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Kim Kardashian

Hoity-Toity Neighbors

Complain over Wedding Noise

8/22/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_KIMS_WEDDING_SPLASH_EXDKim Kardashian and her wedding posse of 460 were too loud for the neighbors ... law enforcement tells us the residents were so pissed off over the noise, they called the cops.

We're told several neighbors reached their limit at 11:30 PM and called the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.  Deputies paid a visit to the ritzy estate where Kim's bash was in full gear, and asked them to turn the music down, which they promptly did.

A Sheriff's official tells TMZ ... none of the neighbors wanted to sign an official complaint so no one was cited.

What's unclear is if the music was live or canned -- a bunch of singers and groups performed live, including Earth, Wind & Fire and Robin Thicke, and DJ's like DJ Cassidy were spinning.


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The comparisons between Kim K. and Kate Middleton are UNCANNY.
One of them has sisters' w/ such vulgar mouths that they'd make a trucker blush. Constantly in front of the camera, talks like a 4th grade valley girl, sex tape, married to someone they dated for 4 months, and a Mom that needs to be on TV as much as her.
The other has no sex tape, marrying someone who she's been with for 5 years, tries to avoid the camera at all costs, and a sister with class and elegance, and parents that avoid the camera.
Can't even figure out which one is which. Uncanny!

1128 days ago


GMA announced they made over $18 million dollars this weekend (eminem, u!!! Again , all credit goes to the No.1 pimp herself , Kris Jenner ...

1128 days ago


Kim Kardashian may have money,but she has no taste. First, at a formal wedding if the ceremony is before 6PM the groom and the ushers should wear Morning clothes.After 6 either tails for formal wedding or tuxedo for semi-formal. It is in horrible taste, to dress a little boy in a tuxedo.Little boys should wear Eton suits if they are in a wedding. Class can't be bought.

1128 days ago


What about being disturbed by loud noise, in your home, late at night makes a person "hoity-toity"?

1128 days ago


Hoity-toity? The Kardashians don't own the world. Why should people who don't know or care anything about them put up with their noise? It is good that they turned down the music. These adjoining property owner probably had no way to ask for the turn down themselves so had to call the police.

1128 days ago


No talent, no class = $$'s apparently. Good for the neighbours not wanting to put up with their crap.

1128 days ago


So, this entitled family stepped over the bounds again...what else is new?

But, Kim, we all know how you made a name for yourself... on your back.....and only in American can some nobody make a sex tape, and got out, and oops, I made money from it, and oops now everyone can rent it and see me at my worst...and now I'm a 'star'with a horrible reputation that I just push out of my brain so I don't think about it.

I wouldn't trade places with this chick for all of her money. I would never want my name to be Kim K.and have people talk about me like they do. And she gives them ammo!

1128 days ago


I concur with the majority of the readers that next door neighbors weren't exactly neighborly. Had I been in their shoes I would've chalked it up as one evening of disturbance for a special occasion and leave it at that.

1128 days ago


I didn't know anything about these fake whores till i started to Read TMZ. I have never watched their show even. Thank god my Bill for Channels doesn't include MTV or E!

1128 days ago


I would have called the cops too. It's not MY party and not MY concern. I should have peace regardless of what TRASH is throwing a party. It amazes me that some people think you have to put up with this **** on ANY given night.

1128 days ago


Why should these people (who paid big bucks for their homes) have to be inconvenienced because some fat, ugly, plastic porn star had a fake wedding?

1128 days ago


How funny that there are wedding photos on the news stations this morning (not the tabloids). No Perez of TMZ exclusive photos. What does that tell you?

1128 days ago


I'm with the neighbours on this one ! The Kardashians are a thoughtless lot!!

1128 days ago


Jealous neighbors, calling the cops, come on now!

1128 days ago



1128 days ago
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