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Kim Kardashian

Hoity-Toity Neighbors

Complain over Wedding Noise

8/22/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_KIMS_WEDDING_SPLASH_EXDKim Kardashian and her wedding posse of 460 were too loud for the neighbors ... law enforcement tells us the residents were so pissed off over the noise, they called the cops.

We're told several neighbors reached their limit at 11:30 PM and called the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.  Deputies paid a visit to the ritzy estate where Kim's bash was in full gear, and asked them to turn the music down, which they promptly did.

A Sheriff's official tells TMZ ... none of the neighbors wanted to sign an official complaint so no one was cited.

What's unclear is if the music was live or canned -- a bunch of singers and groups performed live, including Earth, Wind & Fire and Robin Thicke, and DJ's like DJ Cassidy were spinning.


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The Kardashians are not brilliant nor did they put on this wedding. This was the filming of a TV show and was put together and controlled by E and Ryan Seacrest's production company. It was business.
For those of you who cannot grasp this reality, I have more bad news: "Bambi" was not a do***entary. That's the real last laugh.

1136 days ago


I don't care if it was a wedding. That doesn't give you the right to blast music past midnight and disturb your neighbors, most of whom the Kardashian clan probably look on with disdain. The only member of that family who actually EARNED his money is Bruce Jenner, and that was over thirty years ago.

1135 days ago


Let me set the record straight. I live and work in the area of the wedding. That estate is located on the northern most point of Montecito. There is another estate across the street. Thats it !..There are nice, moderate nieghborhoods to the west and south!. It is a very quiet area with large trees. The music was being heard very far from where the wedding was and the music was a live professioal band!

Plus, Scyamore Cyn Rd, the main street the estate is on, was completely shut down from noon, till the last guests left. It was an inconvience to a lot of people.

No, the call to the sheriffs dept was not set up for the cameras. The music was really loud !! If the estate was located further up the canyon, The music may have not been that big of a problem, or the traffic. The home in those areas are very spread out and the properties are very large...

I have seen many private weddings in Montecito but never have I seen one this big! This small community put up with to much activity in a small area for a 2-3 day period. Glad they are done and gone!

1135 days ago


Hoity toity neighbors?

Who could be more hoity-toity than the Kardasians?

1135 days ago

A de    

What is funny is that its only in America that you can do a sex tape and get famous for it..However, you may be unrecognized if your found the treatment / cure for cancer.

1135 days ago


Wow they said so many celebrities attended this wedding. No one important. Biggest name Eva Longoria and when Housewives is over it will be Eva Who? Oh and what happened to the 1000 guests they said were invited.Did the other 550 get the invitation and open it and say Kim Who? Sorry we have better things to do.LOL

1135 days ago

OC born and raised    

So many nasty people blogging on TMZ.

1135 days ago


Ok yes the Kardashians are insanely rich and yes we hear about them way to much. The sad thing is though is how a lot of people are being so stuck up themselves. No one is ever perfect everyone makes mistakes that they tend to regret. The only reason why being are the Kardashians apart is because they are famous. Who cares this is Kim's second wedding the divorce rate now a days is crazy and a lot of people have been married more then once, isn't everyone deserving of true happiness and love? The sex tape yeah poor judgement but I am guessing at least some of you are guilty of making your own personal ones as well but A.) eaither we aren't famous enough that anyone cares if it were to be lost and found by the wrong people and released or B.) Don't have to worry about that happening because we aren't famous so people aren't looking for those kinds of things in the first place. I am not defending the Kardashians I am kinda just mutual in this matter it just sad to see such negative things being said about people without thinking of how that does reflect on yourselves. She might been a slut or famous for the wrong reasons but what do you think you look like by judging so hashly? We are all humans and we all make mistakes!!

1135 days ago


Admittedly she is entitled to any sort of wedding she desired and got it. I think the family is crass and should be reminded they are nothing close to royalty. Royals don't profit $18m on a wedding and then have the audacity to register at high-end stores for items that will never be used. Wouldn't be surprised after all the negativity gone their way that some sort of a token donation be made somewhere.

1135 days ago

TMZ, don't you know that Old Money doesn't give a f*ck about the Kardashians. The rest of us are finally seeing the light!!

1135 days ago


Well now time for all us to release out opinions, first off Bruce as he walked her down the isle looked as ifn wtf am I doing no real smiles at all, then Kim as she was at the alter kept looking into the audience as if to say can u see me, then their was the dress, it was pretty till you followed the lons ass train of material called netting it took away from the whole effect to me, then came the pictures of the two younger girls and their mom, when they showed them all I focused on was that big ass bow on kris dress and the girls were beautiful and age appropitate dresses for them very stylish so all in all no OMG look at that for me it was all about money, fame and in your face. I give it a year. Kris is so out of his league.

1135 days ago


If everyone is so sick of this girl, then why are you wasting your time reading about her at all? You're about as stupid as you say she is. You also contribute to keeping her as famous as she is. The Kardashians thank you for that, btw.

Also, newsflash for those who say things like, "This is real news??": Next time you have to ask that question, look at the website you are on. Your comments wouldn't look as idiotic on sites that contain actual "real world" news compared to sites that contain the very celebrity gossip you hate.

1135 days ago


She is not smart ,she is a idiot! I saw in the supermarket a tabloid magazine today and she is in the wedding POSING for the cameras...I realize she stupid is so full of herself she was looking at the camera and posing...can't believe it how full of S!@#$%^ she is ,this is a woman who can't have a formal a interesting , conversation she is not smart ,she is just lucky for the big ASS (ugly) and good PR's is all plus the mother using and exploiting all the girls in that is the most disfuctional famiyly I ever know,the girls treat the mother like S!@#$ the other one is a vulgar as a sailor,,the other married a man for money and fame if this black dude don't have money and is not a basketball player she will not marry him for sure and now this idiot who after she made a porno movie became famous just for the porno video she made....not brains at all the father who is living la vida loca ,the brother who is lazy what a wonderful family! not dynamics ,not respect at all! I hate all in this family they are all over the news ...please stop this nonsense! I give this two ,couple of months to get divorce.......

1135 days ago


What is it some of you don't get? This wedding was put on by for-profit entertainment companies, you know, like corporations. It is for a television show. The show has sponsors. The Kardashians don't get all the money. It's not about true love and happily ever after. Some of you should not be allowed to vote. Not even on American Idol.

1135 days ago

yenny snyder    

@ Martha..unfortunatley I believe your right but either way they should have made them donate what they were going to give her. I just heard that the whole clan together last year earned...wait for it...between 65 and 70 MILLION! WTF!! She could have afforded it! Greedy Trolls!!

1135 days ago
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