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'Teen Mom'


After Failing Weed Test

7/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four days after allegedly violating her probation by having THC in her system, "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans gave off even MORE smoke signals -- sucking on what may or may not have been a pot-filled blunt.

According to the North Carolina probation report, Jenelle tested positive for THC on July 13 -- the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- and even admitted to smoking out [also known as "smoking up" on the East Coast].  She was informed about the test results on July 15.

But on July 17, she posed for these pictures -- in which she appears to be smoking marijuana.

Jenelle -- who was put on probation after a drug-related conviction in April -- is due back in court in August to deal with the probation violation. Her lawyer had no comment.


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some guy    

Jeez... this chick must have some "friends" that hate her if they sold these pics to TMZ. This can't be good for her probation.

Still, she is pretty cute. I'd let her do me.

1189 days ago


How stupid are the youth of America? Obviously very judging by this and the stuff on Facebook.

If you are going to break the law DO NOT photograph or video yourself doing it.

1189 days ago


Aha! I think shes a crappy mom, but I do love the fact she dont give a crap what ppl think about her! Thats a very nicely rolled blunt too :) Oh and blunts are not for blacks you moron, bowls are for high grade, or losers like you who cant afford high grade and smoke shwag in it. Hmmm now I am going to "smoke up" ( yes im on the east coast )

1189 days ago


Look, this girl is obviously an idiot and unfit to be a parent. However, just legalize marijuana please. It is 2011 and it has been a well known and proven fact for many years that marijuana is not dangerous and much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

1189 days ago


i never miss 16 and pragnet or any of the teen mom shows, so i have seen her fall, and the sad thing is she realy is smar and she could be so much more, but she choses to get high and run the streets, her mom does care about her but has given up on her, its a sad story and i feel very bad for jace "her son" who has been raised by his grandmother.

1189 days ago


Damn bitch can roll.

1189 days ago


rj speak for yourself there ya racist

1189 days ago


this girl just doesn't "get it"......I've watched her and i swear she seems "slow" and not to understand cause and effect....TRASH

1189 days ago


Why are you all being as completely dumb as you are? How many of you are parents? How many of you have drank alcohol? You would think the commenters on this site are the 'perfect family,' they base TV shows off of. Get a grip. Get the hell off your high horse. It isn't as high as you think...Certainly not higher than me...*puff*

1189 days ago


Take her bastard, jail her and sterilize her.

1189 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Still not a celebrity no matter how much MTV pays to keep this trash on sites like this. Man i thought Disney exploited teens...

1189 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... got a feeling this chick lives in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere and is bored out of her skull. I've seen girls like her before.

She prob just needs some place to go that can stimulate her mentally. Look at the background of the photo. Middle of the woods isn't fun unless you're camping or hiking.

Her town prob needs some type of community center where teens can go and hang. Maybe a couple pool tables and shuffleboard.

1189 days ago


That's real smart....dumbazz...

1189 days ago


Why would you "pose" for such incriminating pictures? She had to know that they'd make their way to the internet faster than she could lie about not inhaling. WTF.

These girls (I've never seen this show, but I've seen plenty about them on the news and stuff) seem like a bunch of idiots. The poor kids in this situations should be TAKEN from them and put in homes where they'll actually be taken care of!

1189 days ago


They should cancel this show and shows like them. Teens are getting pregnant trying to get on this show. How stupid.

1189 days ago
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