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Rick Ross

Victory In Murdered Doggy


7/21/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross just scored a victory against a woman who claims the rapper's pit bulls mauled her adorable pet Yorkie to death because a judge has DISMISSED her lawsuit ... at least for now.


TMZ broke the story ... the Yorkie, named Banks, died after several pit bulls (one pictured below) escaped from Rick's Atlanta mansion back in April and tore Banks apart.


Banks' owner filed a lawsuit against Ross demanding more than $15k in damages and fees ... but today, a judge threw out the case ... saying Banks' owner failed to properly serve Ross with the suit.

Rick's manager tells TMZ, "We tried to do good business ... we paid the vet bill ... but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks' owner] tried to capitalize off of."

Banks' owner tells TMZ ... she isn't giving up ... and vows to correct her mistake and eventually get justice for Banks.


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The Neko Nation    

@ Susie, That is why people own pitbulls. They like the fact that their dog is dangerous. They have no remorse when their dogs attack. They think its cool and makes them look tough. They never accept responsibility. They just blame the victims and make excuses.

1197 days ago


I hope Rick Ross is the next victim to his idiot dogs. RIP poor little Banks!

1197 days ago


"UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT" ???? Really ??? The only unfortunate thing is that he has pitbulls that can kill other dogs.... they are not supposed to be left alone with other animals.... this jackass doesn't give two sh*** about Banks or the owner..... emotional distress should be worth a ton !!!! Go for it !!!!

1197 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Diane, That's a typical pitbull owner for you.

1197 days ago

Voice Of Reason    

Losing a pet is like losing a child for its owner most time. I don't think just paying the Vet bill is good enough. There are emotional damages as well, especially if this all happened in front of the owner. Rick Ross is at fault for NOT keeping his dogs locked up and for that he should pay HEFTY fines also. Irresponsible dog owners need to be held accountable. I honestly don't know who Rick Ross is but he sounds like a celebrity with money. $15k sounds like a "drop in the bucket" to me.

1197 days ago


So this rappers deadly pit-bulls were loose and unsupervised, then killed some other person's dog...and they give this quote, "We tried to do good business ... we paid the vet bill ... but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks' owner] tried to capitalize off of."

Good business? The law should euthanize those pit bulls and put the owner in jail. Or fine him $25,000 and make him pay an additional $20,000 to the other dog's owner.

All we see is people that are unwilling to take ownership of their actions...but I'll bet he can afford a "sweet ride" with big shiny wheels. Human garbage acts this way and tries to justify their own negligent actions. Give him a couple years and he'll be more popular than michael vick. This country has lost it's moral and ethical backbone.

1197 days ago


Even if it was filed correctly, the judge probably wants to get rid of this case. For some reason animals/pets hold no value in the courts, unless of course some parasite is using an animal to make a profit. They're the ones who are protected under the law.

If I was that owner, I would demand every bit of cost invested in her pet from day one, including food, boarding, all vet bills. The other issue that's never addressed in the courts is when someone's pet trespasses on another person's property. If the animal in question is capable of an attack that can harm a person or other animal, there should be strict penalties enforced whether it leads to an injury or not. Those dogs should have been leashed, and the misfortune should lie at the Pig's feet as much as it does the victim's.

Added to the suit should be penalties for pain and suffering, and punitive damages. He can afford to offer compensation and should be required to pay. He would have to if he broke a damn window.

1197 days ago


I used to raise pitbulls and morons like this guy should never be able to own one. You have the money to contain your dogs just not the brains. These losers who think it's cool to have a mean dog shouldn't own a gerbil. These are the losers who have ruined this breed. Sue his a ss off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1197 days ago


@ Neko Nation. Again, why are you so extreme in your views?! Please read my earlier posting! And I'm sorry you've never met responsible pit bull lovers. There are actually a lot of us out there! Don't let the bad apples like Michael Vick and Rick Ross distort your thinking.

1197 days ago


This is the kind of stuff that makes people think pitbulls are bad. Yes, they are a strong, determined breed - but the violence isn't the dog's fault, it's the owner. He was probably negligent, possibly abusive. Furthermore, the dog wasn't socialized correctly. People like this shouldn't be allowed to own pitbulls. That's it.

1197 days ago


Why was the pittbull not euthanized???? "Celebrity" justice?

1197 days ago


Some people should not be allowed to have dogs. Unless they're made by Gund and stuffed with polyfil.

FU(K RICK! Make him pay, pay, PAY!!!!! And give his dog to someone who knows how to handle and respect it and do whatever it takes to deprogram its brain from lameass punks punks like Ross who use them as shields to hide their puny di(ks behind!

1197 days ago


@Susie, The Neko Nation & stupid are you people. You obviously know nothing about dogs Pitbulls have gotten a bad rep because of stupid people who neglect and abuse the dogs and force them to fight. "The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet, which is good with children and adults" - AKC. There are way more dangerous dogs above the Pit...chow chow, Giant Schnauzer, Dachshund, Akita Inu. Its sad that people have put such a negative image on such a great breed of dog.

1197 days ago


Anyone who has a dog knows that the most aggressive dogs are the little ones. They have a little dog complex.

1197 days ago


What is it with black people/rappers and pit bulls?!

1197 days ago
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