watched the trial via insession & saw the evidence for what it was. Her lies, the many hrs of injail tapes, one might I add that calling George a wonderful father & grandfather and "surprise surprise." Drowning theory. Leading police on a goose chase. Also Casey is not the type to cover for anyone, she is all for herself. "me me me." as a narcississist is. She would not have stayed in jail for 3 years if Caylee accidently drowned, she would have fessed up ASAP. No person makes an Accident look like a murder. 600 + pieces of evidence from the state and the defense could not even back up their initial opening statement. The defense team was all over the place and contradicting themselves at every given opportunity meanwhile the state was consistent throughout. The defense team hired Amy singer to spy on sites to see what the public was thinking, and who other than Casey was the most hated figure they could pin something on. I love it how baez wants us to respect the verdict of "Not Guilty." by the jurors but then has Casey with another lawyer to appeal the verdict of 4 counts of lying they found her "Guilty" of. Why don't they support that verdict afterall, respect the jury's decision. Hypocrits. I knew TMZ has stooped to lows but this. This will be my last visit to this site. It's no wonder people are turning elsewhere for hollywood gossip. You talk about Anti Casey mob but your posting things in regards to Casey, further fuels that mentality. People and magazines should just forget her and not try to glorify her. Like TMZ did comparing her to the lovely Alanis morrisette. I doubt Alanis appreciated that, I'm sure you really insulted her and her family. Nobody person wants to be put in the same sentence as that monster. So in light of this, the people are angry and so they should be. This is a travesty and they want Justice for a little girl that did nothing wrong but to be born to a terrible human being that is not worthy of anyone. Casey ha*****e surrounding her from within her self and from the people that she disgusts. Stop making her a celebrity, posting her on this sites. Most of hollywood celebraties are just as shocked and disgusted at the verdict as we are. Putting her in that catagory further disgusts them. Ok well goodbye TMZ can't say I miss this site.

1189 days ago


From what is being reported on HLN, CNN, and other news stations:

Jose Baez is staying with Casey Anthony in an undisclosed place for the next several weeks to insure her safety.


Gee, I wonder how his wife feels about him be held up with a slut for several weeks? Don't try to tell me that they are doing anything - only a total moron would believe otherwise.

1189 days ago


Where’s Casey? New Speculation She’s In Southern CaliforniaWhere’s Casey? New Speculation She’s In Southern California
Posted on Jul 19, 2011 @ 10:30AM print it send it by Radar Staff

There’s new speculation that Casey Anthony may be hiding in Southern California.

After her release from jail shortly after midnight on Sunday, Anthony is believed to have boarded a single-engine plane owned by San Diego attorney Todd Macaluso, who was once a member of Anthony’s legal team.

According to a new report on Tuesday’s Today show, that plane eventually found its way back to it’s “home” – a hangar in Carlsbad, an upscale coastal community, not far from San Diego.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

The day before Anthony, 25, was released from jail, according to, a website that tracks flights, the plane was on the ground in Orlando, Florida – the same city where Anthony stood trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The website shows the plane then went to Panama City, Florida just four hours after Anthony’s release from jail.

According to flight aware records, the plane changed its flight plan twice. It then headed to Prescott, Arizona and then fifteen hours later, the plane stopped in Northern California and then landed at the John Wayne airport in Southern California.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

Macaluso denied to comment to NBC, but he told a San Diego TV station Monday that he had no idea where Anthony was.

"It's a closely guarded secret I'm not part of," Macaluso told 10News reporter Allison Ash. "I don't even want to know."

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time

When asked if he would fly Anthony out of Orlando, he said, "What do I look like, a charter pilot?"

Anthony’s legal team will not say if she was onboard the plane, and if she is in fact in California.

1189 days ago


maybe tiger is that vegas herpes guy?!

1189 days ago
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