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Taylor Armstrong

Injured 4 Days Before

Russell's Suicide

8/17/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There has been a buzz about a mysterious injury Taylor Armstrong suffered just 4 days before her estranged husband, Russell, committed suicide, but Taylor's friends insist the cut above her eye was not inflicted by him.

Taylor's friends tell TMZ ... the injury occurred while she was playing a game of football.

Taylor filed for divorce last month, claiming Russell physically abused her.


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Looks like he was exercising his pimp hand.

1162 days ago


Is this aother one of Bravo's plot lines? This is making me sick.

1162 days ago


Injured, as in punched in the mouth to get those fat, ugly lips?

1162 days ago


Gold digging whore! She spent all of his money then bad mouthed him to the press, no wonder he hung himself.

1162 days ago


You all make me sick, this woman is the stereotypical gold digger, who then allowed her 15 minutes to take it further and claim abuse that she personaly exaggerated in order to get out of a marriage and leave him holding the bag. The only things she didn't think about was the fact that he had a heart, and feelings, UNLIKE HER, and killed himself. So help me god if she trys to get any sympothy... this woman sucks at life.

1162 days ago


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? How come they are all EX-WIVES who got a boatload of money from their wealthy husbands in the divorce settlements. Hey, someone has to pay for all the botox, spray on sun tan that always looks orange and plastic surgery.

Camille Grammar really looks plastic. Not being mean but jeez, not going to look 20 when your pushing 50. Most of these woman look like their stunned.

1162 days ago


NOTE TO ALL WOMEN: Stop following every new fad by either injecting, sculpting, or whatever else comes along to your faces. These proceduress make you look ugly and deformed.

1162 days ago


Well, I think he was a bump on a log honestly. She just wanted to enjoy herself at events. He apparently had other things on the brain but this is a time to let it go for a bit and have fun. Taylor is no Angel and i dont believe for a minute she was playing football and lets get real here, NO ONE knows wht goes on behind closed doors. You canbe the sweetest person but behind the door you can be someone else. Ive been there so............either way, my heart goes out to the Kennedy/Armstrong family.

1162 days ago


Taylor ! Please part your friggin Hairs off center ! The middle part makes the two strands look even thinner and your face longer .......ewww!

1162 days ago


She wanted these pictures to be taken or else she would have worn sunglasses. Of course she's using boxes as a prop, like we're to believe she's moving her stuff out herself without the help of a mover. B*tch please.

I don't give a sh*t about how she was injured. Either way, she used it to plant a seed of doubt in people's minds that her story about the sports injury was true. We're supposed to believe that she's covering up for Russell again. Somehow I doubt he would be doing this stuff knowing she's being filmed every day.

Maybe other women will learn a lesson from this. Report it when it happens the first time and save yourself further grief down the road. She put up with it in order to stay on the show, but used the show to slowly expose him and the editors obliged. Then when she had the fame she thought she was going to replace him. Too bad she has to hold off on that plan for a while so as not to look like a complete gold digger. She'll make the cover of PEOPLE and spin it until the cows come home. Since the bi leak is out of the bag, she'll deny that too, knowing the seed is still there.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Radar is getting their leaks from Bravo and Co.

1162 days ago


There is something very distasteful about this woman. Something just screams total phony. I wouldn't be surprised if she did that to herself for the Bravo cameras. Score for Bravo!!! Poor Russell RIP man

1162 days ago


Sweet Merciness from the Heavens. Thiz woman just lost her huzband and all the negativity needs to stop. Respectz this lady people and her grief time! The lady has donz alot of goods for alots of people and let her grieves this death with her sweet child from the heavenz above.

Keep in Classy peez keep in classy.

1162 days ago


She is disgusting! She did this to her husband( although he was weak and chose the easy way out)
She needs to lay off the plastic surgery. She is starting to look like a freak. No wonder her hubby was in debt. Its from all her surgeries.

1162 days ago


She is sooooo not attractive!

1162 days ago


she does have kids!!!

1162 days ago
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