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Rick Ross

Victory In Murdered Doggy


7/21/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross just scored a victory against a woman who claims the rapper's pit bulls mauled her adorable pet Yorkie to death because a judge has DISMISSED her lawsuit ... at least for now.


TMZ broke the story ... the Yorkie, named Banks, died after several pit bulls (one pictured below) escaped from Rick's Atlanta mansion back in April and tore Banks apart.


Banks' owner filed a lawsuit against Ross demanding more than $15k in damages and fees ... but today, a judge threw out the case ... saying Banks' owner failed to properly serve Ross with the suit.

Rick's manager tells TMZ, "We tried to do good business ... we paid the vet bill ... but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks' owner] tried to capitalize off of."

Banks' owner tells TMZ ... she isn't giving up ... and vows to correct her mistake and eventually get justice for Banks.


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Pitt bull owners = Idiot inbred morons.

1189 days ago


@Nick, what is it with stupid white ppl like you that are always on black ppl business.

1189 days ago


What an *******! You paid the vet bill? You think that makes up for her dog getting ripped to shreds. Dogs are part of the family! As a fellow Yorkie owner, I think Bank's owner deserves her $15,000 and then some! Man up and pay for your mistakes! Be a responsible pet owner & keep your stupid dogs put up!

1189 days ago


Try and keep it real folks. If its White Trash then call it. If its Ghetto behavior then call it too. Just stop fighting each other calling people racist. It is what it is and "DENIAL" is preventing you from the reality.

1189 days ago


these ********s train these dogs to kill hopefully one day the dog will bit his nuts off!

1189 days ago


Banks owner - Don't give up....have him served properly and get justice for your poor baby..that just makes me sick to think about your poor little Banks being torn apart by this guy's vicious beasts.....that is so heart goes out to you....

1189 days ago


I get nauseous every time I think about his bare bouncing B cups flopping around on The BET Awards...YUCK!

1189 days ago


What a fu**ing moron. His dog kills another dog and then his 2 bit manager try’s and says the dog’s owner is trying to capitalize.
ridiculous. just shows money and fame doesn't make the man.

1189 days ago


little dogs ALWAYS start ****. No, his dog shouldn't have been out roaming, but should the little dog! And don't blame the breed, people. It's all how you treat them.

1189 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Cangirl, You are the typical pitbull owner. NEVER accepts responsibility for yourself or your dog when it attacks. It's much easier for you to blame someone else and make excuses. Pitbull owners are nothing more than white trash and thugs who think owning a pitbull makes them hard and gives them cred.

1189 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ April, silly fool. The yorkshire was in it's own yard. Ross's dog is the one who got out and entered the neighbors property. You pitbull owners will go to any measure to blame someone else for you and your dogs behavior. Just pathetic that pitbull owners have little to no care for anyone else but themselves and their dogs.

1189 days ago


These f*cking dogs and their jackass owners. Maybe one day he'll find out what it means when these dogs turn on him. That poor little dog that died - I hope his owner refiles and takes this SOB for some bucks. Pitbulls are just penis extentions for these guys - they think it makes them look big, when it just shows how ghetto they are.

1189 days ago


i hate it when cute little defenseless doggies are hurt :(

1189 days ago


I'm sure if it belonged to a non 'celebrity' then it would have been put down.

1189 days ago


If you really think money can stop the pain of losing a dog to an avoidable incident, you are a fool. I think the pits should be removed from the home and then we will see who cries.
Give the woman $1.5 million for the loss

1189 days ago
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