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Christina Aguilera

I Didn't Bruise Up My Baby!

8/24/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_christina_ex_INFChristina Aguilera is firing back at rumors she's somehow responsible for a giant bruise on her son's face -- telling friends little Max simply had himself a little fall at the park ... chasing squirrels.

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at LAX -- with rumors circulating that Christina's "erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings" somehow contributed to Max's accident.

But sources tells us, that's total nonsense -- 3-year-old Max was out with his nanny last week, chasing around squirrels ... and the kid tripped over a rock and bruised his face.

According to our sources, Max was taken to the doctor immediately and everything was fine. No broken nose, no stitches. Just your average boyhood bruise.

As one source put it, "Christina is a great mom ... Max is her #1 priority."



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oh yeah a great mom thats why he was with his NANNY if thats how a kid is her #1 priority i would hate to see her #2 priority.she has more money than she can spend but still has a nanny raise her kids she is nothing but an overweight self indulgent diva.

1156 days ago

Cyndy Mitchell    

OMG! I have 2 year old daughter and she bumps into things and falls and gets scratched and hurt often. Thats what kids do. People have to get over themselves and leave her alone.

1156 days ago

Oh Ren Ishii    

Oh D@mn...that's gonna leave a mark.

1156 days ago


I was babysitting one time and the 2 yr old through a fit and smashed her head on the floor making a huge knot and bruise. I was petrified because I thought the parents would say I did it but when I told the mom what happened she said "oh yeah she does that all the time". I was pissed the idiot didn't warn me about the fits.

1156 days ago


The question I have is why isn't she changing that nasty looking hairstyle that looks uber trashy.

1156 days ago


that is one heck of a bruise.If Christina is such a great mom why is she leaving her child in the hands of a nanny who is not alert/doesn't pay willing to bet that this negligent nanny is the one taking care of the kid full time while Christina sits around all day packing on the pounds and jet-setting with her boytoy.

1156 days ago


When I was little I tripped while running at the park with my babysitter and I slipped and fell flat on my face. It was an accident and my mom was at work when it happened, but that didn't stop some dumb neighbour from calling the cops on my mom and saying I was being "abused" when she saw the black eye I'd gotten from the fall. Kids are still learning coordination, and falling down and getting a bump or a bruise or a scrape is just part of growing up. I find it hard to believe that every person sitting in front of their computer judging Christina's parenting never accidentally fell down and hurt themselves when they were little.

1156 days ago


Puhleez! Kids get scrapes, cuts and bruises all the time. I think she should fire back at the stylist who is bleaching her hair and burning her scalp. White is nice, for a 90 year old.

1156 days ago


Response to Justice4Kelly:
Kids get bruises and cuts. Kids who have fun don't look clean and proper. A household that is alive with laughter and memories has toys on the floor.

1156 days ago


I doubt she was responsible for his bruise. But she IS responsible for his hair! Jesus, at least bru*****. Oh wait, I'm expecting her to take care of hair?? Look at hers...ICK. White straw is so sexy.

1156 days ago


damn that is one ugly looking kid....she better put a bag over that kids face..bruises or not hes fugly!

1156 days ago


If I had a nickel for every time I smashed my face after chasing squirrels..........

1156 days ago


It sickens me to see how people want to bring her down and bash her for this. Max is boy who prob moves around alot and is very active for his age.Christina Aguilera hang in there and be a fighter girl stay strong.

1156 days ago


When you are addicted to fame & also substances, alcohol included, your kids can & will get into scrapes & bruises mostly on their own but also in part because you were not preventive about their surroundings. Just singing dumb songs on your new album doesn't make up for the fact you are not home most of the time doing your tv stint or sleeping with men who aren't your husband & you are not part of the regular team who really know your kid. I think the most responsible thing Dirty Xtina is to hire other people to raise her kid.

1156 days ago


If you have a 3 yr old -seriously - they'll walk into a wall!!!!!!!!

1156 days ago
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