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'19 Kids and Counting' Family

BLOWING UP $100 Bills

At The Lincoln Memorial

8/4/2011 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-money-washinton-water-exThe adorable religious zealots on "19 Kids and Counting" were right on the money yesterday in D.C. -- when the family stormed the Lincoln Memorial to fight spiritual bankruptcy ... with GIANT $100 bills.

Patriarch Jim Bob Duggar tells TMZ, he and his family felt like the country could use a pep talk during these hard financial times ... so they handed out over-sized fake Benjamins, inscribed with uplifting spiritual messages.

Jim Bob -- who was vacationing in the capital with his family -- adds, "Our hope in passing them out today was to encourage people to reflect on the things that are most important and to re-evaluate their relationship with God."

Given the memorial backdrop ... maybe $5 bills would have been more appropriate?


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Hey Jim Bob I wish we all can get a lifetime salary paid for by the tax payers.

1123 days ago


Zealots??? Wrong TMZ

1123 days ago


Did you know that Jim Bob has had their home declared a "church" so they don't have to pay property taxes?
What a scammer...Only in Arkansas.

1123 days ago


Kathy: 36 minutes ago

I don't like reality shows that put children on display 24/7 for money. I don't have any respect for these people--if not for TV how would they support these kids? Are they wealthy?
They own several commericial properties that they rent out, a towing company that they are establishing one of their sons in, a few used car lots that they have established for another son. They were raising their family fine before the show and Im sure they will be just fine if the show ended tomorrow. Preconceived notions and judgements is what leads to misunderstandings. These people can do, believe what ever they want. They arent hurting anyone, asking for others to raise their children and are contributing members of society. Why TMZ likes to stir controversy about them is beyond me.

1123 days ago


I like this family and they're far from zealots. They have faith in God and are christians. If TMZ wants to see an example of religious zealots then perhaps Harvey and the gang should take a trip to Afghanistan and visit with the Taliban.

1123 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this family having as many kids as they want. It's their business. If God didn't want those children on this earth then they wouldn't be here! Stop worrying about over population. People are born every day and people die everyday. My great great grandmother had 17 children and they all grew up knowing how to cook, sew, farm, ect. The older kids helped take care of the younger kids and helped around the house. Nothing wrong with that! I have 4 children and I expect them to help out too. I can't believe there are people in this world that criticize this family for making their children have responsibilities around the house. What are they supposed to do? Lay around watching tv, texting or playing on the computer while their parents wait on them hand and foot? I commend them for raising children that will have important life skills, morals and respect for their elders.

1123 days ago


The Duggers belong to a cult called Quiverfull started by an American Christian woman the way to Heaven is to have as many children as possible. It's sad that they fund their lifestyle by wh0ring their family out to TV...

1123 days ago


Reba : 4 hours ago--

Totally I get where you are going with the Duggars. I'm happy they can support their large brood by using and exploiting their children to a world they don't approve of. But they shouldn't be looking down at others who aren't so fortunate.

Don't get me wrong... I like the Duggars, they seem like generally okay kind of people (Well used to be anyway)That is until they got the bigheads and the money started rolling in royally. Always smiling for the camera's, of course if I had crap-load of money, tax credit for every child after the 7th, don't have to pay taxes on land that my 7sq ft home sit on as I claim it as a church and never had to do a honest hard work ever again, sponsor and TLC paying for my travels and trips with a camera crew tagging along I would be smiling from ear to ear for the camera’s all the time too. LOL

Carbon footprint? When is the last time Jim Bob or Michelle ever walked anywhere beside to the pizza shop LOL? In 2009 Jim Bob told Joy he had 7-8 vehicles, I’ve seen their home and Josh use car lot he used to lease before buying an old Wendy building... but since then, they now got a limo; bet they got more then 200 vehicles now. That’s a lot of transportations, burning fuels, water, gas and it must be a monster burning all that electricity in that big house etc. Oh and the toilet waste from that big gray bus-- that's a lot of nasty water/poopoo from one family. LOL Beside, What's the point of buying use when all you do is take the difference saved and spend it buying 2, 3 even $4.000.00 on all kinds of auction vehicles such as motor and dirt bikes, workman trucks, bus, SVU etc? Have you seen the episode of their kids shoes? Holes, rips, dirty, turn over it was disgusting! Jim Bob would rather take save money and buy vehicles then to buy their kids new pairs of shoes. Got one of the kid taping up a busted shoe with ducktape. They may make their own soaps and soap powders but do they make their own toilet tissues? Countless of dirty pampers, trash and garbage all in one family (YIKES!)... In fact, the Duggars don't do anything that doesn't result in publicity and money. They may not have DUI's but I don't think being loaded to the max flashing all kinds of firearms like you are going to war is very Christian like either neither is trying to tell others how to live their lives. IMO the word Christian is what the Duggars hide behind but MONEY is what they are all about. With that big family, money is definitely what they need so I don't blame them trying to get it any way they have to. But um Jim Bob, if everybody had 19 children and two grandchildren's to exploit on a reality TV show getting rich, a wife who doesn't work and sit around letting her adult daughters play parents to her little kids all day-everyday -- they wouldn't have to go on welfare, disability or even work for that matter either. They can't sit back and smile for the camera saying let God pay their bills, leaning on God helps but paying the bills require employment. JimBob kill me always bragging like, he work hard for a living to earn what he got. UGH!

Who else is getting tired of hearing that lame seminar excuse?

And there’s another one that use to be on You Tube where Jim Bob and Michelle visited some college students who asked them what do they think of people who say they are exploiting and using their kids to make money? Jim Bob and Michelle dance all around that question and never answered. Of course they got back to the seminar thingy again LOL.

I can’t help but notice whenever people ask Jim Bob how he surviving these hard economic times today with 25 mouths to feed and support? He goes back to that damn 20 years ago get out of debt free seminar. LOL I wish someone would cut him off and say um Jim Bob that was 20 years ago, we’re talking about current, NOW! Yeah, yeah, yeah... you got two books and you made enough money to buy a building and split it into several parts renting out one part of it and there’s a cell phone tower on your property you’re renting out. We get that! But I bet TLC really brings in the big bucks every month? Why can’t this guy ever just admit he makes a big part of his living off TLC? Matt Lauer on Today show really put Jim Bob on the spot when he asked that question and cut him off when JB started rambling avoiding the question and Michelle had to jump in and save him adding the buy cheap save the difference speech. Come to think of it, so did Joy Behar she rudely told them yeah I got it, I see what you’re doing… LOL Look below the transcript, notice how neither Jim Bob or Michelle respond to the show remark Joy made.

February 20, 2009
Behar: I understand that you guys are debt free. I can't even imagine how you pulled that off. ... How did you do that?

Jim Bob Duggar: Well, back about 18 years ago, we saw Jim Sammons' financial seminar on DVD, and it was life-changing. At that point, we purposed to try to get out of debt and try to stay out of debt. And our family motto is to buy used and save the difference. We shop a lot at garage sales, thrift stores.

Behar: How many cars do you have?

Jim Bob Duggar: We actually have probably about, what? Seven or eight right now?

Michelle Duggar: We have a lot of drivers, which is great.

Behar: Seven or eight cars, well, that's an expensive proposition, isn't it? Do you get public assistance of any kind?

Jim Bob Duggar: No, we don't -- we've never had any public assistance. Just like our 21-passenger bus, we bought at a sealed-bid auction for $2,100, we bought an '04 Suburban at an auction for like $7,000. Instead of $40,000 on a vehicle we ...

Behar: Yeah, I got it. I see what you're doing. But you have a book deal and a TV show. That's got to help. Do you think the octomom could get a TV show like you have? That might help her a lot.

Michelle Duggar: I could not imagine having that many little ones and being busy with a show. I think for our situation, our children are a lot older and our heart is really to just share with other families, encourage them that children are a gift and enjoy them while you have them because they grow up really fast. And so ...

1123 days ago



1123 days ago



1123 days ago


Very interesting what they were doing!

1123 days ago

pj blogger    

He is one to talk about finances and spirtual bankruptcy when he is whoring his whole family out to TLC.

1123 days ago


these people are the epitome of what's wrong with this country. Just because you breed like rabbits it doesn't mean you're good people.

1122 days ago


The Duggars who seem to most people to be a benign huge family are proponents of Bill Gothard and his ATI/IBLP which is a movement to bring barefoot and pregnant and uneducated back into the world. Gothard rules his minions with promises of a dominionist theocracy to bring back the Good Old Days. Education for women is a huge no/no and the quiverfull movement is backed totally.
The Duggars aren't as sweet as you think. OfJimBob and JimBob are using their older daughters to raise their multitude of children. I doubt if OfJimBob has had a real conversation with any of her smaller children that holds any water. Thankfully the scare of Josie's birth may have stopped them from using her vagina as a clown car.

1122 days ago

K R Lee    

Can you say tax write-off ?!?!

1122 days ago
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