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TMZ Live -- Casey Anthony ... Hot or Not?

7/25/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- Do you think Casey Anthony is hot ... and why it actually matters. Also, Dr. Murray's defense strategy takes a huge hit. Plus, no sympathy for Amy Winehouse ... why is she being treated differently than Joplin or Hendrix? 



(2:50) Amy Winehouse died this weekend -- and is getting no sympathy for the way she lived her life. See what 500,000 people had to say about her death.
(4:48) So ... why no sympathy for Amy?
(8:15) Addiction ... and why people are powerless against it.
(14:05) Harvey was lucky ... he was able to quit drinking no problem.
(20:24) BIG development in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case ... and it's a major blow to Dr. Conrad Murray's defense strategy.
(24:01) Katherine Jackson makes a powerful statement -- she's seen NO evidence there was a conspiracy against MJ by his estate.
(26:50) Happy Birthday Evan!
(35:45) So the big question ... is Casey Anthony hot? Before you judge ... check out a picture of her when she was all dolled up.
(40:50) Is there a connection between good looks and criminal justice?
(43:10) Cledus T. Judd -- who co-wrote the Caylee Anthony tribute song with a member of Rascal Flatts -- calls up to talk about how it came about.
(48:30) Would you call the cops on your own child?


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Wheres Harvey soaking the oil

1154 days ago


I have never tried pot and till this day have never been drunk. I don't understand why people do not want to be in control of themselves. I still have sympathy for Amy and her family along with anyone who goes thru what they went thru. I simply don't have the desire not to be in control of my self.

1154 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

But, these people have been in treatment. One thing they try to teach you is that ONCE YOU KNOW OF YOUR DISEASE, YOU NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT going to meetings, church or whatever you use to combat.

1154 days ago


I was a junkie for about 30 years, and there were numerous times I said I'm gonna quit or I have to quit. I went through several bad things happening to me, from Broken Neck and Back to a Pulmonary Embolism and still couldn't quit. It took one thing for me to do so, and that was dying and coming back. I feel very sorry for Amy as well as her family, it's a true shame.

1154 days ago


I think there's little sympathy for Amy because people know there has been a consistent pattern of disregard by her for her health. Her talent was recognized and respected, unfortunately, she did not respect her talent as a gift to the world. It's painful to watch someone crash and burn so publicly. EVERYone felt and still feels powerless and we don't like that feeling

1154 days ago


Hey everybody. You can watch them on ustream live

1154 days ago


I was in college from 77-81 - I didn't drin*****il I went to college and haven't since I graduated - I hung out with people who were big partiers (a college roommate kept homemade speed in our freezer) but NEVER took drugs or smoked pot (absolutely HATE the smell of it).

When I was 10 years old I saw my great uncle dying of lung cancer from smoking - have NEVER had the desire to smoke - can't stand the smell.

while I'm sad for Amy, she was a time bomb - so unfortunate but unless someone wants to get clean, they won't.

1154 days ago


thanks bunny

1154 days ago


Casey Anthony is smoking HOT!! But I wouldn't even piss on her if she was on fire!! She is a crazy-lying nutcase!!

1154 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

Casey Anthony is a 10 in looks, and probably a 2 or 3 in personality since I do believe that she did either kill or made it possible

1154 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Thanks bunny.

1154 days ago


You said to call in if you've never smoked marajuana or done drugs. Of course your lines are busy so I couldn't get through
I've never done any type of drugs. The reason is simple. I wanted to be able to tell my kids with 100% honesty that I never did drugs. I wanted to set a good example.

1154 days ago


Does anyone else find it amusing that the poster berating TMZ for being unprofessional couldn't even spell it (as well as about every other word in the post)?

1154 days ago


Micheal was a great singer and he had a very wierd life lets let him be....why are you talking about Casey anthony why?????????? come one stop giving that girl a time of day please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont care she is nuts she killed her kids why do you think this is ok talking about how hot she is are you nuts Harvey

1154 days ago


ok thank god you are now making sense Harvey exactly a junkie has no choice she needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! junkies are messed up this is not a girl who took a joint and sang rasta music she was a talented women who had hangups and either you get the help or you dont and she was to sick and around very suck people look at her husband! that guy was whack look at Whitney she will be next ! we need to stop allowing these people get awards and get on tv

1154 days ago
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