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Halle Berry

Victorious in Custody Fight

8/26/2011 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Halle Berry in the latest custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

TMZ has learned Halle and her lawyers, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, prevailed in court today -- as both she and Gabriel stood by while their lawyers argued before the family law judge.

We're told the issue had to do with the custody agreement the couple signed.  There's a provision in the agreement dealing with how much time each of them gets to spend with Nahla when Halle shoots a movie.

Halle is going to Europe soon to shoot a flick, and Gabriel and Halle were arguing over the "movie clause" -- specifically, how they're supposed to divide their time with Nahla.

We're told the judge bought Halle's interpretation of the "movie clause," meaning Gabriel won't get as much time with Nahla as he wanted.

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He's just a Hollywood gigolo with a bad nose job looking to get paid. If she had no money he would have skipped out on that kid long ago.

1154 days ago


Halle is the perfect mascot for "The DFB": Dumb F***ing B**ch. Typical Borderline Personality Disordered, apathetic, self-centered, ****pile of an egg donor. I hate her and what she represents. Intent of the law and application of the law are opposing concepts, as we can plainly see. "Deadbeat dads" are more often INVOLUNTARILY absent (alienated) from their children's lives, as Ms. Poison Berry so nicely illustrates. And fatherlessness is a major contributing factor to overall societal decline.

1154 days ago


She should be so grateful that her daughter has a father who loves her, unlike the way Halle grew up. SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH!

1154 days ago


This child needs both parents in her life and Halle is behaving badly! Shame on her for being so selfish!!

1154 days ago


Halle turned into a real BITCH when she had this baby. I feel so sorry for him. It's not like he's known to be a bad father or anything, it's just that SHE isn't with him anymore and doesn't want him to be around his own child!! She's such a pain and I hope he gets more time with his child soon!!

1154 days ago


This little girl Halle will grow up and she will have a long adult life with her Dad. You are the one who will be sitting alone on your movie set. No need of this. Gabriel, have a chat with Alec Baldwin, she is just heading that way.

1154 days ago


Halle is one sick person.. She wanted the BABY and not the BABY DADDY..

1154 days ago


What a beyotch of the highest degree!!!1 YOU are leaving to film a movie knowing full well that NANNIES will be taking care of your daughter NOT YOU and you have the nerve to fight the FATHER for time with his own DAUGHTER!!!! I hope Halle gets more karma coming back to her than she has ever seen. She will do everything she can to turn this child against her father, I see it coming. Then she will go on a media blitz claiming how she is the better parent and how great she is. I hate this woman. I hope to god that she gets stripped fully at some point in the near future. There is no way being so vindictive and evil will NOT come back to bite you in the azzzzz. Poor Gabriel. I'm sure he regrets ever coming into contact with this crazy beast!!!!

1154 days ago


You would think that in a fight like this, Gabriel would have had enough respect for the judge and the court (and his attorney) to at least dress properly.

1154 days ago


But custody is fluid. Always. Read

My favorite is the Secret Dockets section.

1154 days ago


Thats really sad of Halle to be like this. Even with all the money in the world she is still miserable. No man will ever stay with her or marry her get used to it when you treat people like crap no one will want to be around. I am no longer a Halle fan. I expected more from her than to act selfish in regard to her daughter considering all her stories about her pain and suffering.

1154 days ago


I suspect the "real" problem is probably due to her refusal to hire him to "babysit" HIS OWN CHILD while's she shooting a film like she did in South Africa. The reality is that Halle Berry HAS TO WORK and her availability is dictated by the film's producers and directors. I'm sure if Gabriel Aubry is WILLING TO PAY ALL of HIS OWN EXPENSES, he would have more than enough opportunities to visit his daughter while she's overseas with her mother. Gabriel Aubry needs to "MAN UP" and accept the "FREE RIDE" he enjoyed being Halle Berry's companion IS OVER!!! It's time for him to MOVE ON because she certainly has. He's going to regret placing Nahla in the middle of his obvious insecurities. Halle's a fighter and it makes more sense to work with her rather than against her. I don't see a "GO AWAY BABY DADDY" payday in the cards for him.

1154 days ago


So Brook tests dirty for drugs and nothing happens, this guy is just trying to make sure he gets his allowed visitation and the judge rules that he's just going to have to deal with less time with his daughter because of his Ex-Wife's schedule??? What a crock.

1154 days ago


This is so wrong, in so many ways. This bitch can do what ever she wants no matter how much she hurts her own child. This is why kids are a mess, when a father whats to be there the jerk off judge says TO BAD. I will no*****ch another one of her movies again. She is a bad person.

1154 days ago


I'm sorry, I'm all for spending time with your kids.


He made a baby with an actress which means she will travel. Of course during a movie shoot the visitation will involve schedule changes for both parents, as well as the need to fly somewhere! Gabriel knows this well already being a model who's travelled. Sounds more like a bitter lover to me.

1154 days ago
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