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TMZ Live: Are Jocks Dumber than Regular Folk?

7/26/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not ready to say athletes are dumber than your average bear, but we were shocked at the  "Wonderlic Test" players took  ... and how poorly they performed.  Plus, networks are fighting over Anthony family interviews -- so who's worse ... the networks or the family?



(0:00) We're going three deep today -- our resident sports/politics junkie Brian McDaniel joins the fray.
(5:25) Do you have to be smarter to be a quarterback?
(8:00) The "Wonderlic Test" -- given to NFL prospects -- is impossibly ... EASY. Seriously, YOU GOTTA HEAR some of these questions.
(12:20) What are the average scores for different NFL positions?
(14:05) Gary takes SERIOUS issue with the lineman bashing.
(21:20) Jason -- our lawyer -- played college baseball ... and he turned out fine.
(26:45) A rare moment in TMZ Live history ... it's time to talk politics. Harvey plays the part of POTUS and recaps Obama's speech last night.
(28:45) Time to rip apart Obama's AND Boehner's speeches.
(30:10) Brian says ... it's all Grover Norquist's fault! Burn!
(40:30) Networks are FIGHTING over interviews with Casey Anthony and her parents. Plus, ABC's shocking statement.
(55:00) Are the Anthonys trying to profit off Caylee's death ... or just trying to pay off all those lawyer fees?
(56:02) Bold statement ... one caller said he'd miss a NASCAR race in order to boycott a Casey Anthony interview.


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some guy    

I remember watching 'Jerry Maguire,' and Cuba mentioned he had a shelf life of 3 years.

I just hope the average NFL player is smart with the money he makes.

997 days ago


Where can we get a copy of this test to take it for ourselves?

997 days ago


Shaq has his masters and is working on his PhD

997 days ago

some guy    

I blame the colleges. All they care about is how much money student athletes are going to make for them.

I'm sure the colleges give major passes to their star athletes. Attendance probably not taken, tests graded on a really forgiving curve.

It also seems that some of colleges will accept a kid with serious issues as long as they can run fast. Just look at the controversy that surrounds Ohio, surrounded Miami, and BCS in general.

997 days ago


If, and I say "IF," pro-athletes and jocks, in general, were even average intellectually, their tests wouldn't be SO DUMB. The conclusion is OBVIOUS and not rocket-science.

997 days ago


Re: the's time to drain the swamp!

997 days ago

some guy    

Typical Washington politics. Wait till 1 hour before the deadline and they'll pass something.

Attention whores.

997 days ago

bob Dawdy    

Obama and Boener just were blaming each other, Like two kids in high school over who blew up the toilet with a cherry bomb One held the firecracker while the other one lit it,whose fault was it? BOTH OF THEM!!!!!

997 days ago

some guy    

I think Republicans would be alot better if they got away from the Tea Party. I don't trust them.

997 days ago


Sorry, guys. The Republicans are doing exactly what they were placed in majority in the House to do. They ARE representing the wishes of the majority of Americans by stopping the pork-mill mentality of the past, of which both parties were guilty. Compromise is NOT cow-towing to Obama.

997 days ago


Harvey . . Mr. Right Wing Fox Whore.

997 days ago

some guy    

I think Washington is corrupt from the Special Interests. I notice not alot politicians talk about them.

997 days ago


On Inauguration Day, the Debt stood at $10.626 trillion. The latest posting from the Treasury Department shows that as of July 31st, the debt hit $11.669 trillion.

Obama miss spoke about just being a trillion when he took office President Bush left us with a $10.626 trillionand an ecomy that was collapsing......

997 days ago


Please take the Wonderlic. I highly doubt the arrogant bicycle dude will score in the 40's. I gave the test many times before hiring's not as easy as you all say. Please take the test and let us all know the scores.

997 days ago


The Democrats have not passed a budget in two years!!!

997 days ago
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