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Judge EXTREMELY Impatient with Lindsay Lohan

7/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear -- she is extremely impatient with Lindsay Lohan and her progress in completing probation.072111_lohan_v3_still

Judge Sautner made it clear, Lindsay had better complete her community services within 1 year of the date of sentencing -- or else! The judge said, "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'"

The judge was frustrated that after 2 months, Lindsay has only completed 4 days of 60 days of community service.

The judge was also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling -- as she's required to do. The judge is giving her 21 days to sign up with a personal counselor -- not a group counselor.

The L.A. County Probation Dept. was asking Judge Sautner to violate Lindsay's probation, because of 3 alleged violations. Two of them were outright bogus ... the third was Lindsay not returning a call from her probation officer. Lindsay did in fact belatedly return the call.

Judge Sautner made it very clear -- if Lindsay doesn't get her act together, the judge will revoke her probation.

So jail for Lindsay still looms.



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She has done 4 DAYS of CS. That = 32 measly hours.

1154 days ago

Hot Farts    

Today I guess I want to qualify my feelings about LL. When she began her troubles back in what 2005/06. I was always her cheerleader. Up until this year when I joined this forum I was always saying that she was troubled and deserved to have us back her up. I hate the LA Sherriffs and Police. I know they arrest EVERYONE. That is why our system is so over crowded. Worst of all most of the people caught in the cycle that LL is caught in are dirt poor with dependents. It is a cycle hard to break free of.

My son said I am being unkind (I am - I know what a bitch I can be in my humor)toward LL and asked me to watch Macchete (a train wreck for L).

While I have compassion for this girl the problem is this. It is lost on her. She not only acts out in her legal dealings and makes it her policy to constantly lie for the sake of her career...she misses the point. You can be in the same situation and tell the truth about every single part of your life and the judge, the public, the industry and all its minions will be like "been there done that" The second she stops her lies she will change and so will the whole universe for her. But not before that. When she comes out and says, I want to really make amends to those I have harmed with my drinking, drugging and stealing...she may not be able to fianancially support that immediately, but she could do it spiritually. When people see she gives a **** about the mess she has made and is changing by telling the truth about stealing. The heavens will open again to her and her new chance will begin.

1154 days ago



"drinking the kool-aid"?? I actually did nothing but ask if anyone knew of a list of violations because I was curious about conflicting information on probation. I don't come here for bashing people, I actually, until yesterday, have never bothered commenting here in my life. I am not the run-of-the-mill gossip junkie with no education and a passion for seeing the decay of celebrity and its sad that you obviously have been around so much that you jump on people and assume things about them. Perhaps you should re-direct your passion for news and facts towards a website geared for real news and not fluff pieces?

Your leaping on the wrong person though, so if you could gently remove your claws from my back, I will get back to what I was doing. Based on the information that person showed me, I commented that its sad she got so many chances and threw them away--which really, regardless how factually correct or incorrect the persons list was, the core of what I said remains true because no matter what you view as incorrect, we all know that the jist of the list and the message it sends is in fact, a sad list o*****irl so caught up in the legal system that she spends more time in the court room then out of it, and the crimes she commited speak for themselves--the AMOUNT of the crimes is suprising and sad.... However, like you stated, TMZ isn't the place to have rational conversations with people who seem to be way too passionate about protecting or destroying a total stranger. Unfortunately for me, I am too ill to go out and step away from the computer but I probably should remember,No matter how bored I am, I should avoid commenting here because for every normal person posting, it seems theres double the amount of extreme people for and against her.

You can have your kool-aid back, by the way, though I think you should lay off the sugar, your a bit high strung.

1154 days ago


She has only done 4 days? She needs to ware a bra.

1154 days ago


I agree 90291. It's not her sins,(which are fairly ordinary)but her lying when caught and her spectacular sense of entitled and self deception.

1154 days ago


She's done 33 hours of CS, not 44. It comes out to 4 days (and 1 hour). She's had over 3 months to complete that. (Her first hearing was in March, but she had 38 days of house arrest.)

I do find it amazing that Lindsay has not begun counseling. I wonder why the judge didn't call her on that she can afford $7000 a month rent, but not be able to afford court mandated counseling.

Funny that her SAG card is no longer valid though. Some actress she is, LOL!

(nice to see you, Lou!)

1154 days ago


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main floor please thank you guys!!!! all are welcome pro lindsay and against!

1154 days ago


She can afford health insurance if she can buy auto insurance for a sports car with her driving record:
2 DUI’s, speeding tickets, running stop signs, etc.

1154 days ago


Lohan has fulfilled 33 of the 480 hrs of community service to which she was sentenced. At this rate, it will take 15 months to complete her obligation. The judge was correct in telling her to giddyup, particularly if she plans to get a paying job that might prevent her from keeping to a regular schedule.

Lohan is volunteering 4 hours at a time. The shelter wants volunteers to work in 4 hour increments. There is no reason Lohan can't be putting in 8 hour days, the way most people do at work.

1154 days ago


ilg thats what ive been saying

1154 days ago


If she can afford Eleanor, she can afford counselling.

1154 days ago

Hot Farts    

John Stalker Smith

You are a fvckin moron. Shut your fvckin trap. The probation department are following their guidelines. Apart from the loophole Drunky got through, in their eyes she violated rule 1. She drank while being tested by them. In their eyes no one on formal probation with a DUI case is allowed to drink. The judges minute order in the case was lax and so they were not successfule in violating her. Now they want her VIOLATEDF. They want her case off their docket. They want her to pay like every other DUI case thaqt tests positive to pay. They will always report to the judge no matter what the judge requests because they want her back in jail. She burned that bridge with them. They supported her until she screwed them. Now the judge has shown her leniency and given her the benefit of the doubt of having learned over the last 5 years that this shiz is not joke for her life. Its her life you idiot. You and the others here act like she is ok. OPEN YOUR BRAIN DEAD EYES. She is in trouble. She needs to clean the fvck up or she will hit depths of low that she will not wish to hit.

You idiots that think this is something that can be defended or that she is just fine. You better take another look. She's gotta change or she will be the second generation of her family in PRISON.

Her life is at stake you fvking irresponsible fvck

1154 days ago

help this young woman    


What would make you think that Linds has auto insurance? That's only for the little people, you know.

1154 days ago


She was not supposed to be tested past February 25th and it was only for controlled substances. It is in the court order.

1154 days ago


Who knew wearing makeup would get some sympathy from a judge. Even though for some reason TMZ feels the judge was harsh. What did the officer tell Lindsay? His daughter enjoyed Mean Girls?

1154 days ago
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