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Rick Ross

Victory In Murdered Doggy


7/21/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross just scored a victory against a woman who claims the rapper's pit bulls mauled her adorable pet Yorkie to death because a judge has DISMISSED her lawsuit ... at least for now.


TMZ broke the story ... the Yorkie, named Banks, died after several pit bulls (one pictured below) escaped from Rick's Atlanta mansion back in April and tore Banks apart.


Banks' owner filed a lawsuit against Ross demanding more than $15k in damages and fees ... but today, a judge threw out the case ... saying Banks' owner failed to properly serve Ross with the suit.

Rick's manager tells TMZ, "We tried to do good business ... we paid the vet bill ... but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks' owner] tried to capitalize off of."

Banks' owner tells TMZ ... she isn't giving up ... and vows to correct her mistake and eventually get justice for Banks.


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he paid the vet,what else does the loser want?oh,that's right,losers sue!!

1188 days ago


You paid the vet bill?! And that makes it square? Really? I hope that lady is reading this and re-files the suit for $1.5 million. Then you'll get this d-bag's attention. And you'll at least get a sizable settlement to punish him for not controlling his vicious dogs.

1188 days ago


Losing a pet is hard but even worse when your pet dies in a horrific manner. There is serious emotional distress in this case. I hope the owner gets what she deserves. Owners of dogs in general should make sure they take proper measures of restraining their dogs no matter the size or breed. Anything could happen.

1188 days ago


I hope this woman gets every dime she is asking for and then some. Really big of him to pay the vet bill when Banks was "torn apart". *******!!

1188 days ago


Any dog can attack not just Pitbulls...I have a pitty and he never has done anything while little dogs like banks try to bite him all the time....still Rick should pay everything to the women and buy her a new dog

1188 days ago


And one more thing...that pit bull should be put down immediately. It will do it again first chance it gets. Not sure which one is dumber...Ross or the dog!

1188 days ago

The Neko Nation    

He got off on a technicality. Typical pitbull owner, NEVER takes responsibility for his or his dogs actions. Makes excuses and tries to blame others. Pitbull owners are the epitome of what is wrong with society today. Nothing more than thugs, gangstas, white trash, and wannabe look at me I'm hard and tough because I own a pitbull.

1188 days ago

Brice Kendrick    

LMAO @ the pitbull mauling the Yorkie

1188 days ago


Lmaooooooooooo KKK is out in full force today must be the heat wave.

1188 days ago


Not every black person is a "ghettofied" ignorant.

1188 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Brice Kendrick, Thank you for proving my point in what kind of people are pitbull owners.

1188 days ago


Why are all of you so extreme? As the caregiver of a wonderful,sweet, smart, trained pit bull and someone who has seen two untrained pit bulls attack my own, I can say that this woman is entitled to both her vet bills being paid and money for the emotional trauma I'm sure she experienced. What's more, I think anyone who has dogs that are raised to be aggressive and attack w/out provocation, should be both fined and jailed. After all, it's the sociopaths who abuse animals and train them to abuse others! Lock 'em up.

1188 days ago


A dog is property. All she can collect is the cost to repair her property. She maybe able to collect the expense to bury the dog.

1188 days ago


The really sad thing is that these animals are not
"pets". They're not treated as they should be as
part of the family. These ignorant morons have these dogs for
one reason and then they're too stupid to keep them
contained. Feel sorry for poor Banks but save some
for those poor pitbulls who don't know any better and
are treated like crap.

1188 days ago


The law suit should be for alot more than 15k. I think she should be able to add reckless endangerment. Obviously Rick Ross was irresponsible by failing to controll a dangerous animal resulting in the death of this little yorkie, next time the blood thirsty dog could attack a person too.
People who own pits need to realize they own a ticking time bomb, if you play with fire you might get burned. So they better be ready to pay up when the inevitable happens...

1188 days ago
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