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Elin's BF: I Did Not have Sex with THAT Woman BUT

7/19/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren is PISSED ... after learning Rachel Uchitel told friends she had slept with BF Jamie Dingman. Now Jamie is denying it happened, but others are providing VERY specific details.

Sources tell TMZ ... Elin was blindsided when the TMZ story ran over the weekend ... that Tiger Woods' #1 mistress had slept with Jamie and Elin didn't know about it.

We reported Jamie hooked up with Rachel twice in Miami in October, 2009,  when they were staying together-- less than 2 months before the scandal broke.  Jamie's friends now tell TMZ ... Rachel is lying and that they never had sex and never stayed together.

But  other people familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rachel and Jamie went down to Miami in October, 2009, to work on a plan for a new investment business.

We're told the 2 stayed together for 2 1/2 weeks -- at the home of Chris Barish, the third partner in the prospective business.  Jamie had a girlfriend at the time -- a model named Inez -- but she wasn't around much.
People who were at Barish's house tell us ... Jamie came into Rachel's room late at night twice and the two hooked up ... and they heard Rachel discussing it with Barish the morning after each liaison.

Ironically, at the time this was allegedly going on, we're told Chris Barish hooked up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger story to the National Enquirer.  And get this -- people staying at Barish's house tell us ... Jen got a lot of her info from discussions between Rachel, Jamie and Chris about Tiger's illicit relationship with Rachel.

As for Jamie and Elin, we're told they've been quietly dating for 6 months.


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Politico Pablo    

Denial is his only option. If he shared a house with Rachel, that pony got rode.
It would be a lost opportunity not to take advantage of her many skills.

1193 days ago


Due to her choice to date this guy, Elin just put a second big target on her back. Most of the manipulative, deceitful, conniving people out therealaready knew whe was wealthy. NOW they know she is stupid. Stupid + Money = Bullseye for these people. If they weren't lining up to take a shot at her before, they sure are now.

1193 days ago



You don't need another a-hole! And this guys is UGLY as hell!
If he weren't rich, no one would give him the time of day!

You have your own money, dump that STD-infected loser!

1193 days ago


And you think by now she have a sextapes by now. Seem like every guy get a piece of he Rachel. lol

1193 days ago


Rachel is a PIG...She needs mental help.

1193 days ago


this ex of tigers is a sleezeball gold digger! tiger woods is one ugly dude but with his fame and fortune she saw $$$ now onto a billionaire! she needs to start daing managers from walgreens she ain't all that!

1193 days ago


The past is the past...who cares? The lady is a skank. He is not with her now, which is better than her ex. She really has no right to be pissed. She can be angry that he didnt tell her, but it seems that that if everyone had to tell everyone who they slept with in the past, there would be alot of screwed people.(no pun intended.)

1193 days ago


It's like there's this small group of hos that clamp on to rich guy after rich guy. This guy is definitely pulling some type of scam on her.

1193 days ago

Just Saying    

Picture this...Just following up with another comment.

-Jamie and Elin were dealing for years even during her marriage with Tiger.

-Elin told Jamie she know Tiger is cheating with several differenct women and Elin wanted a good plan to set Tiger up and walk away looking innocent so Tiger's life can be ruined.

-Since Jamie was dealing with Rachel, Jamie has a lot to offer Elin and her team of people in the set-up plan with Jen as the one to be blamed for selling Tiger's story to the National Enquirer for which I believe there were a lot of people involved.

-Since Tiger is too busy to really know everything and all the players in the game, He got naive and sloppy with his private life. Therefore, Rachel being so involved with Tiger may have been nervous and I am sure there were plenty of red flags waving for Tiger and Rachel to seriously chill out.

-In my opinion, the only victims in this entire soap opera are the children.

-The truth is when someone has money it is amazing what they do to spend it. Money is not evil, it is the root of all evil.

-Why is it when Elin is in a relationship and a scandal comes out of it, she it automatically looked as the victim.

-Think about it, if Elin was so hurt over what Tiger has done to her then really why jump so soon into another dating relationship?

-Sounds like Rachel knows a lot of things that really happen in the entire scandal but has too many gag orders to not allow the truth to come out.

Just Saying...Think first before choosing sides in a situation...

1193 days ago


EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW who would want to date Elin Nordegren now. She is sorta damaged goods.

1193 days ago


Hmmm, I smell rats and it's the ho and the rich ho monger. Set up! Sure, they were in the bedroom late at night plotting their next con jobs/set ups. Loser #2, Elin! Break the mold-ditch the whoremongers!

1193 days ago


@Just Saying - get back to your bunker in Montana to write your idiotic conspiracy theories - I swear some people should not have internet access.

What a moron you are. GET A LIFE.

1193 days ago


What a creepy looking guy. He looks likeGlen Campbell's evil twin with his out-of-date hairstyle. On top of that he's a liar and sleeps with ho's....yuck.

1193 days ago


Elin...............Go away

1193 days ago


Ha! Good for her, that's what happens when you date people based on how much money they have. Here's a clue, rich guys are usually %!cks. Ha, ha!

1193 days ago
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