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Arnold To File Revised, More Respectful Divorce Docs

7/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger will file a revised response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition on Monday ... and this one won't ask the judge to deny her spousal support.


TMZ broke the story ... Arnold filed docs earlier this week that not only sought to deny Maria support ... he also asked the judge to force Maria to pay her own lawyer's fees.  That seemed pretty audacious, considering the reason Maria was driven to divorce was because of Arnold's misdeeds.
But sources connected with Arnold tell TMZ  ... although he signed the divorce docs he never read them, partly because he was dealing with a family medical crisis -- Christopher's boogie boarding accident ... and partly because he relied on his lawyer.

The unanswered question ... Why was Arnold's response filed this week -- when Maria was preoccupied with taking care of her injured son?

We're told Arnold's initial response papers triggered a genuine conflict in the divorce.  Hopefully, the revised papers will make things right.


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PRO US    

@Zanny (the nanny):

You don't know squat. Arnold knows squat. He did a lot of them. LOL

99.99999% of American actors would have loved to have the film career that Arnold had.

Arnold showed a good sense of humour and good comic timing in some roles like the one in Twins.

Arnie is a pretty intelligent guy. Listen to some of his interviews or watch the bodybuilding film that was made about him if you haven't figured that out.

Arnold became Guv'nor of Caleeeeeeeefonia. The only other actor who did that to my recollection was a certain Ronald Reagan who became a 2-term President of these United States. Not too shabby.

Look, most people aren't too happy to hear Arnie cheated on his wife with a overweight and plain looking maid of the family mansion. I understand that. But, give Arnie a break.

He's accomplished a lot. He won Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia several times. His films have grossed billions of dollars. He's accomplished more than most immigrants to the USA.

Arnie's a guy and he loves women. There are a lot of guys like that in America.

He has no criminal record. All the allegations against him are just that, allegations.

If you don't have bigger fish to fry than Arnie, you're a bad fisherman.

1157 days ago

Portia Hardesty    

As a woman who has never been in a position to receive alimony or child care, I am slightly confused by this matter. If the monies, property, etc. is to be divided evenly under California law, why should either of them pay alimony to the other? Child care is different and apparently Arnold is willing to pay that without question. What would Maria do with an extra $80,0000 a month that she can't do with $200 million? Her lawyer can't make that case. Asking for spousal support is strictly punitive on her part. When he is happy, she is unhappy. She started out doing this with class, but now she needs to step back, re-group and think this through.

1157 days ago


Fight over 400 millions, really??? Spousal support when you have 200 millions?

1157 days ago


Maria has become a modern day gold-digger. First she marries a famous guy just because he is famous. Then she stays with him because he is Governor of California. Then, right after he leaves office she "discovers" a decade old illegitimate child and uses it as a pretext to get hundreds of millions plus a monthly stipend all without costing her a penny in legal fees. She makes Anna Nicole Smith look generous.

1157 days ago


Hurt and embarrassed his family, broke his word (vows), and now it appears he is acting like a jerk over the settlement? Dude, there ain't enough money is CA to redeem you after what you've done (on so many levels) to your family. Pay up and shut up.

1157 days ago


If she can get it take it.If not and the rest isnt enough,sell the damn house.No one needs a house that big.

1157 days ago


Maria is entitled and so is Arnie splitting 50/50.

Don't forget Arnie caused all of this. And of course this coming out 'AFTER HE IS OUT OF OFFICE' don't you love the timing.

Also, keep in mind if not for her family, political connections, I don't think Arnie would have stood a chance in politics. She and her family opened alot of doors for him.

1157 days ago


She does not need it! And, no, just because you were cheated on it doesn't mean you deserve money. You don't! When she stopped working she still had her own millions.

1157 days ago


Maria has such class and stood behind her husband when he was accused of groping several women before he was elected governor of California.
Arnold is so filled with himself that I am sure he wears a hole in the mirror every morning kissing himself. What a disaster o*****overnor and rotten husband.

1157 days ago


If Maria buys it (or not), then I'll respect her judgment. It might have been just as he said, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on this one until proven otherwise. It doesn't sound as though he's been vindictive in other aspects of the process. He was a cheater but that doesn't mean he was terrible in all aspects of life.

It really does make sense for him to pay her lawyer fees since his actions caused the divorce. Not so sure about alimony in this case, she seems to have enough money on her own and splitting up the assets might be sufficient. It's not entirely the same situation as with the non-rich who have been married for a long time and one spouse has partially or completely dropped out of the job market to keep the house and family going or to help the spouse with a paycheck in various ways, only because of the other ways she will be compensated. They might think about a single payment to compensate her for lost income rather than ongoing support. She can't just go out and get the same type of job so easily now because of her age, which is often the case in such divorces.

My mother had to give up a well paying job (for the time) with opportunities for advancement when she married, for instance, and she never was able to just get back into the job market at that level 20 years later and ended up in low paying jobs. You lose a lot by not being there continuously, especially if you're female. She couldn't even get a share of her ex's social security payments because he left the country and apparently never applied for them or something like that, and yet she really earned those paychecks right along with him (in addition to managing the house and kids and trying to extract money from the mindless spendthrift for food and other bills every week before it vanished into a black hole, she also did a lot of work managing events for cultivating his clients). He also stuck her with a huge mortgage and other debt and horrible credit. (There are more safeguards available today.) She certainly deserved alimony and was awarded it by the judge, but never received a penny (no child support either, kind of hard to deal with deadbeat dads cross-border).

1157 days ago


Arnold is such a loser. Maria may have lots of $$$ but she will do better things with his money than he ever will, such as charities, he will spend it on fast women, and cars, cigars, and liquor.
At least she will put it to good use.

Gee what public humiliation she has gone through, any thing she gets out of him, she should hand over to the local womens shelter, that help women like herself, emotionally abused, and worse. She just happens to have the means to support herself, but she is human, and has feelings.
Maria take his money and donate it to your favorite charity, he used you, it hurts now but just turn it positive anger, take him to the cleaners, what he did is compared to 3rd world ancient times, fooling around with the chamber maid, and not giving a hoot about his own family in the home. His morals, are those of a barbarian, and uses women, to gain power, and personal satisfaction!! Ewwww!!! No words to describe your behaviour!!!

Arnold go back to where you came from, where these actions are acceptable, you have scared your family for life, including the poor little boy you had out of wedlock. Set up a trust for this child, he will need the therapy. Maybe Maria can take the extra change and do that for him, Arnold does not have the same values as you do, different culture.

1157 days ago


I'm all for them splitting what was earned by either during the marriage, but he has no right to any Kennedy or Shriver money, and she has none to his from his pre-nuptial careers.

As for spousal support, since they have still have minor children, if she is going to be their primary custodian and stay-at-home parent, he should contribute a MODEST amount of support to her over and above the child support.

That sounds equitable to me. Not a tragedy if he doesn't, but I am not forgetting that he is the fool who screwed up this marriage in a very unmistakable way. You apologists can say she drove him to it all you want, and at the end of the day, it's still Arnold who had the ongoing rep for harassing women and who knocked at least one of them up. You didn't hear about her having lovers or bearing someone else's child. And had it been a simpler matter of sexual mismatch, a less boorish, womanizing oaf might have simply dealt with it via professional services instead of everything in skirts that threw itself at him.

1157 days ago


Her money is considered in the split of ALL their assets. In CA once you put money into a joint account, it becomes joint property. Also, CA is a no fault divorce state. It makes no difference if there was adultry involved. If the was physical, verbal or mental abuse, that would be taken into consideration (& just cheating on your spouse doesn't equate mental abuse.) Some how, with as much as that child looks like Arnold, I doubt she didn't think it was his. She doesn't appear to be a stupid woman. And she also did work during the marriage, even if she isn't working now. I just hope they can settle this quietly and peacefully and do what is best for their children.

1157 days ago


Maria has plenty of money to pay her own bills. She's a Kennedy.

1156 days ago

PRO US    

Ih8Taxes 3 minutes ago

Maria has plenty of money to pay her own bills. She's a Kennedy.


Absolutely right.

1156 days ago
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