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'Teen Mom' Couple

EVICTED for Stiffing Landlord

7/23/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the couples from MTV's "Teen Mom" started off Season 3 by moving into their 1st apartment together -- but TMZ has learned, they've already been evicted from the pad ... for failing to pay rent!072211_teen_mom_lease_v3_still

19-year-olds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra -- who are best known for giving their daughter Carly up for adoption on the show -- singed a lease on an apartment in Marine City, Michigan, in August, 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV show.

But according to court docs -- the couple stopped paying their rent in December 2010 ... so their landlord gave them an eviction notice -- and took them to court!

It didn't turn out well for the couple -- who agreed to give up their $450.00 security deposit, pay an additional $450 in back rent and move the hell out of the building.

No word on where Catelynn and Tyler -- who also happen to be step-siblings (!) -- plan to live next.


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Maybe Dr. Drew can lend them some money and while he is at it he can convince Tylers dad to join Celebrity Rehab next season.

1159 days ago


I heard the landlord is the one lying and that they moved out because he refused to fix things. I know when I was in my early 20's I had a landlord railroad me and I didn't have the money to get an attorney to fight back. Does TMZ pay for their stories? Maybe the landlord was looking for a payday.

1159 days ago


@hotmamaofthree No, selfishness is keeping a child you know you can't care for to stroke your own ego. Abortion is the easy way out, not adoption. Adoption, if anything, is proving you love the child enough to know YOU aren't the best for it, and providing it with a loving, caring home that actually wants and/or can support the child.

1159 days ago


@hotmamaofthree...You are an idiot! Those 2 teenagers who gave their daughter up for a better life are smarter than you! And did you read this story? These kids were kicked out of their apt...not a good way to raise a baby. Get a clue!

1159 days ago


I have a vacant 2 bedroom condo on the St. Clair river in Port Huron to offer free of charge to the couple. Unable to find a way to contact MTV directly with my offer.

1159 days ago


The money they made from the show has probably gone towards Butch's (the father/stepfather) legal problems. He's been in and out of jail because he's an addict. Also, like many of you have already said, her mother is a horribly mean woman, and has probably needled these kids until they gave her money, so she'd shut her mouth for a minute. Her mother also has a fairly small child, a little boy I believe, and they are probably also helping to support him, since the mother refuses to do anything but sit around and complain all day. These two have had an absolutely horrible upbringing. It's too bad that they're not breaking the cycle, but not unusual. This type of thing happens everywhere, every day. So sad that these deadbeat parents don't do a damn thing for their kids. I'm glad they gave their baby up. Can you imagine an infant or toddler in this situation? Damn. I hope they get their lives together and get away from their horrible family, but it will be hard. They both seem to have good hearts, but don't know any better than what they've seen growing up.

1159 days ago


Things happen. I was unable to pay my rent but I allowed my landlord keep my security deposit and my last month rent had been paid. My rent was good through May but she changed the lock and kicked me out before our SIGNED lease was due! No PRIOR NOTICE or anything! She simply locked me out when she anted a new tenant with my THINGS like furniture, bank cards, credit card, personal things still inside! I called the cops but instead of helping me they said they would arrest me if I called again (Oneonta, NY, state troopers). Don't know about this woman but generally America goes down the drain..... Good Lord. Bless America!

1159 days ago


According to Catelynn, that's not true at all!! She said this on twitter: "CatelynnLowell Catelynn Lowell
0mg we did too pay our rent wtf? The landlord was an idiot and didn't fix anything!"

you can follow her on twitter here:

and yes thats really her, not a fake, her account is verified because of the blue check mark next to her name!

1159 days ago


Very disappointed in TMZ. This story is nothing but false. Also, the kids don't get paid to be on teen mom, rather they get paid for appearing places, interviews, etc. I am sure they get some endorsements from MTV though.

1159 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for choosing the worst shots of these kids from the show to make them look like mug shots. No clue how they don't have enough money to pay rent considering what they've been paid, but these were the only kids who seemed pretty mature for their age and made some very hard very mature decisions. They both come from screwed up families but are trying to stay together and put themselves through school. Life is hard when you're 19 and broke (think back, we've all been there). Do stories on the attention-mongers of reality TV, not on these kids trying to lay-low and live a good life...

1159 days ago


Idgcoop, I agree with you!

Kylee, really? that's awesome! Team Catelynn & Tyler! <3

1159 days ago


Accidentally entered comment before finishing! Meant to say landlord refused to pay anything towards fixing the apartment! And Victoria yes! :)

1159 days ago


If they haven't been paying since last August (a year ago), how do they only have to pay $450 in backpay? I understand losing the deposit but what's up with only paying $450 after 12 months? I wish that was my rent!

1159 days ago


Why is TMZ even acknowledging this trash?

Stop promoting this and that Casey child killer

1159 days ago


I actually liked this couple. They seemed very genuine throughout the adoption process. This and even the 2nd season of Teen mom have really changed my opinion of them. The reason for the adoption was so that Carly could have a better life, I agreed. BUT they kept running on "she makes us see life in a different way, we want to be better for her. blah blah bah" and what they STILL haven't graduated!!!! wtf! they're almost 19! I don't see any improvement in them. I don't want to sound harsh because I can imagine giving up a baby affects you but life is life and if they've wanted to succeed they damn have well should have.
I guess you can expect much from them.

1159 days ago
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