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Kelsey and Camille Grammer Settle Custody ... For Now

7/20/2011 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife Camille have settled their child custody dispute -- but only temporarily.  And make no mistake about it -- they're still at war.


Sources tell TMZ ... the agreement outlines who gets the kids, when and where, etc.  We're told Camille will have both kids more than Kelsey, but the agreement accommodates Kelsey's work schedule.

The kids will not be separated.  You'll recall, at one point Kelsey's lawyer recommended that the couple's son would fly to Chicago to stay with him, and their daughter would stay with Camille in L.A.

Our sources say the underlying issues between the couple have not been resolved -- i.e., money and permanent custody.   

We're told Camille is bitter at the way Kelsey has treated her and the kids, while Kelsey is angry because he feels Camille has been disrespectful to his new wife.


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HOW can it be "Settled" if it's Temporary ??

C'mon TMZ


1192 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...she can feel how she wants about the new long as she doesn't berate her ex or new wifey in front of kids...

1192 days ago


Let's see. You cheat on Camille with another younger woman, get the other woman pregnant, demand a quickie divorce so you can marry the other woman. Then you complain because Camille is disrespectful to her? Grow the **** up, Kelsey.

1192 days ago


Well said, "debbiedoesnothing"!

1192 days ago


f*ck his new wife! she has every right to disrespect her. she was f*cking a married man who happened two have a wife and two kids. and furthermore, kelsey is about the worst piece of sh*t on the planet for ditching his wife and kids for a new thrill. he needs mental help. as for the new wife-take him for all you can honey. he will someday do the same to you and your children, that he has done to camille and her children.

god forbid he gets any kind of favorable custody agreement with his children with camille. kelsey is a piece of garbage, and i will never watch any show, movie, etc. with him in it ever, ever again.

1192 days ago


I can't believe how stupid these people are....they marry, and remarry again and again....then have children with each and everyone then cry when the divorce papers are served.... cuz they don't want to pay. Well next time DONT GET MARRIED and USE BIRTH CONTROL!

1192 days ago


What the heck do you expect you douchbag!! YOU dumped your wife while cheating on her with new wifey and then FORCE your divorce so you can hurry up and marry the wife and you expect her to BE NICE???? WOW! I never thought Kelsey would get any more douchey than now, but he has really taken the cake. Karma is a circle and it should be coming up on you any minute. What an aZZZZ!!!!

1192 days ago


Camille love you girl but you should have never let him expedite the divorce without getting your money up front. He owes you half. Frasier really is a tool.

1192 days ago


Name an ex-wife that wants her husbands whore raising their kids!

This guy is delusional!

1192 days ago


Kelsey is such a s*****ucking a@@hole! Of course she is disrespectful to his new "wife" she stole Camille's husband. His kids will grow up to hate him and his POS "wife"!

1192 days ago


Used to love this guy on Frasier and Cheers. Now, I can't stand him.

1192 days ago

Kathleen Carpenter    

Is he really that stupid? Camille is not respectful to his new wife??? Was his new wife respectful to Camille when she had an affair with Camille's husband. Give me a break. You know I didn't really care for Camille but there is NO EXCUSE for his behavior. Camille....take him Down.

1192 days ago


God forbid she disrespects the home-wrecking whore! This man - if you can call him that - left his family for someone who is a Camille wanna-be, it's pathetic! She's nothing but a classless younger version of Camille, I can't wait till this slut shows his old butt her true colors. Or better yet, till he finds a younger version of her! Karma's a *****!

1192 days ago


He is absolutely PATHETIC! Cheating on your wife and sleeping with someone's husband are more disrespectful than if Camille slapped the skank across the face so give me a break. I will never, ever, ever watch anything that he is in again.

1192 days ago


Kelsey is just an A**Hole ... Camille has been the class act here, he is just a dirt bag ... I hope she gets everything.

With the way he has treated her ... all he has to complain about is that Camille is not nice to his new wife.

I used to like him, but after all of this don't no more, can't stand/stomach the man

1192 days ago
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